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Danielle Pendlebury 2022

When Byron Stone arrived in Erinsborough after some time away travelling, his mum Jane and sister Nicolette assumed that he would be using his degree to find work in the legal world, unaware that he'd actually found a new sideline to make money - as a male escort. After landing a job as a junior associate at Toadie Rebecchi's law firm, Byron then went to see one of his female clients, Danielle Pendlebury. Though it appeared that he was double-crossing Toadie and giving Danielle information about the law firm's business, it soon became clear that this was just role-play.

When Byron met his mum's boyfriend, Clive Gibbons, the following week, he immediately recognised the voice from somewhere, quickly realising that he'd heard him speaking to Danielle on the phone earlier that day. As Danielle and Clive had seemed to be making arrangements for a date, Byron was certain that Clive was cheating on Jane, and tried to find out more from Danielle about her lunch plans when he saw her the next day. With Danielle being evasive, and Nicolette suspicious about her brother's vendetta against Clive, Byron was forced to come clean to his sister about his escort work and, though amused, she agreed not to say anything, and offered to help uncover the truth.

When Byron next saw Danielle, he blindfolded her, trying to distract her while he looked through her phone - but she quickly cottoned on and, believing that he'd been trying to rob her, she threw him out. After noticing that the phone was open to Clive's contact details, she called him and asked him to come over, and he was unaware that Nicolette had followed him and taken a photo of him and Danielle, looking very close as they discussed the situation. Byron and Nicolette then told Jane everything they knew, and when Clive turned up, he was confronted with the evidence. He explained to Jane that Danielle was a former patient of his, from when he'd worked as GP in Sydney. They'd had a brief relationship, but he'd soon ended things, realising that it could ruin his career if the truth got out. Danielle had been unable to move on from Clive completely and, after moving to Melbourne, had become a major investor in the hospital where Clive worked a Chief Operating Officer.

Desperate to keep Danielle onside, Clive had tried to keep her happy by visiting her, but insisted to Jane that he'd never cheated. Jane's trust in Clive, however, was shattered, and she decided to go and see Danielle herself. Whilst Danielle did back up Clive's story, she mentioned to Jane that she'd recently contacted Clive and propositioned him - and although nothing happened, Clive didn't actually turn her down either. This revelation ultimately caused a major rift in Clive and Jane's relationship.

The following week, having given up on Clive, Danielle decided to move back to Sydney, but not before meeting with Byron one last time to return Clive's watch which she'd stolen at a fundraising meeting to lure him to her house, also passing on a message for Jane that despite everything, Clive was a good person.

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Biography by Steve