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Spoilers > Episode Thumbnails

The short descriptions, or thumbnails, of upcoming episodes. Please note that the dates listed are for Australian broadcasts.

If you would like to discuss these with other fans, please visit the spoilers section of our messageboard.

Monday 7th March 2016 - Episode 7316
The Willises contemplate putting Doug into a home. Karl learns more about Nene's past. Steph refuses to play by the rules.

Tuesday 8th March 2016 - Episode 7317
Steph and Mark make a connection. Should Susan be worried about Karl spending time with Nene? Josh pushes Doug into admitting the truth.

Wednesday 9th March 2016 - Episode 7318
Aaron receives some surprising news - and some new romantic interest. Imogen spends more time with Tyler. Steph and Mark wonder where their relationship goes next.

Thursday 10th March 2016 - Episode 7319
Aaron looks for answers. Piper and Xanthe compete for a job. Imogen dreams of Tyler. Paige struggles with her busy new life.

Friday 11th March 2016 - Episode 7320
Piper gets a blast from the past. Food poisoning ruins the Citizen of the Year launch. Imogen attempts to ignore her feelings.

Monday 14th March 2016 - Episode 7321
The food poisoner confesses. Piper blames herself for Brodie's problems. Nene attempts to cover up a secret from her past.

Tuesday 15th March 2016 - Episode 7322
Things heat up between Piper and Brodie. Concerns grow over Nene's nursing skills. Paul helps Steph with her fight against Philippa.

Wednesday 16th March 2016 - Episode 7323
A surprise witness helps Steph's case. Desperate to prove herself, Nene manipulates a confused Doug. Amy keeps a secret from Kyle.

Thursday 17th March 2016 - Episode 7324
Amy spontaneously proposes to Kyle. Paige worries about Mark and Steph's growing friendship. Is Tom genuinely interested in Aaron? Imogen admits that she's attracted to Tyler.

Friday 18th March 2016 - Episode 7325
Daniel asks Imogen to move in with him. Aaron compromises his ethics for Tom. Doug's condition continues to deteriorate.

Monday 21st March 2016 - Episode 7326
Imogen and Daniel's problems come to a head. Amy confesses that she read Georgia's letter to Kyle. Mark supports Steph during a visit from Charlie.

Tuesday 22nd March 2016 - Episode 7327
Nene's deception is exposed. Daniel decides to move out of the Brennan house. Paige lashes out at Steph.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 - Episode 7328
Nene faces the consequences of her actions. Piper enjoys her secret romance. Paige realises she's lost Mark for good.

Thursday 24th March 2016 - Episode 7329
Kyle struggles to forgive Nene. Piper and Brodie come clean. Aaron continues to be manipulated by Tom.

Friday 25th March 2016 - Episode 7330
Doug attempts to help Paige to move on from Mark. Aaron decides to do the right thing. Sheila and Xanthe have a brush with a famous face.

Monday 28th March 2016 - Episode 7331
Sonya receives an anonymous threat. Brodie's sinister sides emerges. Aaron is left humiliated and heartbroken.

Tuesday 29th March 2016 - Episode 7332
Aaron finds a way to make amends. Piper is torn between Brodie and her family. Jimmy matchmakes for Paul and Nene.

Wednesday 30th March 2016 - Episode 7333
Things take a worrying turn for Piper. Paul tries to let Nene down gently. Steph finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

Thursday 31st March 2016 - Episode 7334
Piper finally sees Brodie's true colours. Ben returns to Ramsay Street - and proves an instant hit with Xanthe. Steph and Mark's bond strengthens.

Friday 1st April 2016 - Episode 7335
Xanthe plots to get Ben alone. Kyle goes behind Amy's back. Josh decides to move to Queensland. A desperate Paul unleashes chaos on Lassiter's.

Monday 4th April 2016 - Episode 7336
An explosion rips through Lassiter's hotel, and leaves many lives hanging in the balance.

