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Character Profiles > Minor Characters > 2008

A chronological list of minor credited characters appearing in the 2008 season. Click on any name to go to a picture of that character.

Worried nurse (Selma Danculovic) - Episode 5379 - Nurse who ran through the hospital corridor when patient Richard Aaronow took a turn for the worse, calling Dr Karl Kennedy for assistance as she went by. (Note: Selma Danculovic also appeared in 2006 as Trisha Banks and in 2007 as Michaela Chapel)

Security guard (Richard Viney) - Episode 5380 – Named Andrew. Was called by nurse Sarah Dawson at the Erinsborough Care Facility, when Declan Napier tried to access the computer files to find out the whereabouts of his father, Richard.

Priest (Jurgen Loos) – Episode 5399 – Appeared as part of a dream sequence in which Toadie found himself being laughed at by the assembled guests, and even the priest and organ player, when Steph didn’t show up for their wedding.

Paramedic (Dave Kenyon) - Episode 5403 - Paramedic who looked after pregnant Rosie Cammeniti when she collapsed at work. (Note: Dave Kenyon previously appeared in 2006 as Mike Benjamin)

Angus' lawyer (Peter Zienkiewicz) - Episode 5445 – Represented Angus Henderson when he was charged over his relationship with schoolgirl Rachel Kinski. Angus received a six-month prison sentence.

Courier (Actor unknown) – Episode 5473 – Named Michael. Made a delivery to the law office where a manic Samantha started trying to seduce him.

Fruit stall woman (Theresa Holt) - Episode 5497 – Whilst searching for Steph, Nicola and Toadie stopped at a fruit stall to ask for directions.

TV Announcer (Dean Robinson) – Episode 5499 – Voice only. Announced on the news that Jay Duncan was responsible for starting the recent bushfire, shocking Rebecca and Sienna, who decided to try and keep the news from Carmella.

Tradesman (Rick Tonna) - Episode 5500 - Was driving his gardening truck down the driveway of 22 Ramsay Street when Daniel Fitzgerald was chasing Jay Duncan across the street. The truck stopped Jay in his tracks, allowing Dan to catch him. (Rick Tonna previously appeared as Stephano in 2003 and a security guard in 2004)

Female enthusiasts 1 & 2 (Jenye Harley-Alcock/Anna Burgess) - Episode 5502 – Joined the crowd of girls gathered outside Charlie's Bar when Lucas was tied up, in just his underwear, by his mates.

Prison officer (Gary Van Der Meer) – Episode 5503 – Checked in Rachel and Susan when they first went to visit Angus in prison.

Waiter (Matthew Cohen) - Episode 5507 - Served Libby a drink when she attended Lucas' photography exhibition.

Man at General Store (Stefan Seniore) - Episode 5507, 5513 – Smiled at Nicola as she was sitting in the General Store one day. (Note: He was also credited for episode 5513 but I can't bloody find him)

Nurse (Christine Kounnas) – Episode 5508 – Nurse Jodie Smith's partner in crime as she mocked Nicola for her affairs with two men in the same family, then didn't offer her a donut.

Schoolgirls 1 & 2 (Kimberley Galea/Tallulah Lacey-Phillipson) - Episode 5511 - Gossiped in the school corridor about Rachel and her affair with Angus after the story appeared on the front page of the Erinsborough News again.

Tattoo parlour customer (Simon Arandt) - Episode 5511 – Was having a tattoo done in the background when Bridget went along to make an appointment for her 'Declan' tattoo.

Party moron (Jerome Velinsky) – Episode 5516 – Started shouting and climbing all over the furniture during Declan's birthday party, much to Sienna's horror.

Pashing teens 1 & 2 (Kassie Martin/Scott Wood) – Episode 5516 – As Rebecca returned and found the carnage caused by the party at number 24, she found two teenagers kissing by the dining table and threw them out of the house.

Sympathetic teacher (Jennifer Levy) - Episode 5517 - Libby told her that she was feeling unwell and that she was going home, but infact was pulling a sickie to go on a date with Lucas. Was also in the background when Dan surprised Libby by kissing her at school, and she slapped him.

Waiting customers 1 & 2 (Jacob Shotade/Sandra Murphy) - Episode 5518 – Part of a queue of people getting annoyed as Carmella struggled to serve them all, so Elle left the work she was doing at one of the tables and went behind the counter to help.

Staring customers 1 & 2 (Luke D'Emanuele/Delena Leggieri) – Episode 5522 – Stared at Rachel in the General Store after noticing that she was the girl who was on the front page of the Erinsborough News, due to her affair with Angus.

