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Carol Sinclair 2006, 2007
Occupation: Real Estate Agent

When real estate agent Carol Sinclair moved in with her girlfriend Christine Rodd, it was on the condition that, to Chris’ family, they were just housemates. Chris had been married to police sergeant Allan Steiger and had a grown-up daughter Pepper, neither of whom were aware that she was gay. But when Carol had finished showing the newly-wealthy Timmins family around a large house across town, she went to the garage where Chris worked and the pair were spotted kissing by apprentice mechanic Janae, who, after seeing Pepper heading inside, had to quickly cover. She later explained to Chris what she’d seen, and what she knew, and Chris then decided to come out to her daughter and ex-husband. Though Allan was understanding, Pepper reacted badly and it was several weeks before the pair were speaking again.

The following year, Chris found out that Pepper was planning to marry her new English boyfriend, Adam Rhodes, so that he could avoid being deported. Having talked her daughter out of this, she then spoke to Allan about it, and he suggested that Adam, who had been in the police force back in England, could apply to the Australian police in order to get residency. After sharing this idea with Carol, Chris headed off to lunch with Pepper and Adam, but Pepper reacted badly to the plan, explaining that Adam had been through a lot in England and had quit the police for a reason. Chris accepted this, but when Carol later arrived for lunch, she blurted out that it was great news that Adam would be able to stay, not realising that he’d been completely unaware of the whole thing. Having explained to Carol and Chris that his former police partner had been murdered – and he blamed himself – he realised that perhaps it was time he faced up to his demons, if it was his only hope of staying with Pepper.

Trivia Notes
• Michelle O'Grady previously appeared in 1986 as Nadine, a friend of Zoe Davis, who went on a disastrous date with Des Clarke and in 1987 as Megan Downey

Biography by Steve