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Alice Azikiwe 2014, 2015
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High/Space Camp

Confident and intelligent Alice Azikiwe was one of the first, and as it turned out the only, of the Erinsborough High students to sign up when Bailey Turner decided to start an astronomy society at the school, hopeful that it would look good on his application to NASA space camp. However, he was worried to learn that Alice was also planning to apply, knowing that only one student from Australia would be accepted. A fierce rivalry then broke out between the pair, as Alice insisted that they have a vote to decide who would be the president of the society, and began recruiting new members and making them sign a proxy that meant that they'd voted for her. Bailey then realised that he'd just have to be one step ahead of her, and decided to think big, and founded the Australian Space Exploration Council, making himself president of this newly-invented national body.

Not to be outdone, Alice started plotting her next move, worrying Bailey by sitting around, watching him and reading The Art Of War. When Bailey then found out that Alice had hired his sister, Amber, to take some photographs of her for her space camp application, he immediately started to panic and asked Amber to do the same for him. After Bailey had proudly included a photo of himself, wearing a NASA baseball cap, with the moon photoshopped into the background, he posted his application, only to bump into Alice, who was very amused. She told him that she'd sent her own application the previous day, and couldn't believe that Bailey had been stupid enough to fall for her story about sending a cheesy photo with it. Bailey was mortified, realising that NASA would probably just laugh at his application now.

Bailey was then surprised when, a couple of weeks later, he received a letter to say that he'd reached the next stage of the interview process. He was very proud and quick to brag to Alice when he saw her in Harold's that day, but she told him that she'd received the same letter, and that her wide range of skills and extra-curricular activities would make the interview a breeze. Bailey then started to find his confidence as he took part in a story slam at The Waterhole and overcame his fear of public speaking, but was soon worried again when he encountered a confident Alice as they were both doing some training at the park. But as Alice bragged about how amazing she was, Bailey's half-sister Paige pointed out that she was overcompensating and that she was actually a lot more threatened by Bailey than she was making out.

As they helped with the clean-up operation, following a tornado that had devastated Erinsborough, Alice noticed that Bailey seemed unhappy, and that their arguing wasn't up to its usual standards. Bailey told her about his problems at home, with his parents' marriage in trouble and as Alice showed a sympathetic side to her personality, Bailey ended up kissing her. Though he believed that this was a fresh start for their relationship, things turned frosty and competitive again when they received their space camp interview dates. To show Alice that she was more than just a sparring partner to him, Bailey surprised Alice by giving her his copy of the biography of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. When the time came for their space camp interviews, Alice and Bailey ended up spending the day together, trying to take their minds off their important appointments. As they chatted away, they almost missed their interviews, but Bailey's grandfather Lou got them there in time, and after a kiss, they went inside.

Alice then cemented her place as Bailey's girlfriend by getting invited to a Turner family lunch, which went badly due to the problems between Bailey's parents, as well as Amber's recent announcement that she was engaged to her boyfriend Daniel. As various family members ended up storming out of the house, Alice, Bailey and Lou were left to clean up, but there was further embarrassment when Alice's nan Layla came to collect her, and recognised Lou as the author of The Book of Secrets, having seen his photograph on the website. Alice was mortified as her grandmother spoke about how the erotic stories had awakened feelings in her, but Lou was delighted with the female attention. After a date at the ballet, Layla and Lou seemed to be getting along well, but when she then took him back to her hotel room, hoping to reenact some scenes from his book, Lou panicked and fled. However, Layla then turned up at his house and was waiting when he returned home, and Alice later told him that her grandmother wasn't the type of woman to give up when she set her sights on something. He then realised that the only way to escape was to leave the country, and so he brought forward a planned trip to visit his daughter in Cambodia and quickly left, making sure that nobody told Layla where he was going.

Things then changed dramatically for Alice and Bailey, when she was accepted into Space Camp, whilst he was turned down. As Alice began preparations for her imminent departure, Bailey felt excluded and asked if she could maybe find some time to spend with him. However, she realised that she just didn't have any space in her busy schedule and suggested that maybe it might be easier for both of them if they ended the relationship before she left. She then told Bailey that she would be leaving a week early, to spend some time with her uncle in the mountains of Colorado, where she could practice adapting to a different altitude. As she explained that she wouldn't be returning to Australia again before Space Camp, Bailey said a final goodbye to Alice, taking her breathe away with a passionate kiss and then telling his father that this only made him more determined to get to space himself one day.

Several months later, Alice was back in Australia for a week and called in on Bailey. As his father had just died in a hit-and-run accident, he'd been very distracted and was unaware of her messages on social media saying that she'd be back, but was very pleased with the distraction. As Alice was unaware of what had happened, Bailey avoided telling her, enjoying the chance to forgot about his grief for a while and listen to her stories from the USA. As Alice ran out of things to talk about, Bailey still wasn't ready to open up to her, so he started kissing her, but as things moved to the bed, a confused Alice asked if this was really what he wanted. She was surprised when Bailey then suddenly burst into tears, and she comforted him as he told her what had happened to his dad only days earlier.

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Biography by Steve