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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > June Merret Anne Cordiner

June Merret 2004

Three years after the death of his wife, Madge, Harold Bishop was still finding it difficult to move on. As the anniversary of her birthday came around, he told his friend, Lou Carpenter, about how lonely he was. As he then sat down for dinner in the crowded pub, a woman, also dining alone, asked if she could join him. She introduced herself as June Merritt and as the pair got talking, they found that they had both recently lost a spouse and also shared an interest in gardening. Harold couldn’t believe the coincidence of meeting such a perfect new comparison but as he watched Lou grinning at him, he came to the conclusion that he’d been set up. He furiously told a confused June that he didn’t need pity, before storming out of the pub. It wasn’t until later that Lou assured him that it hadn’t been a set-up. Unfortunately, by then, Harold had missed his opportunity.

Trivia Notes
• Anne Cordiner previously appeared as Emma Walsh in 1998
• She returned as Selma Atkins in 2007

Biography by Steve



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