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Rex Webb 1986

A friend of Henry Mitchell’s from prison, upon his release, Rex Webb headed straight to Erinsborough to look up Henry’s sister, Charlene. He quickly tracked her down to the Coffee Shop and explained that Henry had sent him, so Charlene took him back to her house, where Charlene and Henry’s grandparents, Dan and Edna Ramsay, were staying. Before long, their mother, Madge, had also arrived home and demanded to know who the stranger was. Before Madge knew what was happening, Rex had revealed where he knew Henry from and Dan and Edna found out the secret that their daughter had tried so hard to keep from them. With nothing left to lose, Madge told Rex to get out of her house as she wanted nothing to do with Henry or his criminal friends. Rex refused, demanding money, and Charlene grabbed the housekeeping tin and offered him $10. Madge stood her ground though, refusing to pay Rex and the arrival of Madge’s nephew, Shane, soon changed his mind.

A few days later, as Dan and Edna were at church renewing their 50-year-old wedding vows (which they’d since found out were conducted by a dodgy celebrant and meant nothing), Rex returned to Ramsay Street and found Madge’s house empty, since the family were all at the wedding. As he was letting himself in to number 24, Jim Robinson and Ruth Wilson from number 26 spotted him and he quickly mentioned Madge and Charlene’s names and explained that he was an old friend. Later that day, Madge and Charlene arrived home to find that all of the wedding presents had been stolen, along with the cheque book and housekeeping money. Realising that Rex knew where the tin was, she immediately suspected him, but had no way of proving it and it simply gave her another reason to give up hope on Henry.

Trivia Notes
• Michael Neaylon previously appeared in 1985 as Rocky

Biography by Steve