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A list of characters who were mentioned briefly in passing, but had no background story or important part to play in another character's storyline or history. Characters are organised in three sections - full name known, surname unknown and forename unknown - and organised chronologically, with a brief explanation and the episode in which they were mentioned given in brackets.

Full Name Known

Heather Jacobson - A student in Marcia Taylor's class who isn't particularly bright. Her father works with Marcia's husband, Neil (episode 4)

Betty Regan - schoolfriend of Kim Taylor, who her mother Marcia doesn't approve of (episode 4)

Rita Beasley - an ex-girlfriend of Des' whom he got in touch with, hoping for a reunion, only to find out she was now married (episode 26)

Mike Beasley - Rita's husband, who spoke to Des on the phone (episode 26)

Gary Reynolds - a schoolfriend of Danny Ramsay, who is known to the police as a petty thief (episode 27)

Dino Travelli - a schoolfriend of Danny Ramsay, who is known to the police as a petty thief (episode 27)

Peggy Thornton - schoolfriend of Lucy Robinson (episode 28)

Maggie Chisholm - old girlfriend of Des Clarke; now married to a footballer (episode 28)

Kath Fredericks - old girlfriend of Des Clarke; still single (episode 28)

Jeanette Riley - classmate of Lucy Robinson, who teases her about dressing as a tramp for a fancy dress party (episode 29)

Simon Bentley - classmate of Lucy Robinson, used to walk to school with her but is now walking with Becky Kelly (episode 31)

Becky Kelly - is walked to school by Simon Bentley, who also carries her bag for her, much to Lucy Robinson's annoyance (episode 31)

Clarene Beggingham - boy Helen Daniels liked when she was at school, but he preferred another girl (episode 31)

Ned Forbes - dying (and later dead) husband of Mrs Forbes, the crazy farmer who Danny and Scott sought refuge with after running away (episodes 32)

Norm Hedges - High school friend of Jim Robinson and Nick Burman (episode 38)

Sid Hubbard - grumbling resident of the retirement home Kelly Morgan worked in. He expected special treatment as his son was on the board of directors but Kelly learnt how to deal with him when after he threw his breakfast at her, she threw it back at him (episode 413)

Robert Walsh - wealthy husband of Julie Martin's old schoolfriend, Linda (episode 1750)

Robert Marks - the very ill husband of Helen Daniels' old friend, Evelyn (episode 1961)

Brock Memphry - An actor on Stairwells In Time, Jen's favourite soap opera (episode 2513)

Ray Horrocks - the often-mentioned, but never seen, husband of Grey Growlers team member Pat (episode 3679)

Tom Foster - artist whose work Lou thought he was exhibiting until Tom's son turned up and said the pictures were all fakes (episode 3679/80)

Dave Coburn - art agent who gave Lou several paintings by Tom Foster to exhibit only for Tom's son Jonathon to turn up and say they're all fakes. Lou subsequently reported Dave to the police (episode 3679/80)

Jacinta Lambert - sister of Marc Lambert who married in Switzerland with a small ceremony (episode 3975)

James Lambert - brother of Marc Lambert (episode ????)

Frank Argenzio - Uncle to barman Alex. Delivers concrete to Joe Scully (episode 4188)

Jason Simpson - High school soccer team's striker, who's out with an injury (episode 4212)

Tanya Lee - 29 years old and from West Waratah. Survived the plane crash (episode 4838)

Brad Fullerton - 34 and from Anson's Corner. Also survived the plane crash (episode 4838)

Danny Deacon and Lofty Callon - Inmates at Parkwood Prison and friends of Roo Hausman (Episode 4867)

Annette Harris - Erinsborough High teacher who had to pull out of year 10 camp because one of her children was ill (episode 5198)

Annabelle Cawley - Karl's first girlfriend, who he kissed so hard, his lips got stuck in her braces (episode 5210)

Robin Sanderson - head of the high school PTA, who is notoriously difficult to get money from (episode 5215)

Simon Firth - the security guard Ned put in a coma then paid him off to try and make up for his mistakes. Simon agreed not to press charges and decided to use the money to open a guest house in the country (episode 5215)

Courtney Fenwick - boxing promoter who offered Janae a management deal after seeing her training at the gym (ep 5222)

Anthony Fliss - centre back forward in the school ‘footy’ team and mentioned by Zeke as being a ‘meathead’ that Lolly admires (episode 5228)

