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Bradley Fox 2012
Occupation: Deputy Editor at Erinsborough News

When Erinsborough News editor Susan Kennedy decided that she needed more time to herself, she advertised for a deputy editor, but immediately dismissed the CV sent to her by Bradley Fox, stating that he seemed too good to be true. As online editor Summer Hoyland did some research, she told Susan to give him a chance and, after meeting him and being won over, Susan gave him the job. Summer was quickly smitted by the good-looking older man, his tales of working abroad and his writing talent. When he mentioned that he'd be interviewing mechanic Lucas Fitzgerald about his work at the local high school, he took Summer along with him. She was amazed by the brief and casual chat that took place between Bradley and Lucas, but he insisted that he'd found out everything he needed to know. He then challenged Summer to go back and chat to Lucas again, asking anything she wanted, before writing her own article so they could compare. Later, Summer read Bradley's article and realised he was right, and that he'd included the important details, whilst hers contained too much unnecessary information. She was delighted, however, when Bradley offered her a by-line on the article, insisting that she'd contributed as much as he had.

Summer's fascination with Bradley grew as he demonstrated further unorthodox working methods and reacted with enthusiasm to an idea she had about interviewing a local disabled sailor named Teresa Chan, who was hoping to get to the Paralympics. Summer happily began her research and handed it to Bradley as he shared lunch and a chat about footy with colleague Howard Hall, only to find out that Bradley had given the story to Howard. Disgusted, and believing that Bradley was giving the work to his mates rather than her, Summer went to Susan to complain, also mentioning that Bradley had made up quotes from his interview with Lucas and had barely spent any time on the article. Back at the office, Bradley approached Summer to explain that he'd given the article to Howard because he's written about disabled sports before, and had a brother in a wheelchair, so could bring a fresh angle to the story. Realising her mistake, Summer tried to speak to Susan, but she had already called Bradley into her office for a chat, and he emerged angry with Summer for going behind his back. Meanwhile, he was growing closer to Susan, after stumbling upon her taking part in a pole-dancing class at the community centre. When Summer later tracked Bradley down at the bar to apologise, she was surprised to find him sharing drinks and a joke with Susan, and began to wonder if there was something more between them.

Desperate to get time alone with Bradley, Summer suggested that she should get a mentor at the newspaper, so that she could start contributing more to the print edition, and knowing who Susan would choose. As they spent more time together at a trivia night at the bar, Bradley saw a more spontaneous side to Summer and at the end of the evening, they shared a kiss. Meanwhile, Susan had started to wonder if Bradley's friendliness towards her was hiding stronger feelings, so she was shocked to see Bradley and Summer kissing. Susan's embarrassment quickly turned to concern, as she wondered what Bradley could possibly want with a girl 17 years younger than him. Summer made it clear that she knew what she was doing, and Bradley then impressed Karl, Susan's ex who Summer lived with, leaving Susan as the only one worried over the older man's intentions. Susan's concerns only grew when she was called to the office late one evening to find Bradley there with a security guard. She was suspicious of his story about going to the office to finish a story, even when he sent it through to her the next day. And when she spotted Summer's belt by Bradley's desk, Susan realised that she'd been lied to, and started digging further into Bradley's past, eventually finding out that he'd lied on one of his references, and he'd actually been fired from a previous job for having a relationship with the editor's daughter - who'd been younger than Summer at the time.

Susan confronted Bradley with the information, and he failed to see the problem, so she told him that he was on his final chance and that, if she ever found out that he'd lied to her again, he'd be gone. Summer continued to be smitten as Bradley challenged her ideas and even got on well with her friends, but when he returned from some time away, she was surprised to overhear Susan giving him a phone reference, and he admitted to Summer that he'd found a new job in Perth. Appalled, Susan told him not to worry about working out his notice and to go as soon as possible, while Summer was worried that he intended to break up with her, until he started suggesting that perhaps she should think about moving on from Erinsborough too. Believing that he wanted them to go to Perth together, she quit her jobs, said goodbye to her friends and booked a seat on his flight, but as Summer waited for the bus to take her to the airport, Bradley failed to appear. Summer called him and he told her that he'd got a morning flight, and acted surprised as she told him of her plans to come and be with him, suggesting that he'd never actually told her that they'd be going to Perth together. Realising that Susan had been right about Bradley all along, a devastated Summer went home, but the incident made her realise that she needed to broaden her horizons and, a month later, she left Erinsborough for Paris.

6492, 6493, 6502, 6503, 6508, 6509, 6510, 6514, 6515, 6516, 6524, 6525

Biography by Steve