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Reference > Erinsborough Exits > 1998

Darren Stark
Following a brief affair which brought about the end of his relationship with Libby Kennedy, Darren decided that he had very little left to keep him in Erinsborough and he said his farewells and set off for Byron Bay. With Darren gone, Libby decided to get away for a few days and visit Grandpa Tom’s farm, running into Darren at a pub en route. The pair had dinner together and waited for Darren’s ute to be fixed so he could continue on his journey, before proving that they still made a good pairing when the mechanic tried to rip off Darren for the repairs. Libby used her standing as a journalist to convince him to bring the price down, and the pair shared one final kiss before setting off in different directions. It was six years before they were reunited, when Darren, having set up his own business as an electrician, turned up to fix the lights at the Kennedy house. Although things didn’t quite work out that time, later that year, they decided to give the relationship another go and Libby moved to Shepparton with her young son, Ben, to set up home with Darren.
Final Episode: 3053 (returned 4498-4542, 4773)
Final Words: (after sharing a long kiss with Libby) “I’ll see ya”

Ben Atkins
Following a car crash that almost killed him, Ben started to reassess his life. Having only just got to know his birth mother, Ruth, and half-siblings, Anne and Lance, Ben was shocked when his real father, Geoff Burke, also entered his life. When Geoff asked Ben to join him in Sydney and help him run a garage, Ben wasn’t sure what to do, but realised that he needed to get to know his father the same way he had developed a relationship with Ruth. After saying his goodbyes to Ruth, Anne and Lance, not to mention his adoptive siblings Nick and Caitlin, Ben set off. He did, however, return for a brief visit the following month when Ruth married Philip Martin.
Final Episode: 3085 (returned 3109 and 3110)
Final Words: “You all really stood by me when I was in hospital and I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of friends and I’m never going to forget you. Never.”

Nick and Caitlin Atkins
After less than a year in Ramsay Street between the two of them, Ben’s adoptive siblings Nick and Caitlin received news that their mother was returning to Australia from the Middle East and they could head home to Adelaide. Although Caitlin wasn’t keen on leaving, having finally managed to make some friends, Nick was having little luck finding permanent work and wanted to make a fresh start. Caitlin finally agreed to go and made sure to leave her mark on Ramsay Street – literally – when she painted the words ‘Never Forget Cait + Nick!’ onto the street, revealed only as Toadie’s car pulled away to drive them to the airport.
Final Episode: 3108
Final Words: (Nick) “What have you done?” (Caitlin) “Nothing! Are we going or what?”