Tuesday 5th April 2016 - Episode 7337 (Hour-long special)
Erinsborough mourns the loss of a loved one. Karl is caught in a compromising position when Sarah Beaumont returns to town.

Wednesday 6th April 2016 - Episode 7338
The explosion claims a second victim. Paige becomes fascinated by a mysterious newcomer. Susan worries about Sarah's motives.

Thursday 7th April 2016 - Episode 7339
A frantic Sonya searches for Toadie. Brad attempts to reconnect with Ned - but Lauren has reservations. What is Paul hiding?

Friday 8th April 2016 - Episode 7340
Amy mourns a lost love. Aaron's shocked to see Nate again. With his life on the line, Toadie asks a big favour of Steph.

Monday 11th April 2016 - Episode 7341
Nene realises that Paul used her. Toadie urges Steph to forget about the mysterious file. Paige becomes determined to uncover John Doe's identity.

Tuesday 12th April 2016 - Episode 7342
The evidence stacks up against Paul, and Terese vows that she'll never forgive him. Nate tries to reconnect with Aaron.

Wednesday 13th April 2016 - Episode 7343
Susan's shocked as Sarah becomes Sheila's newest houseguest. Piper lashes out at Steph. Paige continues to search for clues.

Thursday 14th April 2016 - Episode 7344
Aaron makes a shocking confession. With Libby moving to Shanghai, Ben wants to stay in Erinsborough. Sarah causes tension between Karl and Susan. Steph listens to Paul's side of the story.

Friday 15th April 2016 - Episode 7345
Aaron tells Nate the full story. Imogen dreams of Josh. Xanthe tries too hard with Ben. Pam returns - but what's her problem with Ned?

Monday 18th April 2016 - Episode 7346
The Willis family says goodbye to Josh. Will Steph risk everything to help Paul? Lauren attempts to heal the rift between Pam and Ned.

Tuesday 19th April 2016 - Episode 7347
Paul struggles to clear his name. Has Ned truly forgiven Brad? Karl misinterprets Sarah's intentions.

Wednesday 20th April 2016 - Episode 7348
Sarah tells Karl the real reason for her return. John Doe wakes from his coma. Amy tries to hide her heartbreak. Who's the mystery person responsible for framing Paul?

Thursday 21st April 2016 - Episode 7349
Amy moves on with her life and launches The Handywoman. John grows frustrated with his lack of memories. Sarah takes over Terese's job. Imogen receives two exciting offers.

Friday 22nd April 2016 - Episode 7350
Steph suspects that Toadie's not being honest with Sonya. Madison Robinson pays a surprise visit. Imogen and Daniel work to prove their love.

Monday 25th April 2016 - Episode 7351
Aaron receives a threatening message. Susan confronts Sarah. Xanthe experiences the dark side of social media. Imogen and Daniel reach a decision.

Tuesday 26th April 2016 - Episode 7352
Daniel and Imogen start their new life together. Tyler makes a shocking admission. Sarah wants Karl and Susan to look after her delinquent son.

Wednesday 27th April 2016 - Episode 7353
Will Karl and Susan agree to help Sarah? Was Tyler responsible for the explosion? An angry Ned humiliates Brad in public.

Thursday 28th April 2016 - Episode 7354
Brad attempts to build bridges with Ned. Ned investigates the threats against Aaron. Paul finds himself further restricted. Paige and John find a couple of new clues to his identity.

Friday 29th April 2016 - Episode 7355
Nate and Aaron receive a shock. Paige worries about John and Amy's friendship. Paul plants seeds of doubt in Steph's mind.

Monday 2nd May 2016 - Episode 7356
Susan urges Sarah not to give up on treatment. Angus arrives, and immediately causes trouble for Ben. Paul is given fresh hope.

Tuesday 3rd May 2016 - Episode 7357
Terese wonders if Paul might be innocent after all. Paul clings to the hope that Tom is guilty. Angus continues to be trouble for the Kennedys.

