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Gayle Blakeney
Played: Christina Alessi Robinson
Appeared: 1990-1992

Gayle and Gillian Blakeney were destined for stardom from an early age, winning the opportunity to enter a talent show on Australia's Nine Network. Born on 9th July 1966 in Brisbane, Queensland, they went on to appear in various television adverts, including adverts for Kellogg's and Coca-Cola.

In 1979, Gillian won a starring role in TV movie Earth Patrol with Spike Milligan. The producers were so impressed with her sister, Gayle that they created a twin role for her. However, the pilot was not picked up. From there, they enjoyed a seven year stint on children's television show, Wombat. Into the 80s, the twins were picked up by Australian music group, The Monitors, and appeared in several of their music videos.

Then, in 1990, came Gillian and Gayle's big break, winning the roles of twins Caroline and Christina Alessi in Neighbours, where they stayed until 1992. Gillian and Gayle actually approached the producers of Neighbours themselves regarding joining the cast, and were almost cast in Home and Away instead, but decided they preferred Neighbours and also wanted to stay in Melbourne where the show was filmed. The characters went on to have several memorable storylines, including a kiss between Caroline and Paul Robinson - Christina's husband - which led to Caroline's departure from Erinsborough a few months before her sister. To complicate matters, Gayle was dating the actor behind Paul, Stefan Dennis, at the time.

After leaving Neighbours, Gillian and Gayle attempted to launch a pop career. Unfortunately, the girls didn't have all that much success, releasing three singles that barely managed to chart. Having moved over to the UK to make music, they began working with British TV legend, Des O'Connor on gameshow, Take Your Pick and also took on various stage roles.

Then in 1994, they moved to Los Angeles, which they still call home today. After taking on various small acting roles, they built their own businesses. Gillian runs her own company, making scarves. Both women are married and have maintained a very close relationship with each other. Gayle has three children and Gillian has a daughter.

In 2019, Gillian and Gayle made a brief return to Neighbours alongside each of Paul Robinson's other living ex-wives in a covert plot to stop Terese Willis from marrying him. In the end, Caroline caught on to her sister's plan and stopped Christina from seeking her revenge and the twins celebrated Paul and Terese's wedding with them!

Profile by Tess