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Here we recall some of those Neighbours lines you just wouldn't want to forget. If you have a favourite you'd like to see on this page, email us with the full quote, and episode number where possible, by clicking here.

Episode 1
Max: What are you going to do about those bloody neighbours of yours?!

Episode 3
Lucy: Why don't you want her to move in with Des?
Julie: Because she's not a nice girl.
Lucy: What's the difference between a nice girl, and a stripper?
Julie: Well... I like to think that I'm a nice girl... and she isn't. That's the difference.
Lucy (thoughtfully): Ohhh.

Episode 30
Max: Well? Is Danny my son? Is he?
Maria: No.

Episode 170
Des: Oh, come on Daph. We've hardly got anything to celebrate.
Daphne: We will have, if you give me an honest answer to an honest question.
Des: What's that?
Daphne: Will you marry me?

Episode 172
Paul: [holding up $5 bill] You see this, gran? In two years, this will be five million.
Helen: It's a nice dream.
Paul: Only fools dream, and that is exactly why I won't get fooled again.

Episode 174
Max: You mangy mongrel, turn that scum off! Right, that's it, where's that gorilla? I'll give him a piece of my mind!
Madge: Don't be too generous with it, Max; you haven't got much to give away.

Episode 174
Max: I'm as mad as a cut snake, mate.
Clive: Yeah, the neighbours have told me about that.

Episode 227
Max: Sheís a very nice piece of merchandise. Very nice piece of merchandise indeed, young Zoe. What do you reckon?
Paul: I reckon that men of a certain age shouldnít carry on like teenagers.

Episode 228
Danny: We could go to an art gallery, thereís a modernist exhibition on.
Max: Aww, what? Iíd rather watch Madge cut her toenails.
Madge: Oh, charming.
Danny: There could be some interesting ones.
Max: Streuth, half of them could have been done by a chimp with a spray gun!
Danny: Uh! Youíre such a philistine!

Episode 295
Mrs Mangel (to Daphne on her wedding day): You're quite a pretty girl once someone gets you into some decent clothes!

Episode 361
Laura (about Mrs Mangel):
That woman would pry the lid off a coffin!

Episode 327
Clive: It's a pleasure to meet another Ramsay.
Dan: Who told you I was a Ramsay?
Clive: Educated guess!

Episode 337
Clive: Good afternoon Mrs Mangel! You look positively radiant this afternoon!
Mrs Mangel: Don't you try to sweet talk me!

Episode 370
Charlene [to Mrs Mangel]: Why don't you get on your broomstick and fly off somewhere!

Episode 437
Shane: Nah, Mrs Mangel, Henryís a great bloke: Iím moving out because of the neighbours. See ya later.

Episode 441
Mrs Mangel [to Henry]: I am not in the habit of associating with ex-convicts, so please remove yourself.

Episode 445
Paul: Who was it that said, ďUnlucky in love, lucky in business"?
Gail: Paul Robinson?

Episode 488
Rob: At least I've got red-blood running through me veins, mate - not carrot juice.
Harold: What you've got running through your veins wouldn't pass a random blood-test, Lewis!

Episode 500
Jane: How did it go, Nan?
Mrs Mangel: Oh, splendidly Jane, arrangements for the church fete are well in hand.
Jane: And what are you in charge of this year?
Mrs Mangel: Publicity. Reverend Sampson told me that he thought I was the best possible person for spreading the word.

Episode 523
Hilary: You're wearing your hair like that are you?
Madge: Why, what's wrong with it?
Hilary: Oh, nothing - you just never struck me as being the adventurous type, that's all.

Episode 523
Charlene: This is going to be the best wedding ever, I just know it!

Episode 530
Madge: I'm damned if you are going to terrorise me and my family!
Mrs Mangel: Your family... the Mitchells?!
Madge: No, Mrs. Mangel, the Ramsays. Henry and I have had our names changed by deed poll. Yes, that's right. I'd like to see you try to cause trouble now. The Ramsays are back in Ramsay Street and we don't take any nonsense from anyone!

Episode 536
Gail: Oh Mr Udagawa, I could kiss you!

Episode 545
Eileen: Oh yes, when Melanie and her mother laugh the entire neighbourhood can hear them.

Episode 575
Harold: (on his way to dinner with Eileen)
There is nothing going on. Mrs Clarke is genuinely interested in a vegetarian lifestyle.
Mrs Mangel: Vegetarian lifestyle! Mr Bishop - Eileen Clarke is interested in far more than coriander and basil - and I don't need my tea-leaves to tell me that!

