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Lindsey Stace 2009
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Saffron Jankievicz

After being given a one week creative observership at Saffron Jankievicz's fashion house, Donna Freedman was disappointed when she arrived and was informed by Saffron's PA, Lindsay, that she'd be spending the day sticking adhesive to the bottom of shoes, to prevent them from slipping on the runway. Donna was later given a list of coffee orders by Lindsay, and warned to make sure Saffron's coffee was exactly right, or there'd be hell to pay. Thankfully Saffron was satisfied with her beverage and, later, Donna scored another win when, after a model pulled out of that evening's fashion show, she suggested her friend, dancer Kate Ramsay as a replacement. Having been convinced to take part, Kate struggled all evening with sore feet, which then started bleeding in a pair of expensive shoes. With Kate's place in an important dance showcase in jeopardy, all Donna could think about was proving herself to Saffron, and so, after the show, when Lindsay told Donna that she simply had to join them at the after party, Donna ran off, leaving Kate alone, with just the money for a taxi home.

A few weeks later, Donna was taking legal action against Saffron, who had hit her after she decided to quit. Though the case had been dismissed in court, it went to mediation, but Donna was struggling to prove that anything had happened with no witnesses and only her word against Saffron's. When Saffron secretly threatened to make sure Donna could never work in the fashion industry, Donna suddenly told the mediator that she'd lied and made up the assault. Outside, Donna's boyfriend Ringo spotted Saffron verbally abusing Lindsey, who had come to show her some samples. Ringo asked Lindsey for a chat, trying to convince her to speak up about Saffron's bullying. Though wary of losing her job, Lindsey eventually came to realise that Saffron couldn't be allowed to continue hurting people and went to the mediation, where she announced that Saffron had hit her too, and had treated many other staff members in a similar way. Saffron was left with no option but to admit that she had slapped Donna.

Episodes Featured
5788, 5812

Biography by Steve