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Guest Character Profiles > David Young Stewart Faichney

David Young 1986
Marital Status: Barbara
Children: Mike
Family Tree: Young
Died: 1987

When Mike Young began working at Daphne’s Coffee Shop, his strange behaviour immediately aroused suspicions. When Zoe Davis found Mike’s sleeping bag in the shop one day, she agreed to keep his secret, but he refused to open up to her. However, when Daphne then found out, Mike admitted that he was having serious problems at home. Daphne encouraged him to go home, and not to allow his father to push him and his mother around. And so, that evening, when David Young came home from work in another bad mood and Mike tried to stand up to him, another fight broke out. This time, Mike refused to back down, and his father fell to the ground, banging his head on the table as he went down. A terrified Mike ran to the Coffee Shop and told Daphne that he thought he’d killed his father. Daphne calmed him down, then phoned the Young household, where Mike’s mother Barbara answered and David shouted in the background. Daphne explained that she would take Mike in for the night, and they could come to her house for a chat the next day.

When David and Barbara arrived in Ramsay Street the next day, they tried to play down the fight from the previous night, but both Daphne and her housemate Clive Gibbons had had experience of working with victims of domestic violence. They assured the Youngs that Mike was free to decide whether to return home, which he opted not to do. David and Barbara then cut off contact with their son and he made a new life for himself, first with a foster family, then later with Clive, eventually settling at the Clarke house.

A year later, David was continuing to take his temper out on his wife, but one day, he suddenly collapsed and died in the kitchen from a heart attack. When Mike heard the news, it barely registered with him, and he agreed to move in with his mother to look after her. However, when David’s will revealed that he’d left a great deal of money, Barbara decided to lease her home and go on a trip around the world, leaving Mike free to return to Des and Daphne’s.

Biography by Steve