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Reference > Erinsborough Exits > 2000

Bill Kennedy
After several months apart, Bill was reunited with girlfriend Anne on Millennium Eve, but, not long afterwards, they found out that they were to be torn apart again. After making a living as a carpenter, Bill was offered the chance to move up to Queensland and become a trainee for renowned carpenter Greg Mast. Bill realised that the opportunity was far too good to turn down, but was also distraught at the idea of being so far away from Anne. In the end, they decided that they’d weathered worse storms and agreed to try a long-distance relationship. After a day out with friends and family at Luna Park, Bill bid a sad farewell to everyone. Only a month later, he got the surprise of his life when Anne turned up, having transferred her uni course up to Dawber and ready to start a new life.
Final Episode: 3483 (returned 3503 and 4773)
Final Words: (in 3483) “See ya. Don’t forget me.” (in 3503) “Together forever.”
Behind-the-scenes: In this 2000 Soaplife article, Jesse Spencer says that “I’d been in Neighbours for five years and I’d had enough.”

Amy Greenwood
Amy’s life in Erinsborough was always dramatic and the weeks leading up to her departure were no different. After cheating on long-term boyfriend Lance Wilkinson with fellow air steward Damien Smith, Amy suddenly found herself pregnant. Since she and Lance had never slept together, it was obvious who the father was, but Amy took her time telling Lance. The revelations almost destroyed their friendship and, after telling Damien, who proposed to her, Amy made plans to leave, get married and set up home on the other side of the city. At her farewell party, Amy told Lance that they would always be each other’s first love and, therefore, very special.
Final Episode: 3492 (returned 4773)
Final Words: (to Lance) “I’m gonna miss you...”

Anne Wilkinson
After waving goodbye to on-off boyfriend Bill Kennedy only a month before, Anne began to realise that she couldn’t maintain a long-distance relationship and wanted to be with him. Without telling Bill, Anne arranged a successful interview with Dawber University and got her art studies transferred up to Queensland. After tying up loose ends in Erinsborough and saying goodbye to her friends and twin brother Lance, Anne set off on the train to surprise Bill, whose boss Greg was also in on the secret. He asked Bill to pick up some timber that was arriving at the train station, but Bill got sidetracked helping to change a flat tyre and ended up arriving late, just as Anne was on the phone to Greg, wondering what had happened. Just then, Bill turned up and, realising there was no wood to collect, he spotted Anne and ran over. The pair were reunited and vowed to stay together forever.
Final Episode: 3503
Final Words: "Together forever."