Wednesday 4th May 2016 - Episode 7358
Sarah leaves for Germany. Angus falls for Xanthe. Sheila takes drastic action. Stonefish pays a visit, but Sonya remains in the dark about Toadie's secret.

Thursday 5th May 2016 - Episode 7359
Sheila faces legal action after slapping Alison. John remains oblivious to Paige's feelings. Lauren attempts to help Ned to bond with his siblings.

Friday 6th May 2016 - Episode 7360
Is Paige making a mistake by getting involved with the mysterious John? Aaron and Nate attempt to help Xanthe. Was Ned responsible for the explosion?

Monday 9th May 2016 - Episode 7361
Paige makes a new discovery about John. Tyler and Piper worry that Ned caused the explosion. Terese gives Amy an ultimatum.

Tuesday 10th May 2016 - Episode 7362
Ned and Brad's relationship is destroyed. Paige and John prepare to uncover the truth. Amy comes to a decision.

Wednesday 11th May 2016 - Episode 7363
Ben loses his temper with Angus. Lauren tries to keep Ned in Erinsborough. The mystery surrounding John grows more complicated.

Thursday 12th May 2016 - Episode 7364
Paige persuades John to stay. Angus attempts to win over Xanthe. Aaron's new brand management business snags a big first client.

Friday 13th May 2016 - Episode 7365
Aaron finds a way to help Paul. Susan worries about Angus's patterns of behaviour. A face from Sonya's past arrives.

Monday 16th May 2016 - Episode 7366
Toadie struggles to keep the truth from Sonya. Terese goes to great lengths to prove Paul's guilt. Piper's interview with Paul threatens Aaron's business.

Tuesday 17th May 2016 - Episode 7367
Will Sonya discover Mitch's true identity? Terese is wracked with guilt. Ned worries that Brad is cheating on Lauren.

Wednesday 18th May 2016 - Episode 7368
Ned grows closer to Lauren. John uncovers some difficult memories. Xanthe asks Angus to make her 16th birthday memorable.

Thursday 19th May 2016 - Episode 7369
Xanthe and Angus face Sheila's wrath. Paige finally witnesses John's torture. Aaron attempts to raise Paul's spirits.

Friday 20th May 2016 - Episode 7370
Paul hits rock bottom. Terese grows close to Walter. Xanthe moves on from Angus - and straight into another mistake.

Monday 23rd May 2016 - Episode 7371
Ned plants seeds of doubt in Lauren's mind. Sonya learns Mitch's real identity. Brodie pays Piper a visit.

Tuesday 24th May 2016 - Episode 7372
Piper finds herself in a dangerous situation. Lauren is unsettled by Ned's presence. Terese finds a distraction from Paul.

Wednesday 25th May 2016 - Episode 7373
Steph's insecurities threaten to come between her and Mark. Does Tyler still have feelings for Piper? John gets a surprise visitor.

Thursday 26th May 2016 - Episode 7374
Paige worries that she's lost John to another woman. Sonya grows suspicious of Walter's motives. Charlies protects Steph from the truth.

Friday 27th May 2016 - Episode 7375
Paige discredits her rival. Piper and Ben try to stop Xanthe from making a big mistake. Paul flees Erinsborough.

Monday 30th May 2016 - Episode 7376
Steph worries that she'll lose the motel. Piper and Ben betray Xanthe's trust. Ned takes advantage of the growing rift between Brad and Lauren.

Tuesday 31st May 2016 - Episode 7377
Sheila tries to get to the root of Xanthe's issues. Paul gives Steph an impossible choice. Brad reveals his secret to Ned.

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - Episode 7378
Sonya learns the truth about Walter. Jimmy goes on the run with Paul. Lauren issues a warning to Ned.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 - Episode 7379
Paige looks for commitment from John. Sonya deals with Walter's bombshell. Nate says farewell to Ramsay Street.

Friday 3rd June 2016 - Episode 7380
Toadie gives Paul an ultimatum. Aaron helps protect the teens from Tom. Sonya and Walter reminisce. Ned reveals Brad's secret to Lauren.

