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Robin Hester 2009
Occupation: Student

After joining his stepson Zeke Kinski on his radio show, local doctor Karl Kennedy found himself with a fan. Local high school student Robin Hester contacted Karl, requesting an interview for a school project, and later watched from afar as Zeke, Karl, Susan and Sunny had dinner together at Charlie's bar. The following day, Robin turned up at the Kennedy house to see Karl, apologising but explaining that his deadline had been brought forward and he needed to interview Karl sooner. Though Susan and Karl were concerned as it appeared Robin had no friends of his own and his parents were constantly working, they agreed to take him to the store for a coffee so he could conduct the interview. Though he seemed to have little interest in hearing about Karl, Robin soon started to listen when Karl and Susan mentioned Sunny and Zeke. The following day, Robin turned up at a protest at the store, to stop it being bought by international coffee chain Apollo's. There, he met and attempted to befriend Harry Ramsay, though Harry appeared to want little to do with the weird newcomer.

As Robin continued to hang around Harry like a bad smell, Harry tried to use it to his advantage, getting Robin to help him move some boxes at the bar, though Susan was annoyed, reminding Harry that he used to be the outsider too. But Robin's attentions soon moved on to Sunny, after Harry introduced them, and they got chatting about her experiences as an exchange student. Later that night, Robin broke into Sunny's bedroom, where he found a photo of her with boyfriend Zeke and ripped it in half. He was then forced to hide under the bed as the young couple came in, talking about a band playing at the bar the following evening, which Sunny wanted to see but Zeke didn't. Having avoided being discovered, Robin used the conversation he'd overheard and bought tickets to the gig, though was disappointed when Zeke decided to come along after all. Robin then spent the evening trying to dance with Sunny and enthusing about the band, leaving Zeke unimpressed. With Sunny having taken Karl's place as Zeke's partner on the radio, Robin sat in on one of their shows, and got talking to Sunny about where she got her ideas for material. As Zeke listened, he realised that he'd heard Robin say something before and, having sent Sunny off to give Robin a tour, he listened to a recording of a previous show and realised that Robin had called in and told Sunny that if she was his girlfriend, he'd treat her really well. Convinced that Robin had fallen for Sunny on the radio and tracked her down, Zeke voiced his concerns to Sunny, who laughed it off, accusing Zeke of being jealous.

Having arranged to meet for a coffee, Robin was disappointed when only Zeke turned up, and lied to him that they had a radio meeting and wouldn't be allowed to have friends sit in on the shows anymore. The next day, Robin turned up to see Harry with some movie tickets. Harry explained that he had to look after his sister, but suggested asking Zeke and Sunny instead. Robin told him that Zeke didn't like him, and that he couldn't ask Sunny on her own, as that would be weird, though Harry pointed out that it's not like Robin and Sunny would ever be together. As Harry walked off, Robin took his anger out on a wheelie bin and ripped up the tickets, witnessed by Sunny, who took him inside and comforted him. As they chatted, Sunny told Robin that, if he beat her on a video game, he could introduce a song on the radio show the next day, and Robin realised that Zeke had lied to him. Over dinner, Zeke took the opportunity to try and belittle Robin again, asking why he had never had a girlfriend, and whether girls run away when they get to know him. This only served to make everyone else feel sorry for Robin, especially as Zeke had suffered from anxiety problems for several months and was obsessing over Robin. When Harry then told Zeke to 'show Robin who's boss', Zeke ended up losing the plot at the store and lashing out at Robin, pinning him down and warning him off. With Sunny comforting Robin, and Susan trying to convince Zeke that this was all in his head and he should make an emergency appointment with his psychiatrist, Harry told Zeke to try another angle and play Robin at his own game. Robin was then shocked when Zeke made a public apology and bought them all tickets to the movie, telling Robin that he really wanted them all to be friends. Zeke's friendly behaviour continued as Robin returned to sit in on the radio show, leaving Robin angry and frustrated that he was losing his grip on Sunny. At the end of the evening, as Zeke was putting things away in the storeroom, Robin closed and locked the door behind him, leaving him trapped.

Alone for dinner together, Robin was annoyed as all Sunny could think about was Zeke's whereabouts. He then pretended to phone Zeke, claiming that he had decided to stay back at the radio station and chat about music, but would meet them at home later. When Harry came in, he was suspicious of Robin's claims, and when Zeke didn't show up at home, the three of them went down to the radio station to look, only to get thrown out by security when Sunny forgot her ID pass. With Sunny growing more worried, Robin did his best to comfort her, though she was unsettled when he tried to touch her hand. He suggested that they go back to PirateNet for another look, where he pretended to find the key to the storeroom on the floor, unlocked it and let Zeke out. Though pleased to see her boyfriend again, Sunny was annoyed when Zeke later claimed that Robin had locked him in the room on purpose. Sunny believed that Zeke was just jealous, and took Robin along to PirateNet the next day, hoping that the boys could iron out their differences. Unfortunately, still angry, Zeke lashed out and attacked Robin. Robin was delighted by this, particularly as he now had a couple of cuts on his face to prove to everyone how unhinged Zeke was. Zeke, however, continued to insist to Sunny that Robin was responsible for everything, and eventually managed to prove it when he showed that Robin hadn't called him the night before. With Sunny finally realising how desperate Robin was to get Zeke out of the way, she set him up and arranged to meet, claiming that she'd broken up with Zeke due to his jealousy. Robin was thrilled, but as he leaned in to kiss Sunny, Zeke appeared. Robin realised that his lies had been discovered, and took revenge by breaking into PirateNet and trashing the studio. As Zeke arrived, he discovered the mess, then Robin appeared at the door, clearly looking for another fight. Zeke, however, managed to pin him down and locked him in the studio while he called the police. Robin angrily pointed out that everything was fine for Zeke - he had a family and friends who paid attention to him, but the only time his adoptive parents spoke to him was to give him money. Zeke then remarked that Robin was never that different to him or Sunny, until he made the decisions to lie, to lock Zeke in the storeroom and to trash the studio.

Episodes Featured
5779, 5780, 5783, 5784, 5785, 5786, 5787

Biography by Steve