Episode 637
Paul: Gail? Gail, wait, please. I don't want you to go. The fact is, I love you.
Gail: What did you say?
Paul: I said, I love you.
Gail: Oh Paul, do you know how long I've been hoping you'd say that? (hugs him) I love you too, so much.
Paul: We've been silly haven't we?
Gail: Yeah.

Episode 640
Eileen: But your Len ran off with another woman.
Mrs Mangel: Well that wasn't such a great disaster in the long run. After all, it was almost a relief to be able to dispense with my more wifely duties.

Episode 661
Paul: I promise to respect you and to love you, to treasure your independence and your uniqueness as a human being, to be there when you need me and to keep the faith. To be your husband.
Gail: I promise to share with you the good times and the bad, to respect the times you need to be alone and to share the joys of being together. To care for you and to be cared for, to comfort you and to look to you for comfort, to love you and to be loved. To be your wife.

Episode 690
Jane: Is this a good idea?
Charlene: I'm a Ramsay - we don't think about things like that.

Episode 690
I love you too, Clarkey...

Episode 690
Cardiac arrest!
(nurse shocks Daphne)
Beverly: Again!... I'm sorry Des, it's not going to do any good...

Episode 709
Scott: If thereís one thing Iíve learned about growing up in this family itís that you have to do what you think is right.

Episode 724
Madge: Now did you meet his son David?
Scott: (snigger) Yeah, he got there.
Charlene: What's he like? I bet he's a real dork!

Madge: Charlene!
Charlene: Well!

Episode 724
Harold: I'm marrying the most beautiful creature on God's earth - and I want to shout it from the rooftops!

Episode 777
Harold: (after Henry finds a gun in Mrs Mangel's backyard) Well it obviously isn't Mrs. Mangel's.
Madge: Obviously. If the old bat was going to kill anybody she'd put arsenic in their tea!

Episode 786
Joe: Ping off!

Episode 788
Mrs Mangel: (to Jane) Then why did your Uncle Joe leave all those years ago, if he'd done nothing wrong?
Joe: Because when you found the gun yer did yer nana, that's why!

Episode 1356
Pam: Oh Cody, thank God you're back! You look terrible!
Cody: Yeah well I've been sleeping in a stable..what's your excuse?

Episode 1439
Melanie: Joe, I think you're scared!
Joe: I've never been scared of any woman in my life. Except Mum.

Episode 1523
I knew him for so long, from schooldays. I didnít really appreciate him then, then years later, when we were married, I didnít know how lucky I was. I know now. He was special. He was the kindest man I ever knew. Our time together was so short.Ē

Episode 1537
Melanie said Iím supposed to say how beautiful the bridesmaids lookÖ well, they do. That was easy. Well, thatís all Iíve got to say except Iím glad dad finally got real and asked Melanie to marry him. If he hadnít done it soon, Iíd have asked her myself. To marry dad. Not me. Not that I wouldnít, Mel. Thanks.

Episode 1727
Christina: What's she like?
Paul: Julie? Well, she's my sister and I love her. But she's a bossy-boots, a sticky-beak and a bit of a social climber.
Christina: But apart from that she's fine?!
Paul: Yeah, her intentions are good but she's got a habit of stirring things up, that's all.

Episode 1727
Helen (to Paul): You are a handful and you always have been, but I'm going to miss you so much.

Episode 1815
Julie is informed that she only got two votes in the council election
Julie: I demand a recount!

Episode 1904

> You get away from him. Get out of this house it's your fault!
Rosemary: Oh no Julie don't!
Julie: You killed him! Dragging him around and making him work so hard for you!
Fiona: I warned you, you and Helen, you can blame me all you like but you know it's not true, it's not my fault he died!
Julie: You didn't care that he was sick all you wanted was what you could get!
Fiona: I only made him happy, you made him miserable fighting with him all the time!
Julie: I only wanted him to see what you were really like. Moving in on him! Dragging him around!
Fiona: You just couldn't help yourself could you, laying down ultimatums. I told you not to. You and Helen! Look to yourselves if anyone's to blame!
Julie: How... how dare you. You bitch! Bitch!

Episode 1949
Annalise: Can you smell gas?

Episode 2240
Rick: (on seeing Julie's body after the murder mystery party) ...Cool! Two bodies for the price of one!

Episode 2251
Danni (seeing the Kennedys arrive): It looks like a family of nerds has just moved into our street.

