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Magic Moments > 2023 > Toadie and Terese's Wedding Episode 8905

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Kate Kendall, Produced by Andrew Thompson

10: 19/09/23, Amazon Freevee: 19/09/23

Susan says that a lot has happened in the last two years… The Varga-Murphys arrive for their short stay at no. 24… Mackenzie is pleased when Haz shows up as her date for the wedding… Holly ignores Reece and Paul chastises her for keeping hotel guests waiting… Reece and Byron have a secret tryst in the lift… Byron says that he hardly knows anything about Reece… Reece declines a call from her dad… Toadie tells Melanie that he’ll never forget their wedding day… Susan welcomes everyone to the wedding of Terese and Toadie…

As the wedding begins, Susan says that Toadie and Terese would like to give everyone a moment, so that if there are jaws still on the ground, now would be the time to pick them up. Everyone laughs, and Susan says that they acknowledge that their path to marriage has been surprising, but marriage is a sacred promise, a leap of faith and truth. Paul looks uncomfortable. Terese and Toadie then gives her vows:

“Toadie, I never would have dreamed that the one for me was right in front of me all this time. And I thank you for trusting the magic that we found together. And for your big, generous heart. I am so honoured to be invited into your family, with your beautiful children; Callum, Nell and Hugo. And I’m really looking forward to this next chapter of our lives together.”



“Terese, when we first got together, we sent tongues wagging. So let’s keep doing that, cos that’s kinda fun. Seriously though, we’ve both been around long enough to know that when you find real happiness, you’ve gotta grab it with both hands and just hold on. And Terese, you make me so, so happy. Thank you for being my rock when I needed it.”

They exchange rings, and Susan pronounces them husband and wife, before they kiss, and everyone claps.

Inside the vineyard restaurant, Karl is telling Susan that she did a wonderful job and he’s very proud of her, but he also knows that she has a few misgivings about Toadie and Terese. Karl admits that he did too, but when he thinks back on all of the conversations he’s had with Toadie, he thinks that this is meant to be.


Back outside, Daniel is taking the wedding photographs, as Angie quietly encourages Terese to fix her cleavage. Toadie groans and says that he bets Terese is pleased to have her as her permanent problem now, but Terese thinks that Angie is fabulous.

Inside, Susan says that it just seems like not that long ago that both Toadie and Terese were marrying other people, and she wishes that they could have taken a little more time to think things through. Karl thinks that they’ve both just realised that time is precious and they can’t afford to waste it.


Outside, the wedding photos continue, and Terese is laughing, but then takes Josh’s swimming medal from her purse and looks thoughtful.

Back inside, Karl is telling Susan that he’s been looking for the slightest hint of doubt, but has seen nothing from either of them - they’re both outrageously happy.


Terese disappears from the group assembled outside. Toadie notices, and goes after her.

Inside, the party is now in full swing, with Jane, Wendy, Sadie, Mackenzie and Haz enjoying themselves. Lucy and Leo approach a distant looking Paul, who insists that he’s fine and he’s just glad that Toadie and Terese are allowing him to be a part of their day. Leo isn’t convinced, but Paul says that he left Terese standing at the altar, and he’s grateful that they’ve managed to salvage some kind of friendship. He says that he’ll always regret the way he behaved a year earlier, but it’s made him realise that he just isn’t cut out for marriage. Meanwhile, Andrew, Nell, Hugo and Callum come in, and Angie greets them, before wondering where Toadie and Terese have gotten to…


Out in the vines, Toadie and Terese are walking, hand in hand, and he says that they’ve probably got about five minutes before Angie sends out a search party. Terese explains that she found an invitation to her and Paul’s wedding in her sewing box that morning, then when she was looking for Josh’s medal earlier in her bedroom, she found the pig charm that Melanie had given her for her vow renewal to Paul a year earlier. She admits that she was worried that the universe was trying to tell her something, then worries that she’s freaking Toadie out. He says that he had a little wobble earlier, when he was wrapping Susan’s present, and he remembered being with Melanie and wrapping the present for the vow renewal. He says that things were weird with Mel around that time, but just as it all seemed to be going back to normal, she disappeared, leaving only a letter saying that she wasn’t cut out to be a stepmum. He admits that it still hurts, and Terese says that they both have a past - hers was sitting in the third row at the wedding - but all of those things have made them both who they are today. He tells her that she’s all that matters to him, and they kiss, before Toadie says that they’ve probably got two more minutes before people come looking.