Julie Caddingham - girl Karl went on a date with once. He tried to impress her by ordering a vindaloo but ended up spending the whole night 'on the looooo' and nearly passed out from fluid loss (episode 5233)

Louise Arthurson - winner of the 2007 Lassiter's baby pageant (episode 5243)

Ramon Cheyenne - runner-up of the 2007 Lassiter's baby pageant (episode 5243)

Dr Ryan Pearce - the doctor at Erinsborough Hospital who received the results of the Oliver Barnes/Alan Napier DNA test (episode 5250)

Tony Di Stasio - sexist grower of organic fruit and veg who refused to work with Carmella, but agreed to take on their business when her male colleague, Ringo, pretended that he had taken over the business (episode 5251)

Gary Clinton - managed Lassiter's hotel for five years (episode 5265)

Britney Johnston - Aussie rules football player who played against Bridget Parker back in Sydney. According to Bridget, she's twice the size of Zeke and her hip and shoulder nearly put Bridget in traction (episode 5272)

Roger Millard - runs production office at Vivex (episode 5279)

Andrew Harper - client of Toadie's who Tim gave to Rosie to deal with because of Toadie's poor time management (episode 5280)

Julian Murray - Diana's ex, a QC in Sydney (episode 5307)

Polly Schofield - school friend of Pepper Steiger who shared a talent for middle distance running. Sadly the girls both developed eating disorders; Pepper recovered but Polly died as a result (episode 5325)

Daisy Quinn - one of the rivals to the Silvani fruit and veg supply business (episode 5325)

Lena Morticia - one of the rivals to the Silvani fruit and veg supply business (episode 5325)

Jim Coates - former colleague of Karl's who works in diagnostics at the hospital and ran tests on Susan when she was ill (episode 5340)

Anthony and Jodie Brittle (nee Long) - he used to wet the bed, she used to gossip with Kirsten instead of doing any work; they are now married (episode 5352)

Grubby Watson - went to high school with Ned and Kirsten (episode 5357)

Leo Sorrell - went to high school with Ned and Kirsten, wanted to be a DJ (episode 5357)

Sam Giordano - the registrar on the cardio-thorasic surgery ward at Erinsborough Hospital (episode 5367)

Ronnie Ling and Melinda Morgan - two 18 year old victims of the illegal dance party warehouse disaster (episode 5368)

Gemma Long - classmate of Mickey's, who wants to be a dentist when she grows up (episode 5380)

Emily Miller - classmate of Mickey's who was 'spewing' because he was bringing Lou to Grandparents' Day, and her grandad is just 'an old general' (episode 5412)

Janice Jackson - Steve Parker witnessed his father, Jim, in the arms of Mrs Jackson during his childhood. She lived on the other side of the creek from the Parkers. (episode 5424)

Joe Passalini - Carmella copped off with him when she was 13 breaking Sienna's heart. (episode 5446)

Peter Grogan - A past boyfriend of Miranda when she was younger, she snuck out to meet him one night with sister Nicola following. But when Miranda went to climb over his fence, her dress got caught on one of the spikes. Miranda then fell and let out a huge scream, waking up Peter’s parents. Old fashioned Peter Grogan’s dad then came out with his guard dog to see what all the noise was about, only to be greeted by Miranda in her underwear. Peter dumped Miranda the next morning. (episode 5446)

Natasha Long - disgruntled ex Lassiter's employee who Elle suspected may be the one blackmailing Paul about his affair with Kirsten. (episode 5449)

Bruce Dawson - soldier who fought alongside Jim Parker and Gary Fuller during the war in Vietnam. During a battle, both Gary and Bruce were wounded and Jim was only able to carry one to safety. Gary's injuries were more serious; Jim chose to save Bruce who survived the war as a result. (episode 5452)

Jason Herbert – His wife attacked the front door of the Freedman house with a cricket bat. She was a “nutcase” according to Cass. (episode 5662)

Surname Unknown

Aunt Margaret - elderly relative of the Taylor family who lives nearby (episode 5)

Uncle Jack - relative of the Daniels/Robinson family who ran away from home as a child and had the whole town searching, but was eventually found hiding under the house (episode 7)

Jarrod - teller at Pacific Bank whose job is taken by Greg Arnold (episode 36)

Cassius - Edie Chubb's great-grandfather. Her beloved cat Cassius was named in his honour (episode 803)

Arthur - Edie Chubb's grandfather. When Edie's cat Cassius, who had been named after her great-grandfather, died, she decided to name the new cat her niece Sharon bought her Arthur to continue the tradition (episode 804)

Michael - son of Fiona, the widow who married Des Clarke (episode ????)

