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Reference > Erinsborough Exits > 1985

Maria Ramsay
When her marriage to Max ended, Maria began a new relationship with insurance salesman Richard Morrison. Not long after they met, he was given the chance to move to Hong Kong and asked Maria to join him. She was unsure about going, particularly when Danny refused to join her. However, when Max agreed to move back to Ramsay Street and take care of the boy he’d recently found out wasn’t his son, Maria made plans to leave. Following an eventful day, which saw a bomb threat and the marriage of Paul Robinson to Terry Inglis, Maria said tearful farewells to her ex-husband and two sons, and climbed into a taxi which drove her out of Ramsay Street.
Final Episode: 130
Final Words: (on the phone booking her taxi) “Yes, 24 Ramsay Street, Erinsborough. One passenger, to the airport. Thank you.”

Julie Robinson #1
After one brief encounter with Philip Martin earlier in 1985, Julie found herself at the centre of his life once again a few months later. Following a car crash, Philip’s wife Loretta was killed, while Philip was left paralysed. Always on the look-out for someone to fuss over, Julie quickly took it upon herself to look after him and his two children, Michael and Debbie. After a while, Julie made the difficult decision to move out of the Robinson house and move to the country to take care of Philip and the kids permanently. Having broken the news to her father, Jim, she told him that rather than losing a daughter, he was gaining a whole new family. The couple later married and had a child of their own, Hannah. In 1992, Julie returned with Philip, Debbie and Hannah, and the role had been recast with Julie Mullins.
Final Episode: 153
Final Words: (after Philip tells her that he’s so lucky to have found her) “No, I’m the lucky one.”
Behind-the-scenes: Vikki Blanche had the following to say in James Oram's 1988 book Neighbours: Behind The Scenes - "When the series started, I knew I didn't want to stay for the full twelve months. I learnt a lot from Neighbours but it also retards your development staying in the same role for so long. I want to make sure I experience as much as possible so I know what I want."

Terry Robinson
Terry Inglis had a somewhat dubious past which came back to haunt her on more than one occasion. When her former criminal associate Charles Durham came looking for her, and some evidence she had of his past crimes, it ended with Terry’s life being threatened and her shooting him dead. When Daphne later found the body, she was arrested for the crime, but Terry’s husband, Paul Robinson, suddenly worked out that his wife was responsible and confronted her. A desperate Terry shot Paul in the shoulder before doing a runner, but the police soon caught up with her and she was sent to prison, where she committed suicide a year later.
Final Episode: 167
Final Words: (Paul phones the police to report Terry) “Please Paul, I love you.”

Scott Robinson #1
As played by Darius Perkins, Scott made his final appearance at the end of 1985. His final scene was in the kitchen of the Robinson house, as the family finally started to overcome the financial problems caused by Helen being conned by Douglas Blake. When the 1986 season began, Scott was away on a school trip and due to return any day, until word came through that he’d disappeared during the journey home, having been falsely accused of raping a girl on the trip. Three weeks later, Scott turned up, played by Jason Donovan, in a country hospital.
Final Episode: 170
Final Words: “Grandma’s got a surprise for you.”
Behind-the-scenes: Peter Pinne told this site in an interview that "Darius Perkins, the original Scott, who was the son of the original set designer Robbie Perkins, was unreliable and Jason Donovan proved to be a much better actor in the role."