Episode 2742
Darren: After all, you are Lolly's dad, aren't you?
Lou: That's right.

Episode 2835
Billy: Tell me Toadie, when your planet was destroyed, did any more of you make it to earth?

Episode 2965
Hannah: (watching Scott and Charlene's wedding video) Hey, when I have a wedding, can you give me one like this?
Philip: Sure. Who are you planning on marrying?
Hannah: Oh, well, Leonardo DiCaprio of course?
Philip: (laughing) Oh right... Well, he might just be rich enough for you!
Harold: Who's he? One of the local boys is he?
(Hannah and Philip laugh)
Harold: No, no, I always planned on marrying Doris Day.
Hannah: How do you remember?
Harold: (laughs) Some things you just don't forget.

Episode 2965
Karl: I just came to check on Helen, but I won't disturb her if she's asleep.
Hannah: She's not asleep.
Phil: What?
Hannah: She's not asleep!
Karl: (checks Helen's pulse) No, no, she's not asleep.

Episode 3060
Karl: In all the pubs in all of Erinsborough, you had to pick this one.
Susan: Have you been drinking?

Episode 3087
Karl: I happen to love Susan very very much. I have never cheated on her; I would never cheat on her!

Episode 3332
Drew: You want the truth, well, I'll give you the truth. I think you're pig-headed, bloody-minded, you're stubborn and you're overbearing.
Libby: Is that all?
Drew: No. I'm in love with you.

Episode 3333
Lou: Libby got problems with her scooter, has she?
Drew: Apparently.
Lou: It's as temperamental as she is. Not that she doesn't have her good points, mind you. Of course, I don't have to tell you what they are now do I?... Don't tell me the flame of unrequited love has burned itself out!
Drew: Thanks to me and my big mouth, yeah.
Lou: (excited) You told her?! And?
Drew: Well let's just say that this scooter is about as close as I'll ever get to her.
Lou: (disappointed) Aww. No, no, no, look, it'll be alright, mate. See, women are a bit like cars and scooters.
Drew: Are you going to say something politically incorrect?
Lou: I hope so! You see sometimes we go into a car yard, we see something we fancy and we buy it straightaway. It's not until we get it home that we realise we've got a lemon.
Drew: And this relates to Libby, how?
Lou: Well, Libby's not a quick-buy sort of girl, she's far too sensible. No, she'll test-drive that vehicle. Make sure it's exactly right before she puts her money down.
Drew: And this relates to me, how?
Lou: You are that vehicle. Solid, dependable, not too much rust! But, it'll take her a little while to realise that.
Drew: Is this your roundabout kind of a way to tell me not to give up, or are you trying to shatter my ego here?
Lou: Interpret it as you will.

Episode 3378
Libby: Can't we just be friends?
Drew: I don't want to be just friends!
Libby: Please!
Drew: I want to be your lover. Your partner, your friend, all of those things. It has to be all or nothing, Lib. I'm sorry, that's the way it has to be now!
Libby: Well, then, it's nothing.

Episode 3420
Amy: Now do you want a badge?
Karl: I havenít got any money on me.
Amy: Huh, thatís what all you stingy people say.
Karl: Come on, give me a break; look what Iím wearing!
Amy: Yes, well, I was going to mention that as well.

Episode 3529
Drew: I'm afraid that I have a confession.
Libby: What confession?
Drew: Well, this is a little embarrassing.
Libby: And extremely intriguing, please go on.
Drew: Would you mind, when we get married, if I wear a dress as well?

Episode 3744
Harold: I fell in love with Madge back in high school. She was feisty, self-assured and very, very beautiful. She was the most popular girl at school. I was the fat, foolish awkward boy she hardly ever noticed. See, the hero in those days was the school football captain, Lou Carpenter. So I had to worship her from afar. Oh how I worshipped her. I felt so privileged that she had chosen me; that wonderful, strong woman. Madge was a very strong personality - she was nobody's fool. And yes, I know her tongue could... but at heart, she was the most loving, caring person Iíve ever known and all those here would agree with that. And would also agree that we're better people for having known her.

Episode 4268
Toadie: Will you marry me?
Dee: What?
Toadie: You heard.
Dee: Yep.
Toadie: What?
Dee: You heard.