Monday 6th June 2016 - Episode 7381
As Paul goes to court, Terese makes a dangerous mistake.

Tuesday 7th June 2016 - Episode 7382
As his sentence is handed down, Paul rejects his loved ones, and events finally become too much for Terese to cope with.

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Episode 7383
Piper and Tyler grow closer. Xanthe hatches a risky plan to pay off her debts. Ben continues to fight Angus' presence.

Thursday 9th June 2016 - Episode 7384
Ben's sudden change of attitude leaves Angus feeling suspicious. John gets a step closer to unlocking his past. Tyler rejects a disappointed Piper.

Friday 10th June 2016 - Episode 7385
John experiences a terrifying flashback. Sonya realises that Walter's hiding a disturbing secret. Steph tries to balance Mark, Charlie and the motel.

Monday 13th June 2016 - Episode 7386
John confesses his fears to Paige. Piper finds out about Ned and Lauren's kiss. Sonya learns the truth about Walter.

Tuesday 14th June 2016 - Episode 7387
Lauren tells Ned to leave. Paul bumps into a familiar face in prison. Paige wonders why Wendy is lying.

Wednesday 15th June 2016 - Episode 7388
Ned's departure drives a wedge between Brad and Lauren. Piper and Tyler grow closer. Paul gets a nasty shock.

Thursday 16th June 2016 - Episode 7389
Paul tells Terese that he will never forgive her. Jimmy and Charlie play a dangerous game. Angus learns the truth about his mum.

Friday 17th June 2016 - Episode 7390
Sonya faces a difficult decision. Amy and Steph fall out over parenting choices. Angus tries to escape from Erinsborough.

Monday 20th June 2016 - Episode 7391
Sonya and Toadie are left shocked by Walter's request. Xanthe and Ben search for a missing Angus. John realises that he has to come clean.

Tuesday 21st June 2016 - Episode 7392
John tells the police about his worrying flashbacks. Wendy admits that she lied. Xanthe and Angus find themselves in danger.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 - Episode 7393
John's true identity is finally revealed. An arrest is made in the Lassiter's explosion case. Xanthe and Ben own up to their crime.

Thursday 23rd June 2016 - Episode 7394
The truth about the explosion is revealed. Gary steps up to help Xanthe. An innocent Paul returns to Ramsay Street.

Friday 24th June 2016 - Episode 7395
Paul schemes to get back the motel - and brings Madison back to Erinsborough. A desperate Walter snatches Nell. Terese declares her love for Paul.

Monday 27th June 2016 - Episode 7396
As Sarah returns, Angus makes a surprising admission. Walter attempts to abduct Nell. Madison encourages Piper's relationship with Tyler.

Tuesday 28th June 2016 - Episode 7397
The Kennedys say goodbye to Sarah and Angus. Piper wonders whether to tell her parents the truth about Tyler. Amy receives a blast from the past.

Wednesday 29th June 2016 - Episode 7398
Amy worries as her past catches up with her. Mark and Steph ponder the future of their relationship.

Thursday 30th June 2016 - Episode 7399
Aaron and Tom help Amy to deal with Ryan. Gary has a surprising proposition for Ben.

Friday 1st July 2016 - Episode 7400
Ben worries that he's made a mistake. Paul puts a new plan in motion. Tom offers Terese a job. Things heat up for Piper and Tyler.

Monday 4th July 2016 - Episode 7401
Madison's article divides Ramsay Street. Piper and Tyler begin a secret relationship. Steph and Mark reaffirm their love.

Tuesday 5th July 2016 - Episode 7402
Tyler tries to slow things down with Piper. Paul loses Madison's support - but will Amy stick by him? Tension continues to bubble between the Rebecchis.

Wednesday 6th July 2016 - Episode 7403
Toadie and Sonya find a way to reignite the spark. Brad tries to save the Blaze Outreach Programme. Paige is left humiliated in her attempts to win over Jack.