At Lassiters, Holly is telling Byron about a wedding she once crashed with her ex, Eden, but Byron stops her, reminding her that she wasn’t going to talk about him anymore. She says that she preferred travelling around Australia to lugging guests’ luggage around, and asks Byron if he misses rich women paying him to be flown to places like Cape Town. As Reece gets out of the lift, Holly and Byron watch from a distance, and Holly says she’s a ‘stuck-up mole’, with Byron quickly telling her that she can’t talk like that about the guests. He says that Reece isn’t that bad, but Holly isn’t convinced, and she’s then surprised as Byron rushes off, claiming he has to check on something…


Behind the hotel, Reece and Byron meet up and start kissing. He’s worried that it’s not private enough, saying that, if someone sees them together, he could lose his job. She apologises, and says that it won’t happen again, but Byron says that he was hoping it would, as he really likes her, suggesting that they could get a drink later, but they’d have to keep their clothes on. She thinks that sounds boring, but Byron says that he really wants to get to know her better, then heads back to work, leaving Reece smiling to herself.

Back at the wedding reception, Terese and Toadie walk in, to a huge cheer. She goes to talk to Callum about the playlist, as Toadie sits down with Nell. She’s looking at her phone, and he asks if anyone of them are getting married today, joking that he couldn’t cope with the competition. Getting serious, he tells Nell that she and Hugo have been great, and says that he knows how difficult it was to accept Terese into the family. Nell insists that she’s moved on from her doubts about it, but Toadie says that he’s glad that Nell gave Terese a chance. Nell insists that she just wants her dad to be happy. Meanwhile, Terese goes over to Paul, saying that she wasn’t sure if he’d come. He says that she saw her way clear to invite him, so attending was the least he could do. He’s surprised that Toadie wanted him there though, but Terese says that Paul is a ‘necessary evil’ and has been a big part of her life, plus she and Toadie have known him for a long time. She says that Paul did her a favour, leaving her standing on the Lassiters rooftop in her dress that day, as if that hadn’t happened - and if Melanie hadn’t left Toadie - then she and Toadie might never have found each other. Paul describes it as ‘the greatest love story never told’ and gets up to leave, as Toadie joins them. Paul wishes them both the very best for the future.


Out in the courtyard, Jane notices that Susan is no longer wearing the bracelet she had on earlier. Susan claims that she just decided to take it off, but Jane realises that she’s hiding it from Karl, and Susan admits that she had planned to tell him, but decided it was too flashy. Harold and Karl then join them, as Jane says that she’ll need to be heading to the airport soon. Harold asks if she’s picking someone up, as Jane reminds him that she’s flying to the UK to meet up with Mike. Harold remembers, and says that Jane is now the school principal and Mike is a teacher. Karl looks worried, but Harold insists that he’s just trying to gather information to update the History Book.

Later in the evening, Jane is thanking Toadie and Terese for a beautiful day, as she gets in her taxi to leave. Meanwhile, Haz is warning Mackenzie about eating the risotto balls, as they taste like ‘deep-fried sock’. Mackenzie mentions that, earlier in the day, he described himself as her date, and he says that he didn’t mean ‘date date’ and wonders if he freaked her out. She says that it’s fine - she just wanted to make sure that they were on the same page. Sadie joins them, asking what they’re talking about, and Mackenzie explains that Haz said something earlier and she wanted to check that it was the same thing she thought it was. Haz then goes to get them a drink, as Sadie tells Mack to just ‘jump him already’ - Mackenzie insists that she isn’t ready to jump anyone. Sadie notices her fiddling with the wedding ring on her necklace and says that Hendrix must have been on her mind today. Mackenzie says that it was a big step to take off her wedding ring and wear it around her neck, and Sadie wonders if perhaps it’s time for her to think about what’s next.