Episode 4413
[Trixie presents Lou with a chair saying 'Executive Producer' on the back]
Harold: Should of put ego maniac on the back of that, or deluded fool; no, kidney thief, that'd be better. Yeah, kidney thief, yeah.
Lou: Harold Bishop, are you drunk?!
[Harold sups from punch bowl ladle]

Episode 4469
Anything else to go with the sandwich?
Karl: That depends. Is it poisoned?
Izzy: Not unless Harry is trying to bump you off. You know my life's too full to bother with petty revenge.
(Karl laughs)
Give it a rest
Karl: Hey hey manners, I'm a customer.
Izzy: If you want something, then order it.
Karl: Well you know, I might have a piece of the tart.
Izzy: (turns round) Which one?
Karl: The sour one making the sandwiches.
Izzy: You are so pathetic.
Karl: Not quite as pathetic as you. Trying to get at me by upsetting my daughter.
Izzy: Oh Karl I don't know what's going on in your head, but I'm with Gus.
Karl: You know, they say the truth is revealed under pressure. Veritas Inextrimas. Like when you're stuck in a lift?
Izzy: That'll be five dollars, thanks.
Karl: You know Izzy you wanted me, as much as I wanted you. There's no point in denying that.
Izzy: (looking over Karl's shoulder) Can I get you anything Susan?
Karl: Ha ha, good on you.
Karl: (turns round) Susan!
Susan: No thanks. There's nothing here I want.

Episode 4434
Valda [walking in with a photo frame]: This will make his Ricky Martin poster look good!
Jack: I don't have a Ricky Martin poster!
Valda: Come on Jack - we live in modern times!

Episode 4472
Sindi: I nearly set fire to Isabelle Hoyland.
Susan: Good for you.

Episode 4530
Susan: What have I told you about eavesdropping, cheeky chops!
Stingray: Ahh, itís a good way to find out stuff?

Episode 4556
Serena: Why does the family business have to be coffee making? It should be international fashion or something.
Sky: Well because this isnít The Bold & The Beautiful, Serena.

Episode 4593
Karl: It's no wonder you picked up a virus; it's hardly surprising given that your mailbox is full of ham.
Lou: I think the technical term is spam.
Karl: [laughs] No, Lou, spam is a product that comes in a can and tastes like ham Ė that's where you're getting confused.
Lou: I still think it's called spam.
Karl: Yeah? Well that's why I'm the genius sitting in front of the computer and you're the one asking for help.
Lou: I didn't ask. You offered.
Karl: Alright! There's no need to panic! I know what I'm doing; I've seen this before Ė we've just got to get into your mailbox and delete all of this ham.

Episode 4631
Paul: What a homecoming.

Episode 4676
Susan: Well youíre gonna have to do something. Karl and I have a very long history. Does he still find me sexy? Gee, I donít know. What does it mean when a man comes to your bedroom door in the middle of the night?

Episode 4764
Janelle: Oh Lyn Scully, I donít like your clothes but I do like your style.

Episode 4769
Lou: If anyone wants me I'll be backpacking in Patagonia

Episode 4772
Susan: So once again Isabelle is the victim in this.
Karl: Iím going to put your hostility down to ignorance.
Susan: Thatís just fine Karl. What do I put your ignorance down to?

Episode 4773
Gail: Sometimes you know, I wonder. Whether Paul really was the love of my life. I've married since, but, Iíve never known thatÖsort of passion.

Episode 4773
Annalise (closing her as yet untitled documentary video): So, what did this place mean to me? What did I learn? I think I learnt that life is worth living in a community that cares. In a place where there's always someone waiting with a cuppa, a helping hand, and an endless supply of kindness. Life is best lived with neighbours, who become good friends.
[applause from the watching audience]
Harold: Errm, Annalise, I think the name of your documentary was right there on screen, and here; "Neighbours"! [toasts]
Everyone: Neighbours!

Episode 4792
Paul's is throwing a very loud party:
Liljana: Where are you going?
David: The Playboy Mansion. Iím going to tell the one legged Hugh Heffner what he can do with his doof-doof.
Liljana: You leave his doof-doof alone.

Episode 4802
Toadie: If Ned spoke his mind, heíd be speechless!

Episode 4805
Paul (after falling over): Izzy! I need a hand.
Izzy: I think what you need is a leg.

