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Rory Zemiro 2017, 2018
Occupation: Dancer

Whilst in Paris, trying to prove that Hamish Roche couldn't be trusted, Aaron Brennan was surprised when his ex-boyfriend Rory turned up at his hotel room. Aaron and Rory had been a couple during their time in the male stripper group Rough Trade a few years earlier, and whilst Aaron had left the group, Rory continued to be a part of it, and had been touring in Paris with them when he spotted Aaron. The pair spent an evening reminiscing and Rory spent the night in Aaron's hotel room, though things went no further between them, as Aaron was in a new relationship with David Tanaka.

Back in Australia, Aaron failed to mention to David that he'd seen Rory, but things between them continued to go from strength to strength. Some weeks later, Rory then arrived in Erinsborough just in time to see Aaron receive a marriage proposal from David, which Aaron turned down, feeling that it was too early in the relationship. Rory saw a chance to get Aaron back, and he stuck around, accepting a job teaching yoga. Rory and Aaron had been a couple during their time with the male stripper group Rough Trade - Aaron had left the group years ago, but when Rory hurt his back, he persuaded Aaron to help him out by learning a routine to try and win over a booking agent. As Aaron and Rory spent more time together, David became jealous, and when Rory 'accidentally' let slip that he and Aaron had met up in Paris the previous year, it brought about the end of the relationship.

Rory then did his best to provide a shoulder for Aaron to cry on, and when they spotted Mick Allsop at Harold's Cafe, Rory saw his chance to get closer to Aaron. Rory and Aaron had known Mick back in Western Australia, where Rough Trade had originated. Rory had always led Aaron to believe that Mick was obsessed with him, and that he'd stalked them and broken into their hotel rooms to get closer to Aaron. Worried about the effect Rory was having on Aaron, Aaron's friends Paige and Elly decided to investigate the Mick connection, and struck up a conversation with him at the backpackers hostel. They learnt that it was actually Rory who Mick was obsessed with, and that they'd been having a casual affair whilst Rory and Aaron were a couple. Deciding that he preferred the casual fling to the serious relationship, Rory had dumped Aaron and sacked him from Rough Trade, claiming that it was for the best. When Aaron finally found out this out, Rory claimed that Mick was lying, so Aaron used Rory's phone to text Mick, asking if he wanted to hook up. The reply confirmed everything, and Aaron told Rory to get out of his life, realising that he'd been manipulating him to try and persuade him to return to Rough Trade, as he'd always been their most popular member and he'd regretted letting him go, both personally and professionally.

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Biography by Steve