Thursday 7th July 2016 - Episode 7404
Jack is caught between Paige and Father Vincent. Paul presents Madison with a new story. Brad finds a way to keep Blaze Outreach alive.

Friday 8th July 2016 - Episode 7405
Steph is shocked to see Belinda again - but why is she really back? Madison has career doubts. Piper presents Terese with an ultimatum.

Monday 11th July 2016 - Episode 7406
Piper is devastated when Tyler breaks up with her. Mark is unnerved by Belinda's presence. Gary makes a big parenting mistake.

Tuesday 12th July 2016 - Episode 7407
Belinda is under suspicion following Jimmy's accident. Jack offers religious guidance to Amy. Paige strikes up a friendship with Dustin.

Wednesday 13th July June 2016 - Episode 7408
Gary is tempted by his criminal past. Jack struggles with his dilemma. Karl begins a bike lane crusade.

Thursday 14th July 2016 - Episode 7409
Gary makes a decision that he may come to regret. Paige makes progress with Terese. Aaron receives a job offer.

Friday 15th July 2016 - Episode 7410
Terese comes close to learning Amy's secret. Terese realises the depth of Piper's feelings for Tyler. Xanthe comes up with a risky plan for her formal dress.

Monday 18th July 2016 - Episode 7411
The night of the school formal brings a new face to Erinsborough, along with trouble for Piper, and romance for Ben and Xanthe.

Tuesday 19th July 2016 - Episode 7412
Piper finds herself with a new enemy. Xanthe learns the truth about Ben. Egged on by Paul, Belinda misreads the signals with Steph.

Wednesday 20th July 2016 - Episode 7413
Steph is holding back from Mark. Jack feels the pressure to choose. Sonya is forced to choose sides. Elly has her eye on Mark.

Thursday 21st July 2016 - Episode 7414
Jack makes up his mind - until Father Vincent collapses. Sonya finds herself caught up in a community dispute.

Friday 22nd July 2016 - Episode 7415
Jack makes his decision. Paul unwittingly reveals Amy's secret past. Tom reveals that Lassiter's is back on the market.

Monday 25th July 2016 - Episode 7416
Paul tries to stop Amy's secret from coming out. Piper struggles in the wake of her heartbreak. A spontaneous party leads to a shocking hook-up.

Tuesday 26th July 2016 - Episode 7417
Paige and Tyler struggle to make amends. Does Lucy's return spell trouble for Terese? Amy wrestles with her shame.

Wednesday 27th July 2016 - Episode 7418
Terese realises she still has a card left to play. Steph and Charlie narrowly avoid being run over. Piper hits rock bottom. Steph realises she's got competition.

Thursday 28th July 2016 - Episode 7419
Conflict over the bike path project gets deadly serious. Ben's hopes to win back Xanthe are shattered. Mark and Steph declare their feelings.

Friday 29th July 2016 - Episode 7420
Who is attacking Sonya? Paige gets physical around Jack. Sonya clashes with Susan.

Monday 1st August 2016 - Episode 7421
Paige finds a release for her frustration. Paul is challenged in his bid for Lassiter. Charlie gets himself into a whole heap of trouble.

Tuesday 2nd August 2016 - Episode 7422
Paige reveals her secret tryst with Tyler to save Charlie. Amy strips to beat the bullies. Paul plans his revenge on Terese.

Wednesday 3rd August 2016 - Episode 7423
Sonya and Toadie are oblivious to imminent danger. Amy is lulled into letting down her guard. Gary does Paul's dirty work.

Thursday 4th August 2016 - Episode 7424
A deadly threat lurks in Number 30. Xanthe misplays her chance with Ben. Is Amy's suitor all he seems? Elly makes enemies of the wrong people.

Friday 5th August 2016 - Episode 7425
Elly must face up to her past when her life is threatened. Xanthe is heartbroken by the signs of Ben moving on. Sonya puts herself in danger to protect her family.

