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Ruby Knox 2013
Occupation: Reporter at West Waratah Star Newspaper

With his promising swimming career looking likely to take him to the Commonwealth Games, Joshua Willis found himself receiving some attention from the local press, particularly the West Waratah Star newspaper, who sponsored him. One evening when he was supposed to be taking girlfriend Amber to the school dance, Josh was asked to go and meet with journalist Ruby Knox for a short interview, but the pair found themselves getting on well. When Amber received a text from Josh, saying that he'd been asked to do a last-minute interview at Harold's Store, Amber tracked him down and was upset to find him laughing with the attractive journalist. She made it clear that she wasn't going to put up with that sort of thing, but Josh told her that the publicity was important to his career and if Amber couldn't see that, then perhaps they had no future together.

A couple of weeks later, Ruby met up with Josh again, telling him that their first article had proved to be very popular with the newspaper's readers, and her editor was keen for her to follow it up. She explained that she'd had the idea to write a weekly diary for him, showing the readers his progress from local swimmer to Commonwealth Games athlete. Things quickly became awkward as Josh explained that he and his girlfriend had just split up and, noticing Ruby's constant flirting, he explained that he wasn't looking for anything serious with anyone else. Amber then walked in and saw them together, just as Ruby placed her hand on Josh's. The ex-couple argued about the situation, with Amber upset that Josh was moving on so quickly, and Josh decided to end the interview and go home to do some weight training. Ruby explained that she had a deadline to meet, so she went with him and interviewed him as he trained. Later, the conversation turned to Amber, and Josh admitted that he wasn't sure that he could be with someone who didn't understand his strict training regime, or the publicity that went along with his sporting ambitions. Ruby sympathised and made it quite clear that she understood him, before leaning in for a kiss.

As Josh then got back together with Amber and they slept together for the first time, he tried his best to ignore Ruby's calls and texts. Eventually, she tried to grab his attention by sending a text saying that they should talk about their kiss, but unfortunately it was seen by Amber, who was devastated. Josh managed to convince her that it had just been a stupid mistake and that they hadn't even been together at the time, and he asked her to come to his next photo shoot, so they could have some pictures taken together to prove that he was committed and wanted everyone to know about her. Josh also spoke to Ruby, who admitted that she really didn't find him that irresistible, and the text had just been a way to get him to come and meet with her. With everything seemingly sorted out, Amber joined Josh for his photo shoot, but when he went inside for a few minutes, Ruby took the opportunity to chat to Amber, making it clear that although she wasn't interested in him herself, it was going to be very difficult for an up-and-coming sportsman like Josh to maintain a serious relationship, and it was going to be very difficult for Amber to cope if she was going to fly off the handle every time another woman showed him a little attention.

As Josh's profile then started to grow, and he won a local award for his promising sporting career, Ruby found herself fielding calls from the national media, and took on the role of his manager. When Josh found a family budget that his parents had been drawing up, and realised just how much his swimming career was costing them, he turned to Ruby to help him with sponsorship deals, and started neglecting his training in favour of having his photo taken. With the Commonwealth Games trials only days away, Brad - Josh's father and trainer - became concerned, but only ended up receiving abuse from Josh when he tried to step in. After Ruby managed to get Josh his own car as part of a sponsorship deal, he was more determined than ever that he was going to milk the opportunity for all it was worth, and when his mum Terese tried to talk to him, Josh told her not to worry, as she wouldn't end up out of pocket. Following this comment, Josh was finally honest about the amount of pressure he was under, and the feeling that he was causing his parents some serious financial problems. Terese made Josh realise that it was their choice to help and support him, because they wanted him to achieve great things in his life, and Josh then patched things up with his dad, and told Ruby that he no longer required her help.

Trivia Notes
Ruby's father is the owner and editor of the West Waratah Star newspaper

6776, 6782, 6789, 6796, 6797, 6799

Biography by Steve