Helper 1 & 2 (Troy Hill/Brennan Lukav) – Episode 5523 – Assisted with moving furniture and preparing the stage for the charity slave auction at the bar.

Hospital orderly (Shaun Rowe) – Episode 5528 – Hospital worker Karl talks to, whilst Nicola watches him and realises how unhappy he is about the Pete Ferguson situation.

Pedestrian (Rainey Carah) - Episode 5532 - A woman Toadie bumps into whilst running along the streets of Melbourne, searching for the missing Callum and Mickey. (Notes: Rainey Carah previously appeared as Sarah Ashmore in 1995)

Band guitarist & band drummer (David Forster/Ryan Thomas) - Episode 5533, 5537, 5545, 5547 – The other members of Nothing Doing with Ty Harper and Logan Ellis. Attended auditions for the band's new female lead singer and chose Sienna over Rachel.

Newspaper delivery driver (Peter Jackson) – Episode 5537 – Whilst Pete Ferguson is holding Susan and Elle hostage, they wait outside a newsagency for the newspapers to be delivered in the morning, to check whether Paul has published Paul's story on the front page, and they sit and watch as the driver drops off the papers.

Nurse (Rebecca Brooke) – Episode 5551 – The nurse who gave Nicola West her medication and helped to calm her down after Steve tried to trick her into admitting that she didn't have amnesia at all.

Football Umpire (Shane McCluskey) – Episode 5554 – Umpired an Eastside Dingoes game.

Protective Man (Rowan Francis) - Episode 5557 - Stops Declan from grabbing Nicola when she escapes from the hospital, thinking he's helping her. (Notes: Rowan Francis previously appeared as various security guards in 2002 and 2003)

Nurse (Lana Williams) – Episode 5561 – The nurse looking after Steve Parker, whose wife Miranda warned that he was desperate to get his hands on junk food. (Notes: Lana Williams was previously credited in 2006 as Mrs Baxter, but never appeared on screen)

Football Commentator (Tony Rickards) – Episode 5562 – The radio commentator during the Eastside Dingoes grand final match. (Notes: Tony Rickards previously appeared as farmer Gary Allen in 2007)

Nurse (Sacha Joseph) – Episode 5563 – The nurse who helped treat Ben Kirk when he was rushed into hospital after collapsing.

Drew Kirk Double (Adam Riordan) – Episode 5564 – Appeared in a dream that Ben had about his father (appeared from the waist down only).

Young Declan (Thomas Smith) – Episode 5570 – As Declan left for football training, his mother Rebecca remembered him as a young boy.

Lucas Fitzgerald Double (Beau Hurren) – Episode 5574 – The stunt double for Scott Major during Lucas and Dan's motorbike race.

Young Mother/Sick Child (Sherrydayne Talea/Darcie Elle Catania) – Episode 5577 – After just learning about her pregnancy, a confused Bridget watches a mother and child in the waiting room, as she begins her work experience at the hospital.

Security Guard (Damian McInerney) – Episode 5580 – Called by Nurse Smith when it looks like a fight is about to break out between Steve Parker and Karl Kennedy.

Lucas' Date (Jacinta Santilli) – Episode 5585 – Girl Lucas arranges to meet at the bar, much to Elle's jealousy, which is only made worse when the girl turns up wearing one of Elle's old dresses.

Photographer/Make-Up Artist/Stylist (Dennis Wiskin/Nicola Spanger/Steven Trosti) – Episode 5586 – Assist Tanya Tasker with Ty's first photoshoot.

Cleaner (Gilbert Benedicto) – Episode 5589 – Is surprised to find Andrew and Rebecca handcuffed together at the high school.

Delivery Man (Peter Jackson) – Episode 5590 – Makes a delivery to the General Store and finds himself being perved over by Elle, Carmella and Kelly.

Customer (Tariro Movondo) – Episode 5590 – Carmella is serving him, but is distracted by Elle crashing around the room and goes to check on her in the kitchen.

Backpacker Boys (Sam Gaskin/Beau McCleish/Brinley Eastwood) – Episode 5596 – Three guys travelling with Maddy Green who ended up driving off and stealing Bridget's bags.

Cute Couple (Karoline Biel/Richard Swanson) – Episode 5603 – Young couple in the bar who Steph keeps watching, inspiring her to join an online dating site. (Notes: Richard Swanson was also the mysterious hand seen planting the bomb on the plane in 2005 and leaving notes for Paul and Izzy, who later turned out to be Robert Robinson, and one half of an amorous couple in early 2007)

Guides 1 and 2 (Tom Coltrane/Sirio Niaros) – Episode 5605 – Named Rob and Trevor. Rafting guides during the school's doomed excursion.