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Magic Moments > 2017 > Hamish Roche's Death Episode 7726

Written by Stephen Vagg, Directed by Kath Hayden, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 06/11/17, Channel 5: 06/11/17

Ben tells Yashvi how much he misses Xanthe... Yashvi asks Karl to let Ben attend the fireworks display... Toadie tries to dispose of some fireworks, but Yashvi knows where he’s hidden them... Paul spots Gary and Terese hugging after reconciling... Aaron is on the search for the mystery woman in Paris... Mark tries to prevent Tyler from going off with Hamish... An anguished Piper tells Tyler to go on his trip... Sheila wonders if she should go to Queensland with Hamish, and then finds Louise McLeod’s credit card in her garden... Fay recognises Louise as Russell’s nurse in Port Lincoln when he died, just as she regains consciousness in hospital...

Yashvi is retrieving some fireworks from Sonya’s Ute outside no. 30 and then quickly scarpers back home with them. Meanwhile Hamish is walking towards Tyler, thanking him for buying the groceries - he isn’t sure what happened to his credit card. They are preparing for their boat trip, and Tyler asks Hamish if Sheila has any dietary requirements. However, Hamish is reluctant to have Sheila join them and asks Tyler if they can make this a boys only trip, on the proviso that they can have some male bonding time. Tyler says that Sheila was excited to come with them, but Hamish tells him that he will smooth things over with Sheila and let her down gently. Piper walks past them looking unhappy and barely acknowledges Tyler. Tyler tells Hamish that he hates the way things are between them but Hamish argues that it was her decision for him to go on the trip without her. As Hamish and Tyler walk back to no. 24 Sheila is standing outside no. 26, looking anxious. She is still holding on to Louise's credit card and wondering what to do next.


Over in Paris, Aaron is still on the search for the mystery woman, but after a less than fruitful day heads back to his hotel room. He sends Mark a text message saying he has still not found her. Seconds after sending the message, there is a knock at the door. It’s Elissa, the woman Aaron has been searching for.

At the hospital, Fay and Mark are talking to Karl about Louise McLeod. Mark asks Karl if she has said anything now that she has regained consciousness, and Karl replies that Louise has told him that she was in Port Lincoln with Russell, Mark’s late father and Fay’s late husband. She has also accused Mark and Fay of having some culpability in the death of Russell, although Karl stresses that she is still confused. Mark is convinced that Louise and Hamish had something to do with Russell’s death and asks Karl if he can speak to her. Karl tells him to be gentle with her, but then after entering her room finds that she has disappeared. Mark says that it is imperative they find Louise.


Piper is lost in her thoughts in the back garden of no. 22 when Terese comes over; she asks her if she’ll change her mind about coming to the gala ball that evening but she’s not in the mood, also Li-Kim has made up the spare room for her. Xanthe comes over all glammed up for the gala evening but can tell Piper is still in a bad state after her argument with Tyler. She encourages Piper to talk to Tyler before he leaves on his trip with Hamish, but Piper feels that he should be the one to speak to her first. She reveals to Xanthe that she is struggling to eat and sleep due to her overwhelming feelings of hurt and upset, and Xanthe encourages Piper not to give up on her chance of love; she feels that her and Tyler are like soulmates. Checking her phone, Xanthe sees a text message from Yashvi asking to meet as soon as possible, but she is not sure whether she should leave Piper in this state.

At Lassiters, the Gala Ball has begun, as guests including Paul, Steph, Leo, Mishti and Gary mingle, and Terese comes out of the lift dressed all in a black period costume complete with a masquerade eye mask. She chats to Paige to ensure that all the food preparations are ready for the evening, and Paige assures her everything is running to plan for Sonya’s speech and fireworks at nine o’clock. Terese is anxious to ensure that everything goes smoothly but is worried that some of the outfits chosen by Courtney are a little bit more revealing than she would like. Terese is concerned about the outfit that Courtney will be wearing for the evening, and just at that moment she appears from the lift, wearing a rather more revealing costume than Paige and Terese. Paige mentions that she is obviously going for Elizabethan vogue, while Terese cuttingly adds that part of her costume looks like it's disappeared! Courtney is non-plussed by their comments and attempts to make the evening even more wild by encouraging the waiters to go topless. Terese looks mortified at Courtney’s actions.


