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Guest Character Profiles > Lydia O'Brien Kerrie-Anne Baker

Lydia O'Brien 2008
Occupation: Council Secretary

When a warehouse, holding an illegal rave, collapsed, injuring dozens and killing three teenagers, the council found itself at the centre of a class action lawsuit, since they had voted to remove the 24 hour security from the building, ahead of its demolition. When a document showed that the motion to remove security had been passed by one vote - a vote belonging to Councillor Steph Scully - Steph was outraged, knowing that she'd been ill that day and given her proxy vote to Mayor Jackie Jones. She managed to get into the mayor's office and found a document proving that Jackie had known how unsafe the building was, before the vote had been taken. When law firm Rebecchi Cammeniti, then the press, got hold of the information, Jackie panicked and 'leaked' a new document, which placed all the blame on Steph, with council secretary Lydia O'Brien backing up the new version of events and appearing with Jackie at a press conference, condemning Steph for her actions and for apparently fleeing town as the story was about to break.

Journalist Elle Robinson and Rebecchi Cammeniti secretary Rebecca Napier were then considering breaking into the council offices to obtain proof, when they spotted Lydia leaving for the night. As toys and sports equipment fell out when she opened her car door, Rebecca realised that she was a mother, and decided to try reasoning with her. Rebecca arranged a meeting at Charlie's Bar and, although Lydia refused to talk, it seemed that Rebecca had hit a nerve when Lydia phoned her the next day and gave her the password to Jackie's computer. After breaking in, Elle and Rebecca were confused to find that the computer had been completely wiped, then, moments later, Jackie and Lydia appeared in the doorway. Rebecca had been the victim of a set-up, but Jackie said that she would not press charges, provided they ended their pursuit of the matter. Believing they'd run out of options, Rebecca and Toadie were set to give up, until he had a brainwave and turned up at a council meeting, along with Rebecca and many of the kids who'd been affected by the accident. Though Jackie continued to protest her innocence, the fact that she'd been so quick to blame Steph and the emptying of her harddrive seemed to suggest otherwise, and when the kids started talking about how the accident had affected them, Lydia finally spoke up, announcing that perhaps there should be an enquiry. Realising that she'd been beaten, Jackie quickly retreated from the room, announcing her resignation later that day, with the new acting Mayor agreeing to a full, impartial investigation.

Biography by Steve