Monday 8th August 2016 - Episode 7426
Susan raises divorce. Tyler and Paige's tryst is exposed. The divorce party ends in a proposal. Paul unveils Gary's deceit.

Tuesday 9th August 2016 - Episode 7427
Lauren's response crushes Brad. A mystery guest from the past appears. A surprise hook up. Piper makes a last desperate attempt to put Jack with Paige.

Wednesday 10th August 2016 - Episode 7428
Brad's re-proposal is thwarted by Ned's return. Jack admits to Amy that he doubts his choice. Unaware of Jack's doubts, Paige gets in deeper with Tyler.

Thursday 11th August 2016 - Episode 7429
Brad and Lauren put their future on the line. Ben and Xanthe forge a tentative reconnection. Jack helps a young girl discover her super powers. Xanthe is trapped - by the snake!

Friday 12th August 2016 - Episode 7430
Piper saves Xanthe from a snake and they reconcile. Ben breaks Xanthe's heart. Paul uses Terese's own business plan against her.

Monday 15th August 2016 - Episode 7431
Xanthe finds herself in a difficult position. Terese gets her revenge on Paul. Jack struggles to deal with his feelings.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 - Episode 7432
Paige urges Jack to be honest. Charlie is caught out as he tries to find proof of Clive's guilt. Is Gary developing feelings for Terese?

Wednesday 17th August 2016 - Episode 7433
The stalker is revealed. Elly gets her confidence back. What is Ned hiding from his family?

Thursday 18th August 2016 - Episode 7434
Paige can't keep away from Jack. Steph tries to give Charlie a memorable birthday. Jack hears a worrying confession.

Friday 19th August 2016 - Episode 7435
Mark and Steph reach a new understanding. The stalker has Steph in his sights. Paige commits to becoming a better person.

Monday 22nd August 2016 - Episode 7436
Steph begins to realise that she's the stalker's target. Sheila disapproves of Gary's new feathered friend. Xanthe opens up to Elly.

Tuesday 23rd August 2016 - Episode 7437
The sexual tension continues to simmer between Paul and Terese. With Xanthe's reputation on the line, how far will Gary go to protect her?

Wednesday 24th August 2016 - Episode 7438
Mark investigates the assault on Cooper. Elly attempts to make Ned jealous. Terese enters into an unethical partnership with Tim Collins.

Thursday 25th August 2016 - Episode 7439
Terese unwittingly destroys key evidence in Xanthe's case. A new singing star is discovered. Elly and Ned agree to take things slowly.

Friday 26th August 2016 - Episode 7440
Amy attempts to get the footage back from Ryan. Ned tries to explain why he came back. Paul encourages Madison to embrace her talent.

Monday 29th August 2016 - Episode 7441
Will Gary and Terese take big risks to protect Xanthe? Piper grows suspicious of Elly. Paige enjoys Jack's attention, but is unaware of the reason behind it.

Tuesday 30th August 2016 - Episode 7442
Tyler urges Paige to face reality. The stalker strikes again. Ben gets closer to the truth about Cooper's injuries.

Wednesday 31st August 2016 - Episode 7443
Jack is unable to say anything, as the stalker closes in on Steph. Ben pushes Cooper to tell the truth. Will Xanthe admit her feelings for Ben?

Thursday 1st September 2016 - Episode 7444
Mark breaks the rules to help Steph. Paige is disappointed by the truth. A frustrated Elly finally snaps at Piper.

Friday 2nd September 2016 - Episode 7445
Piper makes an official complaint. Madison has a problematic first gig. Ned's past starts to catch up with him.

Monday 5th September 2016 - Episode 7446
Ned is torn between Elly and Piper. Amy feels betrayed. Steph finds out who's been tormenting her.

Tuesday 6th September 2016 - Episode 7447
Mark has a dangerous showdown with Ari. Is Paige's life in danger? Jack and Amy grow closer.

Wednesday 7th September 2016 - Episode 7448
Mark fights for his life. Steph says goodbye to Charlie. Paige receives a warning.