Yashvi and Xanthe are outside no. 32 chatting about Ben. Yashvi tells her that Ben is an innocent victim – she was the one responsible for the events on muck up day and he just took the blame for her. Xanthe doesn’t understand why he would do that, but Yashvi says that this is the kind of person Ben is, and she assumes that this is one of the reasons why Xanthe still loves him. Xanthe asks if Ben has had a word in her ear about his feelings for her, but Yashvi brushes this off by saying boys will never reveal their true feelings. Yashvi can’t keep it in any longer and reveals her exciting news; she tells Xanthe to meet Ben between nine o’clock and five past nine, no later and no earlier. Xanthe disappoints her by saying that she can’t meet him as she is helping Courtney with the gala, but Yashvi refuses to take no for an answer, insistent that the plans Ben has made will blow her mind.

Piper is also on Ramsay Street; after waving to Xanthe and Yashvi she gets into her car. Removing her ‘P’ plate from the dashboard, she finds a letter from Tyler.
“Pipes, if you’re reading this it means you’ve passed your driving test. I am so proud of you. Being with you is the best part of me.” Touched by his words, Piper heads off.


Over at no. 24, Tyler is packing for his trip when Ben comes over. Ben asks Tyler if he is going to try and fix things with Piper, but Tyler is distracted by a speeding ticket he has received in the mail. The ticket states that Tyler was driving his van on the 25th September at midnight, however Tyler is adamant that he was on the boat at that time. Ben asks him if he is sure, and then queries whether Hamish may have used the van instead. But that doesn’t make sense to Tyler, he questions why Hamish would use his van to drive to the garage while he was at the marina.

The gala is in full swing at the Lassiters Complex with guests busily milling around awaiting the fireworks display. Paul notices Terese, although she looks less than happy to see him. He says that she looks nice, but Terese coldly replies that she probably doesn’t look as nice as Courtney. Paul jokes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Terese tells him to stop bothering her and go and spend time with Courtney, or as she dubs her, his “lusty wench”! Paul tells her that Courtney is busy with the preparations and is instead heading up to the mezzanine to watch the fireworks. Also at the gala are Mark and Fay, although their interest is focused solely on finding Louise. Mark confirms that she didn’t get into a taxi outside the hospital and she’s not in her apartment. He says that he’s requested the CCTV footage from Port Lincoln to review, but Fay is concerned about keeping Tyler in the dark. Mark counters that if they tell Tyler he will only take Hamish’s side, they need to find Louise before they do anything else and try and stop Tyler leaving on the boat with Hamish.


At the police station, Mark is waiting for the CCTV footage when Sheila walks in. She wants to talk to Mark about Hamish. Revealing the credit card she found in her backyard belonging to Louise, Sheila has suspicions that Hamish was using the card, having checked the Waterhole’s accounts records. Mark reveals to Sheila that Louise was the nurse injured, and that she and Hamish were romantically involved. Sheila is shocked as Mark reveals their relationship was very recent and implores Sheila to stay away from Hamish, although she doesn’t look happy to do so.

Back inside Lassiters, Xanthe is telling Courtney that Sonya is all ready for her speech and asks her if she can leave early to meet Ben. Before she can answer Terese comes over, unhappy that guests have been allowed to go up to the vacant hotel rooms to watch the fireworks. She says that this will cost them in cleaning bills and damages, but Courtney tells Terese that she is charging each guest 20 dollars for the privilege of a balcony view. Terese isn’t happy that Courtney has taken decisions without running them past her and storms off. Hamish is also at the gala ball and makes a call to Tyler. He needs to speak to Sheila to give her the bad news about not going on the trip with them and will meet up with him later.


At the marina Piper is on the boat alone. She is on the phone to Li-Kim apologizing for having to cancel. Having been touched by the letter she read earlier, she thought she would surprise Tyler as a way to reconcile their differences and possibly get back together.

Over in Paris, Aaron is chatting to Elissa about Hamish. He asks her if she and Hamish were involved, and she says that Hamish persuaded her to invest in a property deal in Paris, but she lost nearly all her money in the failed venture. He then absconded to Australia with the rest of her money and despite her pleading refused to return, saying he was in trouble with the tax office. Aaron asks her what his intentions are with Tyler. Elissa is convinced that Hamish is attempting to disappear to Indonesia on his boat to avoid facing the authorities for his tax fraud and is taking Tyler with him as cover. Aaron tells her that he needs to speak to Tyler to let him know of Hamish’s true motive.


Tyler is looking despondent at no. 24 as he finishes speaking to Aaron on the phone, having been given all the information about Hamish’s nefarious activities and intention to abscond on his boat. Tyler then hears a knock at the door, but no-one's there. Instead he finds a note with the words “secrets Hamish Roche has been keeping from you” and a bag. It contains overdue tax bills and a will for Russell Brennan. There is also a phone belonging to Russell and a playing card from his lucky deck.

