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Wes Holland 2011
Occupation: Ex-Police Constable

Whilst looking after Lou's car yard, Kyle Canning found himself the target of a protection racket by dodgy police constable Wes Holland. Offering to provide 'security' for the yard, in return for cash, Wes soon turned nasty when Kyle tried to turn down the offer, warning that he'd return and damage some of the yard's stock. Kyle tried to get Holland off his back by cancelling a sale that he'd planned to hold at the yard the next day, but Holland still wanted money from him, and Kyle was forced to go along with it. Unsure how to deal with the situation, Kyle went to Detective Mark Brennan for advice; Kyle and Brennan had never been friends, and had been feuding over Kate Ramsay for weeks, and when Kyle explained the situation, Brennan was reluctant to believe it, as Holland was a good friend and, he believed, an honest cop. After arranging a meeting with Kyle and Holland, Brennan was satisfied that it had all been a misunderstanding and that Kyle had overreacted. However, to satisfy his doubts, Brennan kept an eye on the car yard, and spotted Holland turn up once again - this time, when Kyle told him that he had no money to give him, Holland said that he'd return later, and he'd be expecting double payment. Having seen it for himself, Brennan found further proof on the CCTV footage of the yard, and told Kyle that they'd need to arrange a stake-out. Later, when Holland returned to collect his money, Brennan was there to arrest him, but Holland warned that Brennan had just made a huge mistake.

Over the weeks that followed, it emerged that Brennan's actions had uncovered a much bigger police corruption ring, and he found himself targeted by anonymous threats. As the threats escalated, Brennan was forced to go into witness protection and ended up making a new life for himself in the Blue Mountains. Some time later, Holland eventually tracked him down there, planning to kill him; Brennan was stabbed but the police arrived in time, and were forced to kill Holland. With Wes Holland dead, Brennan was able to return to Erinsborough.

Episodes Featured
6148, 6149

Biography by Steve