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Dr Sally Herbert 2006
Occupation: Doctor at Erinsborough & District Hospital, Lecturer

When barman and medical student Boyd Hoyland threw a woman out of Scarlet Bar one night for being drunk and causing a scene, he was alarmed the next day to realise that she was his new lecturer, Dr Sally Herbert. After their difficult start, things only got worse as she started picking on him and he tried to confront her, but during the tussle, some morphine fell out of her bag. Unsure what to do about his discovery, Boyd confided in his wife, Janae, who'd just started working at the hospital as a cleaner and she then decided to take it upon herself to confront Dr Herbert with the accusations. The next day, Boyd was shocked to find that the morphine had been planted in his bag and, as he went to put it back, he found that there was security all over the building, looking for the drug thief. Meanwhile, Janae couldn't resist confronted Dr Herbert again, this time violently throwing the doctor's phone across the room - an incident witnessed by nurse Katya Kinski. The three women were questioned by hospital administrator Gerard Hancock and, when Katya backed up Dr Herbert's version of events, Janae was sacked. Dr Herbert was grateful to Katya, and when Boyd confronted his lecturer about Janae's sacking, she made it look like Katya had implied that she'd been having an affair with Boyd's dad, Max.

With random locker searches being carried out, and in a moment of panic, Boyd put the drugs in Katya's bag, reasoning that she deserved it after the lies she'd been spreading. Horrified, but knowing that her husband had more to lose, Janae decided to confess to planting the morphine on Katya, who explained to Boyd that she'd never told Dr Herbert about an affair. They all knew that the new doctor had been lying, but nobody could prove it until a patient was brought in and, as she started to treat her, Katya noticed that Dr Herbert was shaking and had blurred vision. Katya immediately worked out that Dr Herbert was the morphine thief and reported her, though she denied it. It wasn't until Katya suggested they perform a blood test that Dr Herbert finally broke down and admitted that she'd been stealing and using drugs from the hospital.

Biography by Steve