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Adam [Clarko] Clarke 2009
Occupation: AFL Footballer

A longtime player with the Portside Falcons football club, and a somewhat notorious figure in the press, Adam Clarke quickly befriended new player Ringo Brown, but immediately started to manipulate him during the team's 2009 Jumper Presentation as he invited him back to his place for a party. When Ringo asked if his mates, Declan and Zeke could come along, Adam explained that it was team only, before quietly telling Ringo that he was in the big league now, and needed to ditch his friends.

During his night out with his new footballer mates, Ringo was told about an initiation. Back at Adam's house, he began to panic as he was told to strip naked and wait in the bathroom. When he eventually found everyone around the pool in the early hours of the morning, Adam told him he'd passed the test, and that there were some guys who'd spent much longer waiting. After falling asleep on a pool lounger, Ringo realised he was running late for a psychology SAC test at school, and Adam offered to give him a ride in his Humma, even allowing him to drive. Unfortunately, they were pulled over by the police, but Ringo was amazed as the police officer recognised the infamous football player and asked for his autograph, letting them both off any charges. Adam then accompanied Ringo into the school, charming his teacher into allowing him to retake the test.

When Ringo broke the rookie sprint record at the club, Adam wasted no time in suggesting they hire a room at Lassiter's hotel and throw a party to celebrate. With Declan working on reception, Adam was soon asking for mate's rates, lying that it would be just the two of them in the room, but planning to invite most of the club. When Declan had complaints about the noise, he tried to calm the party down, and was eventually forced to turf Adam and everyone else out. Though Ringo stayed to help with the clean up at first, when Adam came back for his wallet, he encouraged Ringo to leave with him, moving on to Charlie's bar, where he continued to make Ringo believe that his mates were just jealous of his good fortune.

When Ringo decided to quit school and focus on his footy career, Adam encouraged him, suggesting that they go out together to choose him a new car of his own. With some of the other team members along for the ride, Adam was showing off in the Humma when he lost control and crashed into an Easter display. With the police on the way, Ringo was backed into a corner and told to take the blame for the accident, which he did, and was warned that he'd be charged for driving without his P plates. As the press started to get wind of the story, Adam continued to assure him that everything would be fine, and Ringo continued to lie, but their conversation was overheard by Zeke, who broadcast the details on his anonymous show on underground radio station PirateNet. Before long, coach Nathan Black was reprimanding Adam for his actions, and told Ringo that he'd lied - repeatedly - and brought the club's name into disrepute, so he was sacked.

Trivia Notes
Before becoming an actor, Clint Bizzell was a professional AFL player, and played for Geelong Football Club and Melbourne Football Club

Episodes Featured
5650, 5651, 5652, 5656, 5657, 5661, 5662

Biography by Steve