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Alec Pocoli 2013
Marital Status: Vanessa Villante

After marrying young, and in order to defy her parents, Vanessa Villante soon regretted getting involved with Albanian Alec Pocoli. The marriage, so she believed, was annulled, and desperate for money, she ended up doing some nude modelling for Alec's friend Ristos. Many years later, the pictures came back to haunt her when they were printed in a magazine - pictures which were later found by Steph Scully, who had recently been released from prison and had stopped taking her anti-psychotic medication. She was determined to win back Lucas, her ex who was now in a relationship, and had a baby, with Vanessa. Steph got in touch with Ristos, and was shocked to learn in his reply that Vanessa had been married before. Realising that Lucas knew nothing of Vanessa's previous marriage, Steph set up a fake Facebook account and got in touch with Alec, who then contacted Lucas and the whole mess almost cost Vanessa her relationship. It wasn't until Steph then kidnapped Vanessa and Lucas's baby son, Patrick, that the extent of her mental problems was revealed, and she was taken away to get help.

It was some month later when Alec suddenly appeared in Erinsborough, having tracked down Vanessa under the mistaken belief that she'd been trying to get in touch with him. After he told her that he'd never stopped thinking about her, and that fate must have brought them back together, Vanessa stopped him and told him that she was engaged to another man now. Alec then admitted that it was lucky he found her, in that case, as they were still married - he'd never filed the annulment papers. Alec and Vanessa then went back to his hotel room, but were spotted by Lucas, who followed them and managed to get the room number from reception. Lucas was a recovering gambling addict and, following a recent relapse, things with Vanessa were very shaky, and he was convinced that she was planning to go back to Alec. After confronting them in the hotel room, Vanessa told him that she and Alec had some business to deal with, and asked that Lucas give them some privacy. After hearing Alec's proposition, that he give Vanessa $100,000 for a quick annulment, and she then has no other claim on his other assets - as he wanted to marry his new girlfriend - Vanessa thought it through and then went to Lucas to tell him about the idea. Lucas was relieved to find out that Alec hadn't come to steal Vanessa back, and agreed with Vanessa that the money would definitely come in handy, as it would mean that they could keep their house on Ramsay Street.

They then went to see Alec together, and Vanessa accepted the cheque, and told Alec that he'd changed a lot since they last saw each other, and that his new girlfriend was very lucky. With all of the paperwork dealt with, Vanessa said goodbye to Alec one last time, and later, she and Lucas agreed to put recent events behind them, and make a fresh start. Unfortunately, the annulment didn't come through in time for their wedding the following week, but they still had a beautiful ceremony, in front of their friends and exchanged their own personal vows of commitment.

Trivia Notes
Alec's name was given as Alek when shown on screen, and was spelt as both Alec and Alex in the closing credits during his appearances

6726, 6727, 6728

Biography by Steve