Elyse - daughter of Des Clarke's second wife Fiona (episode ????)

Uncle Mort - Melanie Pearson's uncle who telephoned her to tell her she'd been left something in her grandfather's will (episode 1441)

Uncle George - Dorothy Burke's uncle who lost an arm during the war (episode 1442)

Jock - employee of Doug Willis who was told to get building materials ready when Willis Construction won The Waterhole rebuild contract in 1993 (episode 1970)

Paulo, Angie, David - People helping Mark organise his longest sausage roll world record attempt (episode 2119)

Nick - An ex-student of Andrew Watson's, who had dyslexia and a dysfunctional family, but is now doing a commerce degree (episode 2515)

Uncle Bob - Sarah Beaumont's uncle who she named her dog after as she said his cute face looked like her uncle (episode 2906)

Aunty Joan - a relative of the Robinson family living in London, who Robert claimed to be staying with when he was actually in Erinsborough pretending to be his twin, Cameron (episode 4951)

Gregor - son of Mishka Schneiderova and her husband, Igor (episode 4970)

Eddie - a cousin of Lou's who lives at 34 Redwood Avenue, Curlon, Townsville (episode 5044)

Aunt Elsie - an aunt of Lou's; her second husband was called Frank, her first, George, died in Borneo during World War II. He was with the Second Fourth A.I.F., a Lieutenant in the artillery (episode 5044)

Aunty Franca - Rosie and Carmella's aunt (episode 5200)

Uncle Chris and Aunty Joan - relatives of Ringo and Frazer. Chris is notorious for embarrassing his younger relatives during his wedding speeches (episode 5214)

Alison - Erinsborough High School teacher (episode 5215)

Dirk - masseur who was away marrying his second cousin, leaving Ned to step in and massage Janae's injured neck (episode 5230)

Uncle Frank - an uncle of Rosetta's who threw himself on top of the coffin at her Nonna's funeral (episode 5236)

Uncle Warren - relative of the Brown family who Frazer mistakenly remembered having a pool in his garden (episode 5245)

Andrew - waiter who had worked for Lassiter's for three years and was accused of theft by a regular customer (episode 5246)

Jamal - waiter who had worked for Lassiter's for three years and was accused of theft by a regular customer (episode 5246)
Justin - barman at Charlie's Bar (ep 5255)

Bella - cousin of Carmella and Rosie, whose wedding was so spectacular that it was featured in a magazine (ep 5258)

Great Uncle Mario - Cammeniti uncle with a strange bunyon that looks like an extra toe (ep 5258)

Colin and Judy - relatives / family friends of Pepper who would need to organise flights to attend her wedding to Adam (episode 5271)

Ken - An old mate of Steve's who works in a lab and did tests on the drugs Karl was giving him at the vet practice (ep 5271)

Laurie - He owns the hardware store in Muttatang and Frazer can't believe he still runs it after all those years (ep 5279)

Bev - A neighbour of pensioner Veronica Potter. She lives in apartment 4 (ep 5282)

Carol - Rang Elle, presumably a Lassiter's employee (ep 5299)

Carol - Phones Susan to confirm Rachel's place on the Advanced Literature Programme (ep 5306)

Carlo - one of the rivals to the Silvani fruit and veg supply business (episode 5325)

Brian - Head of housekeeping at Lassiter's Hotel for nearly twenty years (as of 2008) (episode 5335)

Simone - works in housekeeping [or just maintenance] at Lassiter's Hotel and has just had a baby (episode 5335)

Dave - Steph got through to him on the phone. Works in refuse collections department (episode 5335)

Cousin Frank - A cousin of Marco's who's in the IT department. He could help Marco and Carmella out with their website troubles (episode 5341)

Cousin Vinnie - A cousin of Carmella's who is now helping her out with the deliveries for Celestial Fruits (episode 5341)

Animal - casual barman at Charlie's, who never picks up his messages (episode 5357)

Doug - friend of Marco Silvani's who has spent nearly 3 years in Zagreb. Marco lived in his luxurious apartment during his absence (episode 5361)

Aunt Wynne - relative of the Parker family. Miranda likes her fruit cake (episode 5419)

