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Guest Character Profiles > Rex Colt David Serafin

Rex Colt 2006
Occupation: Garage Owner

As the owner of Black Stallion Motors, Rex Colt had something of a reputation around Erinsborough as a sleaze and a sexist pig. When Janae Hoyland found herself unhappy with her apprenticeship at Carpenter’s Mechanics garage, and constantly clashing with head mechanic Christine Rodd, her head was quickly turned when Rex turned up offering her twice the pay packet. While Janae was won over, Rex soon showed his true colours to another local woman, lawyer Rosetta Cammeniti, when he visited her to find out about his divorce proceedings and became threatening when she had no news to report to him.

On her first day at work, Janae was annoyed to find that she was only being asked to clean cars, whilst wearing a gold mini skirt and tube top. But she started working nonetheless, assured that she’d be able to work her way up through the business, little realising that Rex was telling the other mechanics that he planned to bed Janae within her first week. That evening, he took her for a drink with the other blokes from work, to celebrate her first day and asked barman Will Griggs to put some vodka in Janae’s orange juice, though Will, being a friend of Janae’s, refused. Meanwhile, at work, Janae finally realised what was going on when she caught the other mechanics gathered around to stare at her bum as she bent over a car engine. Determined to get revenge, she put a sign outside the garage, warning female customers that the owner was a perve.

Rex soon cottoned on to Janae’s plan and confronted her, locking her in his office. Janae was only saved when she called out and was heard by Chris’ ex-husband, Senior Sergeant Allan Steiger, who was walking by with their daughter, Pepper. Steiger managed to get to Janae, but not before she’d thrown a spanner at Rex, as a warning to him to keep away. Her actions quickly backfired, when Rex decided to sue her for assault. Janae’s mother, Janelle, was narrowly stopped by Steiger when she decided to get her own back by burning down his garage, but when Will told him what had happened in the bar, Steiger finally snapped and went to see Rex, physically threatening him to drop the charges or his life would be made hell. A relieved Janae then got her old job back and realised that working with Chris hadn’t been so bad after all.

A few weeks later, homophobic graffiti started appearing on the walls of Carpenter’s Mechanics, aimed at Chris, who had only recently told her ex-husband and daughter that she was gay. Though Pepper, who had reacted badly to her mum’s revelation, was quickly suspected, it turned out that it was Rex, determined to get his own back. It didn’t take long for Janae to work out the real culprit and report him, and she had the last laugh when she gave evidence against him in court.

Trivia Notes
• David previously appeared in 2005 as Barry Dundas, and returned in 2015 as Dennis Dimato and in 2024 as Santo Oliveira

Biography by Steve