Thursday 8th September 2016 - Episode 7449
Terese plays Paul at his own game. Paige realises the consequences of her actions. Xanthe is jealous of Ben and Madison's friendship.

Friday 9th September 2016 - Episode 7450
Sheila makes a big mistake. Ned's good luck starts to run out. Susan attempts to fix Piper and Elly's problems.

Monday 12th September 2016 - Episode 7451
The pigeon races brings rivalries to the fore. Xanthe finally realises the truth about Ben. Steph and Mark fall out over Elly, but Steph's day then takes a turn for the worse.

Tuesday 13th September 2016 - Episode 7452
Ari and his snakes hold Steph hostage. Elly is confused by Ned's behaviour. The pigeon race is hit by a doping scandal.

Wednesday 14th September August 2016 - Episode 7453
Paige prepares for her first professional fight. Steph's ordeal is finally over. Paul's plotting pushes Gary and Terese closer together.

Thursday 15th September 2016 - Episode 7454
Paige's fight has a tragic ending. Ben and Xanthe make plans to visit Queensland. Sheila receives a surprise visitor.

Friday 16th September 2016 - Episode 7455
Why has Kyle returned to Erinsborough? Paige feels guilty over Angelina's hospitalisation. Gary stands up Terese - but someone soon takes his place.

Monday 19th September 2016 - Episode 7456
Kyle's return causes Amy to re-evaluate her life. Steph fears that she'll never see Charlie again. Regan's presence causes problems for Ned.

Tuesday 20th September 2016 - Episode 7457
Elly is shocked by Ned's secret. Amy and Jimmy find a new home. Sonya considers becoming a surrogate for Steph and Mark.

Wednesday 21st September 2016 - Episode 7458
How will Toadie feel about Sonya's plan? Brad tries to save Blaze Outreach. Paige connects with newcomer Dr David Tanaka.

Thursday 22nd September 2016 - Episode 7459
Toadie considers Sonya's idea. Aaron is smitted by a new face in town. Paige worries that she's made a deadly mistake.

Friday 23rd September 2016 - Episode 7460
Jack is jealous of Paige's new friendship. Xanthe decides that she's going to the Gold Coast. Gary continues his attempts to win over Terese.

Monday 26th September 2016 - Episode 7461
There are three surprise arrivals as Ben and Madison hit the Gold Coast. Steph reluctantly agrees to help Jacka.

Tuesday 27th September 2016 - Episode 7462
Ned's past comes back to haunt him. Will Madison follow her heart? A surprise visitor derails Ben and Xanthe's plans.

Wednesday 28th September August 2016 - Episode 7463
Ned faces an impossible choice. Amy and Aaron share an interest in the Tanaka brothers. Xanthe's mum keeps an eye on her.

Thursday 29th September 2016 - Episode 7464
David opens up to Karl about his past. Ned is torn between two women. Toadie struggles with the surrogacy idea.

Friday 30th September 2016 - Episode 7465
Steph and Mark consider Sonya's offer of surrogacy. Paige and Jack are caught in a compromising situation.

Monday 3rd October 2016 - Episode 7466
As Ned returns, Elly finds herself with unwanted company. Is it the end for Paige and Jack?

Tuesday 4th October 2016 - Episode 7467
Terese is shaken by Jacka's return. Angus sets his sights on Elly. Jacka takes his revenge.

Wednesday 5th October 2016 - Episode 7468
Aaron and Amy's double date goes badly. Angus finds a way to get closer to Elly. Paul plots to destroy Terese.

Thursday 6th October 2016 - Episode 7469
The spark between Piper and Tyler is reignited. Paul meets his match in Leo. The Cannings audition for Family Feud.

Friday 7th October 2016 - Episode 7470
Steph tries to reconnect with Adam. Elly lays her heart on the line. Will Gary fight for Terese?

Monday 10th October 2016 - Episode 7471
Jacka unleashes his final revenge. Paige's costume causes a stir. Gary begs forgiveness.

