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Stanley Neve 2015
Marital Status: Rochelle

Lauren Turner was concerned when she heard from her half-sister, Mai Ling, who was worried that their father, Lou had failed to arrive in Cambodia for a planned visit. When Lou then turned up in Erinsborough, he explained that he was on the run, as he'd done a deal to import some Buddha statues, but after accidentally breaking one, had found that they were full of white powder. Believing that he was being used as a drug mule, he'd dumped the statues and returned to Australia, where he planned to hide out with Lauren. Skeptical about her father's latest story, Lauren wasn't too worried, until a man - Stanley - approached her at work at Harold's Cafe, asking questions about Lou. He refused to give his name, explaining that he wanted to surprise Lou, and Lauren claimed that she hadn't heard from her dad in a while. But after keeping a low profile for several days, Lou received a shock on Christmas Day, when he received a parcel containing a smashed up Buddha statue, along with a threatening note.

Worried that the thugs now knew where he lived, Lou decided that the only solution was to fake his own death. He gathered his old friends Susan, Karl and Sheila, and explained his plan, and the need for them all to attend a fake memorial service. Unfortunately, the plan fell apart when Sheila started to give her eulogy, and with Lou hiding behind the curtain, she gave a series of reasons why the world was a better place without Lou in it. As an annoyed Lou attempted to stop her, the curtain fell and Stanley, who'd been sitting in the crowd, was delighted to finally have tracked him down. It then emerged that Lou had been having an affair with Stanley's wife, Rochelle, and that the whole thing had been a revenge plot by Stanley - he'd put baking powder in the statues to cause Lou problems when he arrived in Thailand. Though that plan had failed, Lou was in for another surprise when Stanley revealed that Rochelle had left him, and was on her way to Erinsborough to be with Lou.

7261, 7269

Biography by Steve