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Josie Mackay 2013, 2014
Occupation: Erinsborough High Student

Josie Mackay, better known at school as 'hot Josie' (to differentiate her from Josie Lamb aka 'nerdy Josie'), showed a surprising interest in geeky Bailey Turner one day, and his friend Callum decided that they'd make a great couple, and encouraged Bailey to spend time with her. Callum's true motivations were to keep Bailey away from Rani Kapoor, Callum's ex. Bailey and Rani's interest in each other had almost ruined Callum's friendship with him, and Bailey did his best to pretend he enjoyed spending time with shallow Josie and her friends, talking about school gossip. When Josie later caught up with Bailey and tried to spend more time with him, he received a text message from Callum, asking to meet, and used that as an excuse to run off, leaving Josie disappointed.

Later in the year, Josie was left humiliated in class when new science teacher Gemma Reeves spotted her texting during the lesson. Gem grabbed Josie's phone and read out the message, that Josie had been writing to her boyfriend, to the entire class, warning Josie that she wouldn't tolerate that sort of behaviour in her classes.

The following year, Bailey thought that he might be in with another chance when he spotted Josie looking at him across the school yard. Callum thought that he was kidding himself and that Josie was more likely to be staring at Kyle, who'd just been employed to do some handyman work around the school. When Bailey later started chatting to Josie and she asked him about Kyle, he realised that Callum had been right and that Josie had no interest in him. However, as he helped Josie with a history assignment, she started talking about them going to get a burger together. Bailey thought she might be interested after all, until she said that she'd like to go to Grease Monkeys, across the street from Kyle's yard, and Bailey was left more confused than ever. Callum suggested that Bailey could try changing the venue, and acting more like Kyle, to see how she reacted, and Josie then finally admitted that she liked him, and would like to go out with him - but only if he dropped the 'Kyle' act and went back to his loveable, nerdy old self.

With Callum dating the other Josie, the four of them got together for a double date, with the boys hoping that their girlfriends might find some common ground, despite being so different. As they all played a dance game on the Wii, the two Josies found themselves getting along well, and as their competitive boyfriends started playing the game and ignoring them, the girls decided to leave - with Bailey and Callum not even noticing that they'd gone until they'd finished their game. As time went on, Bailey struggled to know quite how to behave around Josie, as Callum and the other Josie seemed to have such a natural rapport with each other. When the boys decided to do an Easter egg hunt on Ramsay Street with their girlfriends, Callum bought a chocolate bunny for his Josie to find, but Bailey felt that he should make a bigger gesture, and things were awkward when his Josie found some earrings hidden inside an Easter egg. She explained that it was too much, and that he should take them back as she didn't feel comfortable accepting an expensive gift when they'd only been together for a few weeks.

After hearing from Jayden, Josie's ex, that they'd slept together, Bailey started to worry that he wasn't experienced enough for her, and when Callum and his Josie began to talk about sleeping together, Bailey suggested to his Josie that they could do the same. When she found out what Jayden had been saying, Josie angrily confronted him, making it clear to everyone that they hadn't slept together and, in fact, they hadn't even kissed. As Bailey found himself in hot water with Jayden, Josie was also upset with him, as he'd believed what Jayden had been saying about her. She began to wonder if Bailey had only wanted to date her because he thought she was 'easy', saying that Bailey obviously didn't know her that well. After being challenged to a fight by a humiliated Jayden, Bailey managed to get out of it, and win over Jayden and his mates, by bribing them with bottles of his granddad's home brew. However, after being invited to party by Jayden, Bailey ended up getting drunk and calling Josie over and over again. Eventually, Josie sent him a text telling him to stop calling, and saying that their relationship was over.

The following week, Callum managed to convince Josie to give Bailey another chance, and at least listen to what he had to say to her. She went to the Turner house, where she found Bailey partying with Jayden and his friends, drinking the leftover alcohol after a surprise wedding vow renewal party for Bailey's parents. Josie agreed to stick around so that she could talk to Bailey, but instead she found herself targeted by Jayden, who desperately tried to impress her with talk of his latest sporting achievements. Bailey then snapped, and soon a fight had broken out between the two boys, with Bailey coming off worse, and Josie declaring that she'd had enough of both of them, and walking out of the house in disgust.

Trivia Notes
Josie's surname was given as McKay in the credits of episodes 6752 and 6832, but as Mackay in all other appearances

6677, 6752, 6824, 6832, 6834, 6865, 6885, 6893

Biography by Steve