Nicholas - barrister who worked with Samantha Fitzgerald. Her husband Dan suspected they were having an affair (episode 5425)

Peter - The doctor who phoned Nicola to inform her she had the all clear (episode 5441)

Gilda - Patrizia Silvani's cousin. Patrizia attended her hen night while pregnant with Marco and gave birth in the disco (episode 5446)

Amanda - Rebecca's friend in Sydney who was involved in a car accident and didn't have anyone else to look after her, so Rebecca went to stay with her (episode 5449)

Kent - Helped Toadie locate the address for Jay's log cabin (episode 5497)

Meg and Bruce - Relatives or family friends of the Parkers who Mickey was sent to stay with in Adelaide while Kirsten was treated in Perth (episode 5530)

Saul - the guy who runs the agency that balloon lady Jamie works for (episode 5591)

Brandi - the stripper whose booking got mixed up with Jamie the balloon lady (episode 5591)

Fergus - Was babysitting Charlie when he suddenly felt unwell and was picked up by Toadie (episode 5613)

Glen and Jack - They babysat Ben. He didn't want to leave. (episode 5617)

Matt - runs a class at Dingoes' Den Gym (episode 5618)

Cheryl - Leader of the Erinsborough Scouts (episode 5624)

Cousin Danielle, Uncle Chris and Aunt Diane - relatives of Donna Freedman (episode 5637)

Nat - an ex of Lucas’. Elle discovered Lucas had kept old love letters from Nat and became insecure about her relationship with him. (episode 5665)

Christine - Cousin of Libbys who lives in the UK and was visited by Karl and Rachel in 2009. Rachel mistakenly sent a text for "Chris" to her boyfriend Ty causing him to get jelous thinking Chris was her new boyfriend. (episode 5675)

Phil - work colleague of Dean Norton who was chatting to Dean on the phone (Episode 5690)

Spencer - work colleague of Dean Norton who would have to fix a report up (Episode 5690)

Vanessa - Writer at the Erinsborough News (episode 5691)

Bruce - Receptionist at Lassiter's who reckons there's no way Paul killed Jill (episode 5693)

Forename Unknown

The Crowleys - family who live on, or close to, Ramsay Street, with at least two sons, who Helen is babysitting for (episode 17)

The Murrays - family who live on, or close to, Ramsay Street, who attended Jim and Anna's engagement party (episode 17)

Mrs Hastings - customer of Max Ramsay's, who is having problems with her central heating (episode 32)

The Ryans - family who hire Max Ramsay to fix their hot water system (episode 37)

The Baxters - family who hire Max Ramsay to fix their gas system (episode 37)

Dr Mason - Was treating Des Clarke at the hospital when he broke his nose, before passing the case on to Dr Burns (episode 46)

Mr Ross - Erinsborough High school teacher (ep 182)

Mrs Fielding - the mother of a young boy who was taken to see Dr Clive Gibbons after she feared he had eaten all her birth control tablets. However Clive could tell from the boy's face that he hadn't eaten them and after threatening him with a stomach pump, the boy pulled the tablets from his pocket saying he wanted a baby brother. Mrs Fielding was so relieved she didn't even tell him off (episode 410)

Mrs Gibbons - notoriously hard of hearing teacher at Erinsborough High (episode 5213)

Mrs Bridie - patient with an ulcerated leg who Charlotte left Boyd to deal with on his own (episode 5220)

Mrs Hoffman - garage customer whose car Janae forced Ned to clean when he was annoying her (episode 5230)

Mr Wong - customer who regularly used Lassiter's restaurant, often spending over $300, and on one occasion accused two waiters of stealing from the cloakroom (episode 5246)

Mr Ridley - customer who regularly used Lassiter's restaurant, often spending over $300, and on one occasion accused two waiters of stealing from the cloakroom (episode 5246)

Mrs Walsh - woman whose hedge Stu and Ned Parker burnt down as children (episode 5262)

Mr O'Sullivan - Teacher, whose class Susan has to talk to about the theft of an exam paper (episode 5304)

Miss Harper - Mickey and Tyler's school teacher (episode 5304)

Dr Constantine - A psychiatrist Sam Fitzgerald was planning to see when she moved to New Zealand (Episode 5482)

Mr. Henderson - Customer whose car Steph was working on (episode 5613)

Mrs Harris - Maths teacher at Erinsborough High (episode 5648)

Mrs. Docker - Cass threw her bag because she didn’t get her money back from her (episode 5662)