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Dustin Oliver 2016

When a mysterious newcomer to Erinsborough was caught up in an explosion at Lassiter's hotel, he managed to shield Paige Smith from the blast, before ending up in a coma. With no identification on him, the police named him 'John Doe' and Paige waited by his bedside, only for him to have completely lost his memory when he woke up. John and Paige started putting up posters and trying to find out who he was, and why nobody was looking for him, but hit a couple of dead ends, until someone came forward and said that they'd chatted to him before the explosion and he'd mentioned that he supported the Geelong Cats, and was a big fan of the city itself.

John and Paige headed to Geelong and did more asking around, but continued to draw a blank, until, at their hostel, she spotted a photo on the noticeboard - of John with another man. Using the computer skills of Paige's half-brother Bailey, they found out that the other person in the photo was called Dustin Oliver, and they managed to get his email address. After learning that he was in Melbourne, they arranged to go home and meet up with him. The next day, they waited in the park, and as Dustin approached John Doe, he referred to him as 'J' and seemed happy to see him, but as soon as he spotted police officer Mark Brennan nearby, Dustin ran off, with Mark giving chase, but unable to catch him.

Soon after, John's memories returned to him, and realised that he was actually a priest, Father Jack Callahan, who had been running a youth programme for problem teenagers, including Dustin, in North Queensland. As Jack and Paige tried to deal with this realisation, and what it meant for their budding relationship, Dustin turned up, having run out of opportunities in Geelong, and apologised for his earlier behaviour, explaining that it had always just been a natural instinct to run when he saw a cop. With an increasingly frustrated Paige waiting for Jack to choose between her and his priesthood, she enjoyed spending time with Dustin as they worked on a youth outreach programme for Erinsborough, but she was still surprised when he kissed her - and when the kiss was witnessed by a horrified Jack.

Jack's reaction made Dustin realise how serious he was about Paige, and when she met up with him again the following week, she tried to help him, realising that he'd been sleeping rough. As Paige started helping Dustin and other homeless people, giving out the unused food from the cafe where she worked, Jack came to realise that maybe she wasn't as selfish as he thought. But just as he was leaning towards giving up his vocation to be with Paige, the sudden death of his mentor, Father Vincent Guidotti made him believe that God had given him a sign that he should remain a priest.

Dustin, meanwhile, stuck around and started attending the Blaze Outreach youth programme, which was being run by Jack and Brad, Paige's father. With Dustin unwilling to get involved in any of the activities, Jack suggested that they could try boxing, as it was something that Dustin had been interested in back in Queensland, even reaching the level of regional champion. Paige was also keen to get involved, and to prove to Jack that she wasn't completely selfish and could help other people. However, her sparring with Dustin ended badly when, as Paige was momentarily distracted, he knocked her out.

Trivia Notes
Kevin Clayette was also credited as Dustin for episodes 7361 and 7362, though the character was only shown in a photograph. He was also credited for episode 7394, when Dustin was shown in a flashback of his appearance in episode 7363

Episodes Featured
7363, 7407, 7413, 7420

Biography by Steve