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Magic Moments > 2019 > The 2019 Season Premiere Episode 8007

Written by Anthony Ellis, Directed by Simone Buchanan, Produced by Natalie Mandel

Channel Eleven: 01/01/19, Channel 5: 01/01/19

Yashvi, Piper and Xanthe drinking the home brew together… Gary proud that Ianthe is going to medical school… Xanthe worried about not being able to pay her dad back… Sheila furious that Gary is considering doing another job for Kev McNally… Kev warning Gary that he’s making a big mistake if he turns down the job… Gary finding stolen solar inverters inside the coffee hut… The tracker says that Yashvi has left her phone at the pavilion, so Dipi offers to go and get it… Gary knocks someone out in the dark, before realising that it’s Dipi…

Gary is on the phone to the ambulance, saying that there’s a woman unconscious at the Erinsborough Pavilion, and he checks and confirms that she’s breathing. He says that he’s her friend, and that she must have slipped and knocked herself unconscious, begging them to send an ambulance as quickly as possible.


At The Waterhole, Sheila is on the phone, trying to get hold of Gary. Over at one of the tables, Xanthe is talking to Amy about how much she’s going to miss the place when she moves to Toowoomba. Sheila joins them and tells them to stop being all mushy, as they’ll make her cry. Xanthe says that she just wishes she could take Erinsborough and everyone in it when she goes. Sheila then explains that she knows the person who runs O’Leary’s bar in Toowoomba, and she taught her to do the Toowoomba Twerk, which she then demonstrates. At the bar, Shane is explaining to some customers that the home brew is off the menu, and they leave, disappointed. Shane then takes a call, which leaves him looking very worried…

At Erinsborough Hospital, Shane arrives and sees Gary standing outside Dipi’s hospital room. He tries to go in, but David stops him and asks if he can give them a few minutes. Outside, Gary explains what happened to Shane, who’s furious with him. As they start to argue, David comes out and tells Shane that he can be with his wife now. Dipi is pleased to see Shane, and David explains that they still need to do a few more X-rays, but there don’t appear to be any broken bones, just a bad knock to the head. He says that it’s probably just concussion, but they’ll do more tests to make sure. Dipi says that she’s feeling tired and nauseous, but she’ll be fine. As David does more tests, Dipi explains that she went to the coffee hut to look for Yashvi’s phone, then she sends Shane home to check on the girls.


At no. 26, Amy and Sheila arrive home, and as Sheila goes to put the kettle on, she gets a call from Gary, who’s still at the hospital. He tells her that there’s a problem, explaining that Dipi got hurt. Sheila is shocked, and annoyed when Gary then asks her to go and move the solar inverters from the coffee hut. Sheila reminds him that it’s two o’clock in the morning, but agrees to go and do it - just as Amy walks in and overhears the conversation…

Sheila has told Amy the full story, explaining that Gary was being set up by Kev McNally. She says that Kev and his lowlife mates planted the solar inverters after Gary told them that he wanted nothing more to do with them. Amy then points out that none of this would have happened if Gary hadn’t had something to do with them in the first place. Sheila continues to try to defend Gary’s actions, but Amy says that the inverters were stolen from her workplace, and she can’t use them now, or go to the police about it, so it’s thousands of dollars down the drain. Sheila says that Gary only did this to try and pay Amy back faster, and that she should speak to him and get his side of the story. Amy, however, says that she doesn’t think she can ever face Gary again, and Sheila looks horrified.


Back at the hospital, Dipi wakes up to find Shane, Yashvi and Kirsha by her bed. Shane wishes her a Happy New Year, and Kirsha asks how she’s feeling. Dipi says that she’s a bit woozy, but otherwise fine. Yashvi goes to apologise, but Dipi says that none of this is her fault - though Shane says that he still needs to have a word with her about the home brew. David then comes in and says that he’s ordered an MRI and they’ll be coming to collect Dipi in twenty minutes. He says that they just want to check on her abdominal pain, telling a worried Kirsha that if they find anything, they’ll be able to fix it. Dipi tells Shane to take the girls to get a drink, but before he’s gone, she tells him that she did another tarot reading on Christmas Day. Shane sends the girls away, and closes the door. Dipi says that she knows she had agreed not to, but she felt like she had to do another reading and she got the same cards as before. Shane tells her that this whole thing isn’t a manifestation of doom - it’s just Gary Canning being a tool. Dipi asks what Gary has to do with it…

Outside, Gary is still waiting in the corridor, and is joined by Sheila. They ask David for an update, but he says that he can only talk to family members. He then leaves, and Gary tells his mum that they were doing tests before, and that Shane has frozen him out. Sheila says that she can’t really blame him, and tells Gary that he’s stuffed up, because he’s an idiot. She tells him not to wallow in self-pity, but he’s wondering whether she managed to move the inverters. Sheila tells him that she did - with Amy’s help, and Gary is shocked to hear that Amy knows what’s been going on.


