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Mr Martin Chambers 2011
Marital Status: Claire
Occupation: Head of Surgery at Erinsborough Hospital

When junior doctor Rhys Lawson started work at Erinsborough High, it became clear that his sights were set for a career as a surgeon, and nothing was going to stop him achieving it. After colleague Karl Kennedy made a mistake with some prescriptions, Rhys grabbed the opportunity to cover for him, and asked, in return, that Karl invite him to a game of golf with the hospital's head of surgery, Martin Chambers. Karl reluctantly agreed, but warned Rhys that Martin wouldn't be happy discussing work on the golf course, and this proved true, when Rhys tried to engage Martin in conversation about his previous work, only for the forthright surgeon to ignore him and move on to the next hole. At the bar later, Rhys's persistence paid off, when Martin agreed to let him observe an operation the following week. Rhys continued to do his best to schmooze Martin in the weeks that followed, even becoming his new golfing partner, and towards the end of the year, invited many of the hospital staff, including Martin, to his house for a party. Despite a small drama with a rat in the barbecue, Rhys finally managed to win over Martin and scored an interview for a place on the following year's intake of surgical interns.

When the interview arrived, Rhys failed to get a phone message that his slot had changed, and ended up arriving late and dishevelled, annoying Martin, who pointed out that he'd gone to great lengths to get Rhys this opportunity. Martin was furious when the interview was a complete disaster and Rhys tried to speak to him afterwards, devastated to realise that he hadn't won a place on the team. As Martin was walking his new interns through the hospital the next day, Rhys approached him, begging for a chance to explain, and Martin agreed to a quick drink at the bar later that day. Unfortunately, Rhys's explanations did nothing to help matters, and Martin said that he couldn't risk the patients' lives by putting someone like Rhys on the surgical team.

But Rhys wasn't one to give up easily, and eventually he managed to win a place as a surgical intern, by destroying the confidence of Erin Salisbury, who quit her internship and left the hospital to go travelling. Later in the year, as Rhys had managed to get on Martin's team and had spent a lot of time impressing him, Rhys brought his mum Elaine to the hospital, where she ended up chatting to Martin and was shocked to learn that Rhys had failed his initial interview and only got an internship because someone else dropped out.

Episodes Featured
6239, 6272, 6285, 6293, 6295, 6374, 6452

Biography by Steve