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Senior Sergeant Milov Frost 2015
Occupation: Senior Sergeant with Erinsborough Police

When Senior Constable Matt Turner found himself in dire financial straits at home, having taken on a mortgage he could barely afford, he hoped to be able to get some extra shifts at work to ease the problem. When he turned to his superior, Senior Sergeant Frost, and asked why he hadn't been given any extra shifts, he was told that the top brass were cutting down on overtime for budgetary reasons. Sergeant Frost then advised Matt to find some extra work if he was so desperate for money, and Matt ended up in serious trouble, as he found himself working as a security guard for small-time criminal Dennis Dimato.

Several weeks later, and Matt had died after a hit-and-run, with the police still desperately trying to pin a string of car thefts on Dimato. Though Dimato had been caught at the scene, receiving a stolen car, insufficient evidence had seen him released on bail and he'd skipped the country. However, with plenty of car thefts still happening in the area, the police were convinced that someone was still doing Dimato's work for him, and Frost was impressed with the work of one of his police officers, Mark Brennan, who was more determined than anyone to bring down Dimato. He presented Mark with a list of local garages and scrap dealers, now sure that a legitimate business was acting as a cover for the thefts, but Mark was unaware that it was his younger brother, Tyler who'd been stripping the stolen cars, having found himself in serious debt to Dimato. Tyler's friend, and Mark's ex, Paige, had also been dragged into the matter, with the pair of them answering to Dimato's accomplice Michelle Kim. When Frost then received a tip-off that some stolen car parts were about to be delivered to a local garage, they swooped in and almost caught Paige and Michelle dropping them off, but the girls just managed to escape.

It was a couple of months before Tyler finally found himself forced to confess everything to Mark, unable to lie any more as the net started to close in on him. Though Mark was determined that his brother would suffer the consequences of his actions, Senior Sergeant Frost said that he was planning to offer him a deal, going undercover to help bring down Dimato. Though Mark was horrified by the idea of his younger brother putting himself in such a risky position, Tyler went ahead and agreed to the plan, knowing that it could be his best hope for avoiding a spell in prison.

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