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Ash Schwimmer 2007, 2008
Occupation: Student

The appropriately-named Ash Schwimmer attended trials with Justin Hunter and Ringo Brown, amongst others, for the school swim team. When Ringo took part, it wasn't long before Justin and Ash started joking about his water phobia, which he'd been overcoming with swimming lessons for six months, and the boys were quickly put in their place by teacher Daniel Fitzgerald. Things got worse for Ringo when he struggled to complete his second lap of the pool and had to be rescued by Daniel, and the boys once again laughed at him, unaware that Ringo's exhaustion was actually down to an eating disorder.

A few weeks later, and Ash and Justin had taken to taunting Zeke Kinski who had won the first round of time trials. Zeke's stepmum, Susan had recently been convicted for an incident in which she fell asleep at the wheel of her car and ran down Erinsborough High student Bridget Parker. Not wanting any more problems at home, Zeke did his best to ignore what they were saying, but when Justin remarked that Zeke's swimming was almost as bad as Susan's driving, Zeke snapped and pulled him into the pool. Daniel quickly broke up the ensuing fight, but told Zeke that he had no alternative but to contact his parents about it.

A few months later, Ash was in the General Store when he overheard an argument between Bridget and Ringo, who had just split up after she'd come on strong and tried to force the issue of them sleeping together, and Bridget's Aunt Nicola, who was angry with Ringo for dumping her niece. Ash made some snide comments about Bridget being easy, only to receive a warning to back off from Nicola, then the following day at school he wrote 'For Hire' on Bridget's locker, upsetting her and her friends, and leaving her with some explaining to do when her dad, Steve, a school cleaner, saw it.

Biography by Steve