At no. 26, Amy is still upset, as Gary walks in the door. He sits down and admits that he doesn’t know what to say, telling her that he’s sorry. She wonders if he’s just sorry that he got found out, but he says that he’s sorry that he took the job, but it meant so much to him to be able to pay her back. Amy says that she would never have pressured him to pay her back, and reminds him that he stole from her. He points out that he didn’t know what stolen goods he was delivering, but she won’t listen to his excuses. She says that she can’t believe she was proud of him for getting a second job, and she gets up to leave. Gary asks if she’s leaving him, and she says that was the plan, but she doesn’t know where she could go - certainly not to her dad’s, as he’d just be smug as he was right about Gary all along. Gary says that he didn’t want to be the loser who couldn’t pay her back, and that what happened to Dipi was an accident. He realises that he should get back to the hospital and asks Amy if she’ll be there when he gets back. She admits that she doesn’t know.

Back at the hospital, Shane is sitting and waiting for news when Gary comes in and asks how Dipi is. Shane says that she’s still having tests, and Gary once again says that it was an accident. Shane says that Gary’s whole life seems to be an accident, and asks why he was even attacking people in the dark anyway. Gary explains that he needed the money, but Shane doesn’t want to hear it and says that Gary never seems to learn from his mistakes. He tells Gary that he’s weak and always will be. The police then arrive to speak to Gary.


At no. 26, Sheila brings Amy a cup of tea and says that she feels sick about everything that’s happened. Amy insists that she feels worse, but they’re interrupted by Xanthe walking in. She starts to talk about a video of Sheila twerking that she posted on the internet, but then notices that Amy’s been crying. Amy insists that she’s fine and goes to the bathroom. Sheila then tells Xanthe everything that’s been going on, and Xanthe realises that he did it because of her uni fees. Sheila says that, once again, Gary did the wrong things for the right reasons, but she doesn’t think that Amy will ever see it that way.

At the hospital, Gary is telling Constable Miles Doughty about his movements that night, claiming that he went to check on the coffee hut as he realised that he hadn’t locked it, then someone startled him and he lashed out. Shane watches the conversation from across the room, unimpressed.


In Dipi’s hospital room, Kirsha is talking about walking 10km each day for the next year, which would add up to more than the distance from Melbourne to Perth. Yashvi isn’t impressed, and wonders why alcohol, which feels so good when you’re drinking it, leave you feeling so bad. Dipi tells her that this is an important life lesson, and tells her to drink some water. Shane then brings the police officers in, as they need to ask Dipi a few questions. Shane sends Kirsha and Yashvi out of the room, and Constable Doughty asks Dipi for her version of events. She says that she went to get her daughter’s phone from the pavilion, and when she got there, it all happened very quickly and she can’t remember much. Constable Doughty says that this seems to match Gary Canning’s story.

As the police leave Dipi’s hospital room, Constable Doughty tells Gary that they’ve got all of the information they need and, unless anything new comes to light, they won’t need to take the matter any further. Gary says that he’s relieved, and thanks the police as they leave. Shane then comes out of Dipi’s room and shuts the door. Gary thanks him for not saying anything, but Shane says that he did it for Sheila, Xanthe and Amy - they deserve someone better than Gary.


Gary arrives back at no. 26, where Xanthe and Sheila are still up and waiting. He tells them that Dipi is going to be OK, but they’re still waiting on one more test. Sheila says that she and Xanthe couldn’t sleep, and that Amy is in the spare room. Gary asks Xanthe if she had a good night, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He says that he knows that he stuffed up, but they needed the money. Xanthe then says that they don’t need it now, as she’s not going to uni. Gary tries to change her mind, but she says that she’s going to get a refund so that he can pay Amy back. She tells him that she won’t be responsible for him going back to prison, and rushes out of the room. Gary says that it wasn’t meant to be like this - an unsympathetic Sheila says that it always seems to end up like this with him, and she too walks out.

At the hospital, Dipi is telling Shane that they did the right thing - though he isn’t happy about letting Gary get away with it. David then comes in to take Dipi for her final test, apologising for the wait. Kirsha is worried, but Shane reminds her that it’s all just a precaution, with Dipi insisting that all of her organs are fine - and Yashvi saying that she feels like she’s in worse condition than her mum. David says that Dipi should be able to go home after this, but will need a few days of rest, and she says that she’s looking forward to having them all running around after her. She then kisses Kirsha, Yashvi and Shane, and is taken away in a wheelchair, with Shane telling the girls that she’ll be fine.



A little later, and the sun has come up, with Shane and Yashvi still waiting for news, as he lectures her on being more sensible around alcohol in future. Kirsha comes back with some water for them, just as a code blue warning comes out over the tannoy, about an adult female in radiology. They realise that it could be Dipi, and ask David what’s going on as he rushes past. He says that Dipi has had a severe allergic reaction to the contrast dye and has gone into cardiac arrest, and that they’re trying to revive her now. He says that he’ll be back with news as soon as he can, leaving a very worried Shane, Kirsha and Yashvi behind.

Featured Regular Characters: Gary Canning, Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kirsha Rebecchi, Amy Williams, David Tanaka

Guest Cast: Lee Ton as Constable Miles Doughty

Trivia Notes
• Although not strictly a season premiere, as Neighbours was screening throughout the year with no Christmas broadcast gap, this was the first episode to be broadcast in 2019
• Past character Ben Kirk is mentioned
• Dipi's doctor is written up as 'C. Rossetto' - a nod to Neighbours set dresser Carla Rossetto

Summary by Steve

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