The crowds are gathered for the fireworks display outside Lassiters, but first Sonya gives a speech. She talks about how Erinsborough is a great place to live, a place for love, laughter and family, and how she will never want to leave. The crowd applaud as Erinsborough is declared the most liveable suburb in Australia! The skies are lit up with a flurry of fireworks as the crowds whoop and cheer. Amongst the crowd is Gary – he is on the phone to Sheila who is panicked after her conversation about Hamish with Mark earlier. He tells her he is on his way. Also watching the fireworks are Paul and Terese; Terese tells Paul how unhappy she is with Courtney trying to sabotage the event and believes that this is revenge from Paul after the wedding fiasco. Paul reveals that he saw her and Gary hugging in the Waterhole earlier and tells her to go and seek comfort from him. Terese confirms that Gary has asked her back, and Paul is confused after what happened between them in the office. Paul asks Terese if she loves Gary, and after a pause she says she does.


Over in the garden at no. 28 Hamish is standing by the spa with a bottle of champagne. He hears something behind him and wonders if it’s Sheila. It’s revealed to be Tyler. He discloses the information he found earlier about Hamish’s tax debt and asks him if his affection for Sheila is an attempt to steal her money. Tyler also mentions Elissa, and how he conned her out of her money in the property scam, leaving her broke. Hamish denies this. Tyler isn’t convinced, and mentions the will he found, along with Russell’s phone and playing card. Hamish eventually reveals the truth, he’s penniless and must leave the country in three days to avoid going to jail. He was using Tyler’s boat as a means of escape, but tries to persuade Tyler that this wasn’t his main intention for coming to see him, saying that they have grown closer as he’s got to know him. Tyler still doesn’t understand why Hamish has some of Russell’s possessions, and Hamish reveals that he was in Port Lincoln when Russell was sick, and that is how he found out about Tyler and the boat. It becomes clear to Tyler that Hamish has been playing him against his brothers to try and persuade him to join him on the boat and ultimately change the contents of the will. Tyler asks Hamish if he had anything to do with Russell’s death, and when Hamish cannot provide him with a straight answer, he storms off.

Over at no. 32, Yashvi receives a text, Xanthe has arrived in time for Ben’s surprise. Kirsha comes out into the garden and asks Yashvi what she is doing with the box of fireworks that Toadie had thrown out; she tells her that if Dipi and Shane find out she’ll be in trouble. Yashvi tells her not to lecture her, it’s for Ben’s benefit. Meanwhile, Xanthe and Ben are chatting, she has something to tell him. Before she can say anything there is an explosion of fireworks at no. 32, Kirsha accidentally having sparked them off with a lit match. Yashvi is stunned and looks over to see if her sister is okay.


Meanwhile, by Lassiters Lake, many of the guests are still smiling and laughing and enjoying the fireworks.

Mark is on the phone to Fay at no. 24. He is relieved to find that Tyler and Hamish have not yet departed for their boat trip and confirms to Fay that Louise and Hamish were with Russell at the hospital in Port Lincoln when he died. He tells Fay that Hamish will pay for what he’s done.


At the marina, Piper is still on the boat waiting for Tyler to arrive. She wakes up and is confused to find the boat fully in motion. Thinking that Tyler must have started the boat she calls out to him, but he doesn’t respond. She tries to open the door to her cabin but finds that she is locked in. It’s revealed that Louise is on the boat with Piper; she’s started the boat and they are headed out to sea.



Back on Ramsay Street, the sun is shining as, in the garden of no. 26, Hamish Roche is lying face down and unconscious in the spa, still wearing his costume from the previous night…

Featured Regular Characters: Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning, Piper Willis, Terese Willis, Karl Kennedy, Gary Canning, Leo Tanaka, Mishti Sharma, Paul Robinson, Steph Scully, Paige Smith, Ben Kirk, Elly Conway, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kirsha Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Sean Taylor as Hamish Roche, Zoe Bertram as Fay Brennan, Emma Lane as Courtney Grixti, Maria Theodorakis as Louise McLeod, Verity Charlton as Elissa Gallow, Robert Shook as Hamish Roche (Stunt Double), Kirby Belarbi as Costume Waiter

Trivia Notes
• When it was revealed, several months later, that Hamish's son, Cassius Grady, was his killer, it was also revealed that Cassius had appeared in this episode as an extra, as one of the waiters at the gala, who Hamish takes a bottle of champagne from as he's leaving. Click here to see an image of Cassius from the episode

Summary by Michael

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