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Sasha Hennessy 2006
Occupation: Medical Student

The daughter of two well-renowned surgeons, it was always expected that Sasha Hennessy would follow them into a career in medicine. After spending a year travelling the world, she started a course in medicine at Eden University, where she quickly befriended fellow student Boyd Hoyland. The pair quickly bonded as Boyd told Sasha about his pregnant stepmother, Steph, being seriously ill with cancer. He also mentioned his possessive younger girlfriend Janae Timmins, who later turned up at the university and started spying on Boyd and Janae. When the three of them sat down together, Janae did her best to be civil towards Sasha, but as soon as Boyd left, she quickly warned her off. Following the birth of Boyd’s half-brother, Charlie, Sasha overheard Janae in the General Store, chatting to her mum about how much she wanted a baby of her own. Sasha quickly took the opportunity to mention this to Boyd, suggesting that he and Janae clearly wanted different things from life. Since Sasha had her own boyfriend, Ethan, Boyd didn’t realise that she was actually desperate to get him away from Janae and have him to herself.

Boyd’s father, Max, also voiced his concerns about Janae, feeling that she was unsuitable for his son, and encouraged the blossoming friendship between Boyd and Sasha. As Janae’s jealousy continued, Boyd decided that Sasha was right, they were a bad match, and split up with her. At the same time, Sasha confided that she and Ethan had also split, claiming that he was also becoming far too possessive. However, when Sasha then kissed him suddenly, he realised that Janae had been right about her all along. But when Boyd saw Janae asking neighbour Ned Parker to her school dance, he took the opportunity to ask Sasha to accompany him to the uni medical ball and she happily agreed, thinking she was in with a chance again. During the evening, she came on strong and, after Boyd won an award and placement at a rural hospital, they spent the night partying. The next morning, as a cab dropped Boyd off at home, he kissed Sasha, but then admitted that he couldn’t take things any further, as he was still in love with Janae and wanted her back.

4780, 4790, 4794, 4797, 4803, 4808

Biography by Steve