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Guest Character Profiles > Patrizia Silvani Lise Rodgers

Patrizia Silvani 2007-2008
Marital Status: Franco Silvani
Children: Mia and Marco
Family Tree: Silvani

When Marco Silvani and his business partner Carmella Cammeniti held a Christmas cocktail party at his apartment, the evening ended with them sleeping together for the first time, after the sexual tension had been building for many weeks. The next morning, Carmella, dressed only in one of Marco's shirts, found her new man in the kitchen and thanked him for the night before, only to realise that his sister Mia and mother Patrizia were both sitting on the couch looking at her. Carmella was embarrassed, until Patrizia broke the tension by saying that Marco never had the legs for that shirt anyway. Patrizia couldn't fail to notice that Carmella was pregnant too, but after getting a quiet moment with her son, Marco assured her that he was more than happy to be raising another man's child, and couldn't wait to become a family with Carmella and the baby. Later that day, Patrizia and Carmella met up at the bar, with Mama Silvani telling her son's new woman that she was delighted to see Marco so happy again, getting a second chance at happiness.

A few months later, Marco and Carmella were settled and her daughter Chloe had been born. After renting a house together in Ramsay Street, Marco was looking to the future, considering buying a restaurant with his friend Frazer Yeats, but it would mean leaving the family business. Marco arranged a meeting with his dad to tell him, only for him not to turn up, sending Patrizia instead. As Marco explained his plans, Patrizia managed to convince him to go ahead with it, but also stay with the family business, and break the news to his dad once he had something to show for his efforts.

In July of that year, Marco tragically died after being caught outside in a bushfire and Patrizia was devastated by the loss, blaming Carmella. When Franco struggled to give his speech, Patrizia took over, talking about Marco's love of his family and how they were the most important thing in his life, before Carmella unexpectedly stood up and sang Amazing Grace. After the service, Patrizia and Franco found Carmella and apologised, before asking if she and Chloe would visit them from time to time.

Trivia Notes
Lise Rodgers previously appeared as the crown barrister at Raymond Chambers' trial in 1992, Angelica Venuto in 1995, Judy Fennell in 1997, Chloris Mott in 1999, Franca Wallan in 2003 and Margaret Greer in 2004. She returned as Belinda Jorgensen in 2023

Biography by Steve