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Naomi Lord 2010
Born: 1991

After collapsing outside Harold's Store in anaphylactic shock, Naomi Lord's life was saved by trainee paramedic Ringo Brown, but later in hospital, when Ringo visited Naomi and she hugged him to say thanks, she managed to steal his university identity badge and the next day, she trawled the internet looking for information about him. After learning from his Facebook page that he was single, Naomi made sure she was there to bump into Ringo at uni and the pair quickly hit it off, though she wasn't impressed to realise that Ringo's friend and neighbour Donna Freedman was also his ex. Ringo's surrogate dad Dr Karl Kennedy wasn't too impressed with Ringo getting so close to his first patient, and he and Naomi agreed to just hang out for a while and see what developed.

Over the next few days, Naomi made sure to regularly bump into Ringo, trying to act casual when he told her that he had other plans. When he told her that he was planning an afternoon at the mens' shed with the guys, Naomi was quick to derail it, stealing a fuse and throwing it into the lake, so the boys had to go to Charlie's instead, where she was waiting. As Naomi then started to spend time getting to know Ringo's friends, things were awkward with Donna, as Naomi realised how friendly they still were and how much they still had in common - including being godparents to baby India Napier. Realising that she needed to get rid of Donna, Naomi broke down in front of Ringo and told him that Donna had warned her off, saying some terrible things and telling her to stay away from Ringo. The fake tears worked, and Donna was soon accused of being the jealous ex by Ringo and several of their friends, with Donna becoming the only one who thought that something wasn't quite right where Naomi was concerned. Donna decided that the best way to save Ringo from Naomi was to try and out her as a liar - and as she chatted to Naomi the next day, she thought that she'd uncovered a lie when Naomi mentioned that she was studying psychology at the uni. After checking the course lists, Donna couldn't find Naomi listed anywhere, and when she later spotted Naomi hugging a guy and kissing him on the cheek, she decided that she had enough evidence to confront her. Unfortunately, Naomi had seen this all coming and had set Donna up, and was quick to explain that she'd only just transferred from a different uni - and the guy she was hugging was her brother, Bradley. Donna was left feeling like a fool, and, away from Ringo, Naomi paid Bradley and thanked him for pretending to be her brother.

Donna wasn't about to give up and decided to check Naomi's Facebook page, surprised to find that Bradley wasn't listed as one of her friends. But when she was warned by Kate that she was risking losing Ringo's friendship completely, she decided that it might be time to back off and when Naomi accidentally dropped her wallet, and Donna found what she believed to be a genuine Eden Uni I.D. card, she decided to apologise for the whole thing. Naomi was horrified when she spotted Ringo and Donna share a hug, having made up and agreed to move on, so she realised that she was going to have to find a new way to get his attention. After inviting Ringo to her place for a spa, Naomi spotted the perfect opportunity and, when he arrived, she called out to him and then started screaming for help, pretending that she was drowning. After Ringo saved her, she claimed that the strap of her top had got caught and pulled her under the water, and Ringo was happy to accept this explanation, but Karl was beginning to see a pattern in Naomi's behaviour. After speaking to him about it, Ringo was beginning to have doubts of his own and when, the next day, he accidentally discovered his old I.D. badge in Naomi's bag, he spoke to Karl again and realised that the pattern of dependency was becoming obvious and he'd have to end things with Naomi for her sake. When Ringo later met up with Naomi and explained that he was busy with uni and didn't have time for a relationship, he was shocked when she took the news well and agreed to give him space, but Ringo was unaware that she was still around, watching him.

When Naomi continued to want to spend time with Ringo, and called by his house again, it became clear that she thought they were still a couple, so Ringo had to be firmer with her. Naomi didn't take the news well and once again decided that it was all Donna's fault, threatening her and sending her a photo of herself with Ringo to prove the point that he'd moved on. As more and more people began to realise how obsessive Naomi was becoming, and when Naomi started sending more photos to Donna and then destroyed her fashion presentation at the uni, the police became involved. Unfortunately for Donna, Naomi then decided to frame her, stealing her own file from the hospital whilst wearing a blonde wig, leaving Donna to be taken in for questioning. Things only got worse for Donna when her laptop was searched, and her earlier searches of Naomi's Facebook page were found. Deciding that the only way to get any proof was to get into Naomi's house, Ringo and Declan broke in, finding not only the blonde wig and hospital file, but also a whole shrine to Ringo. After leaving the file on the bed, they contacted the police and Naomi was arrested, but later released on bail, still insisting that she'd done nothing wrong as she received a restraining order.

Naomi wasn't quite done with Ringo, however, and started calling him, begging him to meet her at a cafe they'd used to visit. As the desperate calls continued, Donna began to wonder if Ringo should listen, but he was adamant that he wouldn't be sucked back into Naomi's twisted games. Concerned, Donna decided to go to the cafe, but moments before, Naomi had given up and walked away. Later at the hospital, Ringo was determined to be there when Naomi woke up, but Karl had him removed from the building, feeling that it wasn't wise. Later, Karl had Naomi transferred to the psychiatric ward, where Ringo decided, against his better judgment, that he had to see her. Ringo was surprised to find that Naomi was no longer her clingy self, but was angry with him for ruining her life, not knowing when to back off and making her become dependent on him. The whole incident made Ringo realise that maybe he wasn't cut out for a medical career, and he announced that he was quitting his job as a paramedic.

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Biography by Steve