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Aug 26 2008

Ian Smith has announced that he will make a permanent departure from the Neighbours cast later this year. Monday's Herald Sun reports that Harold's next return to Ramsay Street will see him battling prostate cancer, a story which Ian had a hand in planning, but he won't die from the disease, instead leaving Erinsborough once he's recovered. Ian will finish filming in October, with Harold's last-ever episode airing in Australia in February 2009.

Meanwhile, one of the Parkers could be on their way back to Erinsborough, with Blair McDonough (Stuart Parker) quoted in this week's TV Week as saying that he'd be interested in making a return to the show, if the storyline was right.

Bank Holiday Break
August 22 2008

There will be no episode of Neighbours on Five in the UK or RTE in Ireland on August bank holiday on the 25th.

Additionally, from 26th August the Fiver morning repeat moves back to 10am, and on RTE 1, the show will move back to 1.55pm after having been screened at 1.20pm since 11th August.

Banas Advised By Valentine
August 22 2008

Kym Valentine (Libby) is now taking a one month break from filming as she recovers from pneumonia and suffering a collapsed lung, but she took time to advise her replacement Michala Banas before she began work on set. The two watched old episodes together and swapped notes. Banas told TV Week magazine that Valentine had reassuringly told her how glad she was that she'd got the job. She also said that, despite the last minute decision, she was "happy to help out" and that she's "minding" Libby until Kym comes back.

O'Connor Takes To The Air
August 22 2008

Dan O'Connor (Ned Parker) is taking part in a new ITV2 reality TV show called Celeb Air. Starting this autumn, the programme will be presented by Angellica Bell and will also feature DJ Amy Lame, singer Chico Slimani and model Michelle Marsh, all competing in a variety of challenges in the airline industry. The winner will get thousands of pounds for the charity of their choice.

Dale Replaces Donovan
August 22 2008

ITV1's unusual soap/comedy project Echo Beach/Moving Wallpaper has taken a new route by axeing Echo Beach which starred ex-Neighbours star Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson). However, the show will maintain a Neighbours connection as Echo Beach is to be replaced by a one-off spoof thriller called Renaissance which will star Donovan's former screen dad Alan Dale (Jim Robinson). Dale will star alongside Kelly Brook as an aeroplane passenger on a flight plaugued by zombies. It remains unclear whether the show will air on television or only online.

Bassingthwaighte Bullied
August 21 2008

Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy) has recently revealed that she was a victim of bullying at school. The talented singer/actress/presenter who has recently left Rogue Traders, says she was called names such as "liquorice legs" and, "the young and the breastless". Natalie has since become involved in the SISTER2sister mentorship program which helps young girls by introducing them to successful people who have overcome obstacles in their life such as bullying.

Dancing Daniel Has U.S. Hopes
August 21 2008

Daniel McPherson (Joel) is starring in City Homicide and has recently landed a job hosting Dancing With The Stars in Australia, but he's now looking to move in on the American market. He's signed up with the US agency ICM and 360 Management and although he admits that nothing is happening straight away, he's planning to spend the next couple of years going back and forth for work. The keen sports man has even put aside his marathon and triathalon challenges to concentrate on his TV commitments.

Blair & Clark Take On The Pirates
August 21 2008

Natalie Blair (Carmella) and Sam Clark (Ringo) have been recruited to help make students aware of the consequences of film and television piracy which is becoming increasingly popular with young people on the internet. The Intellectual Property Awareness Trust have created the education resource, Nothing Beats The Real Thing, in an attempt to change the attitudes of 13 to 17-year-olds towards respecting copyright and creativity in the media.

Unforgettable Available In Australia
August 21 2008

Having been performed at the school formal by Caitlin Stasey (Rachel) and Dean Geyer (Ty), the song Unforgettable has become a big hit with fans. The pop/rock ballad written by Geyer is now available to Australians through iTunes.

Follow this link to the official Australian Neighbours website to buy the track.

Libby To Be Recast!
August 11 2008

Sadly we have to report that due to Kym Valentine's recent serious illness, she has been forced to pull out of filming for Neighbours for what's estimated to be a month while she recuperates. During this time Libby will be played by Michala Banas of McLeod's Daughters fame. Kym Valentine has described the situation as "heartbreaking" and has promised to be back.


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