Later, everyone is inside, and Karl and Callum make their toasts to the newlyweds, before Imogen reads out messages, including one from Glen and Kiri. Mackenzie then makes her speech, but Paul looks uncomfortable as she talks about finding your person and celebrating with the people you love. As Paul walks out, Lucy and Daniel go after him.

At the Waterhole, Byron is still trying to find out more about Reece. She says that she’s stayed in a lot of hotels, but this is the best concierge service she’s ever had. He asks about the conference she was attending, and she says that she’ll tell him about it when it’s over. Byron says that he thought it was over already, but she explains that she’s signed up for another one, starting next week, claiming that it’s a digital marketing conference at The Old Mayfair. She then tries to change the subject, while on the other side of the bar, JJ Varga-Murphy is staring at the scores written by the dartboard, from a game played by Sadie, Holly, Mackenzie and Haz. Barman Tom asks him for some ID, and JJ says that he was just leaving.


Back at the wedding reception, Andrew is giving his best man’s speech, while Lucy, Leo and Daniel join Paul out in the courtyard. He admits that it might have been a mistake thinking he could come to his ex-wife’s wedding and feel OK, but it’s not because he’s still in love with her. He says that Mackenzie’s speech made him realise that he’ll probably never have a relationship with that kind of love and trust again. Lucy asks if he’s just committing himself to a lifetime of loneliness, but he says that he’s still got his little black book! He tells them that he’s going to go home now, and when he wakes up tomorrow, he’ll have the life that’s right for him. Leo, Lucy and Daniel go back inside, leaving Paul looking contemplative.

Everyone is dancing, before Terese throws her bouquet - and Nell catches it! Toadie warns her not to think about getting married for at least another twenty years. Toadie then takes Terese aside and asks if she’s thinking what he’s thinking. They try to sneak out, before getting dragged into a conga line, and dancing with Andrew and Wendy, before managing to get away.



At no. 22, Toadie and Terese are in the bedroom, kissing, when she suddenly stops, saying that she’s just remembered that pig charm. Toadie goes over and takes it from the drawer, before throwing it in the bin. He says that the only things that matters now is how quickly he can get her out of her dress…

Paul is alone in the Penthouse. He looks at his wedding ring, before putting it away in a drawer.


The next morning, JJ is out on Ramsay Street and he spots another piece of glitter on a tree. Nell comes over and tells him about the exploding balloon at her dad and Melanie’s wedding party. JJ says that he’s seen the photos, and Nell tells him that they’ve all been finding glitter ever since, in places they never knew existed. She then introduces herself, and asks him who he is.

At number 32, Mackenzie is quietly watching Haz as he takes his morning swim.


At Lassiters, Reece is still asleep, and Byron searches on his phone for the conference at The Old Mayfair. When no results come up, he starts looking through some documents in her belongings. He’s shocked by what he sees, and as Reece wakes up, he asks why she didn’t tell him who she really is…

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Hugo Rebecchi, Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell, Sadie Rodwell, Jane Harris, Byron Stone, JJ Varga-Murphy, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar

Guest Cast: Mischa Barton as Reece Sinclair, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Lesley Baker as Angie Rebecchi, Ariel Kaplan as Imogen Willis, Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Morgan Baker as Callum Rebecchi, Enzo Nazario as Tom Nguyen

Trivia Notes
• This episode debuts new opening titles
• Tim Phillipps' surname is misspelt as Phillips in the closing credits
• Daniel is credited as a Robinson, though it was previously stated that he would take the surname of Willis when he married Imogen
• Past characters Hendrix Greyson, Kiri Durant and Glen Donnelly are mentioned
• The Waterhole barman Tom Nguyen appears for the first time since episode 8453 in 2020

Summary by Steve