Tuesday 11th October 2016 - Episode 7472
Disaster strikes during Lauren's hen's party.

Wednesday 12th October August 2016 - Episode 7473
The hot air balloon accident claims a life. Jack and Paige cross the line. Jimmy causes another accident.

Thursday 13th October 2016 - Episode 7474
Karl's career is on the line. Jack faces a difficult decision. Aaron and David share a charged moment.

Friday 14th October 2016 - Episode 7475
Mark makes a life-changing decision. Aaron is confused by David's behaviour. Gary and Terese are caught in a compromising position.

Monday 17th October 2016 - Episode 7476
The Cannings prepare to appear on Family Feud. Jack's ex-girlfriend shows up. Leo becomes a double agent for Terese.

Tuesday 18th October 2016 - Episode 7477
Will the Cannings' conflicts spill over onto the television screen? Simone stirs things up. Amy decides to be honest with David.

Wednesday 19th October 2016 - Episode 7478
A humiliated Amy turns to Leo. Angus continues to pursue Elly. Brad's health takes a sudden turn for the worse.

Thursday 20th October 2016 - Episode 7479
Sonya, Toadie, Mark and Steph begin the surrogacy process. Lauren fears for Brad.

Friday 21st October 2016 - Episode 7480
Brad's health continues to deteriorate. The surrogacy hangs in the balance. Will Piper and Tyler act on their feelings?

Monday 24th October 2016 - Episode 7481
As Tyler delays his decision, Piper looks elsewhere. The Cannings receive a surprise visitor. Leo plays a dangerous game.

Tuesday 25th October 2016 - Episode 7482
Brooke begs Xanthe for a second chance. Tyler learns about Piper's night with Angus. Leo convinces Amy to go on a date.

Wednesday 26th October August 2016 - Episode 7483
Have David and Leo found their father? Xanthe bonds with her mum. Amy is left humiliated once again.

Thursday 27th October 2016 - Episode 7484
Leo gets a worrying glimpse of his future. Amy softens towards Leo. As his health worsens, Brad reveals a secret to Terese.

Friday 28th October 2016 - Episode 7485
Karl solves the mystery of Brad's illness. Simone manipulates Jack. Steph makes a shock decision.

Monday 31st October 2016 - Episode 7486
Mark deals with Steph's decision. A nightmare begins for Elly. Tyler behaves recklessly.

Tuesday 1st November 2016 - Episode 7487
Mayor Sonya's surrogacy hits the headlines. Elly attempts to deal with Angus. Ben gets caught up in a cover-up.

Wednesday 2nd November 2016 - Episode 7488
Simone offers to help Tyler. Leo warns Angus to leave Elly alone. Sonya refuses to be outplayed by Tim Collins.

Thursday 3rd November 2016 - Episode 7489
Elly tries to talk Angus out of leaving school. Paige attempts to warn Jack about Simone's mind games. Xanthe fears that her mum will leave again.

Friday 4th November 2016 - Episode 7490
Steph and Mark wrestle with raging hormones. Tyler faces his responsibilities. Kathy arrives for a surprise visit - and someone else is close behind her.

Monday 7th November 2016 - Episode 7491
Lou and Kathy drop a bombshell on Lauren. Terese is jealous as Gary and Brooke grow closer. Paul and Karl both make unexpected purchases.

Tuesday 8th November 2016 - Episode 7492
Steph and Mark receive shock news. Lou and Kathy struggle to get their act together. Gary reaches a crossroads with Terese and Brooke.

Wednesday 9th November August 2016 - Episode 7493
Mark receives a surprising offer. Leo learns Terese's secret. Angus makes a music video.

Thursday 10th November 2016 - Episode 7494
Mark and Sonya's plan causes problems. Leo tries to find out the truth about Maxine Cowper. Jack is under attack.

Friday 11th November 2016 - Episode 7495
Jack and Paige uncover the graffiti culprit. Will Steph and Toadie agree to Mark and Sonya's plan? Elly worries about the company Angus is keeping.