Episode 4831
Susan: Hey!
Karl: Hi, I'm not interupting anything am I?
Susan: What exactly did you imagine I'd be up to?
Karl: Yeah, I don't like to think about that sort of thing, no, I just didn't want to intrude, that's all.
Susan: Nah, y'alright?
Karl: It's just this whole muck up day thing, I'm a bit y'know, edgy about it, it's got me spooked.
Susan: Woohoohoooo
Karl: Oh, it's alright for you, you've been there, you've done that. I don't know what to expect.
Susan: Expect anything, that's my advice.
Karl: Oh God, I might throw a sicky.
Susan: Oh, don't be such a wuss!
Karl: A w-wuss?!
Susan: Yes, you're a wuss, you are, y'know just stay alert, keep your sense of humour, ooh maybe bring some antibiotics, probably a pressure bandage, definately a towel.
Karl: Hysterical, you're not reassuring me here.
Susan laughs
Karl: So how are things here with Alex and everything, you coping?
Susan: Yeah I am, I'm ok.
Karl: Good. Good. You know that shoulder's always there if you need it.
Susan: Yeah, I do know. Thanks. D'you want a coffee?
Karl: No, no, I won't, I've got Rose Belker coming in for a check-up.
Susan: Rose Belker, that could take all day...
Karl: Tell me about it.
Susan: Am I going to see you at the year 12 dance tonight?
Karl: Erm, nah I might give that a miss I think.
Susan: Why??
Karl: Self-preservation.
Susan: Oh come on, they're not going to try anything at the dance.
Karl: Yeah, it's not the kids I'm worried about, it's the parents, with the Janae thing and...
Susan: Oh Karl, ancient history.
Karl: Is it?
Susan: Course it is if you want it to be, besides I need a date. You wouldn't knock me back would ya?
Karl: Wouldn't dream of it Suze.
Susan: (laughing) Check ya Doctor K.

Episode 4835
Karl: Much as the thought of being thousands of miles above the sea with you and Izzy for company appeals, I've got to go wash my hair

Episode 4836
Liljana: Oh my God!
David: What?
Liljana: There's just, nothing there.
David: Oh what, the man with no future hey?
Susan: Ha ha ha ha!

Episode 4836
Susan: Well...it's just a confined space with Isabelle Hoyland and a casino is just not my idea of a good time.

Episode 4836
Ta ta Tata

Episode 4839
Janelle: (to Karl) I reckon you & Susie would've made a ripper couple.

Episode 4872
Alex: Susan, you have brought me happiness that I never thought I'd feel again, and you have taught me what love truly is, and I will love you and honour and cherish you for every moment that we are together.
Susan: Alex, you were the most wonderful man I have ever known and every day with you has been a lifetime of love, and I will love you everyday for the rest of my life.

Episode 4877
Paul (answers the telephone): Paul Robinson. Hello? Look, why don't you just grow a spine and tell me who you are, you...
Izzy (trying to grab phone): Give it to me, I want it...
Paul: I'm going to find you, and when I do, you're going to wish that you were never born. You hear me? Because nobody does that to me; nobody. Do you understand? Do you understand?
Harold (voice disguised with hankerchief): An eye for an eye Robinson...

Episode 4888
Dylan: Bill Gates started with a chip, Paul Robinson started with a dream in this very house.
Stingray: Yeah, and look where that's gotten him now. A plastic leg and someone's trying to shoot him.

Episode 4932
Robert: I know you don't agree with me Cam, but somebody had to wipe that stupid grin off Paul's face. But I dunno, didn't really work for me did it? I mean, it was fun hearing about it and everything, but what's the point in using fireworks, when you're not around to see 'em all go off? Problem is, Elle and Dad are never gonna welcome me into Erinsborough. Not like they would the golden boy. So, sorry about the accident, but trust me, once I rock up as Cam you'll be cacking yourself. Finishing the job's going to be so much easier, and I have front row seats to enjoy the show.

Episode 4938
Angie: Big Kev is giving his old lady the horn!

Episode 4938
Big Kev (to Connor): I'm sorry son, I'm still having a bit of trouble with your Scotch lingo.

Episode 4964
Karl: Twenty thousand dollar watch and your son goes and sells it!
Max: What?
Karl: Yes, on something he just had to buy. What do we think that might be? Like, a fleet of motorised skate boards perhaps, or a part share in a gymnasium, maybe a store full of tight pink polo shirts!?!?

Episode 4950
Bree: No, I hate photos, I look yuk in íem.
Zeke: Hey, you were hot on Rove, and youíll be smokiní for this photo-shoot. You just gotta work it on out, Bree.
Bree: Okay, you know what? Iíll make a deal with you. Iíll go to this stupid photo-shoot if you come along and you promise to never, ever, talk ghetto.

Episode 4975
Karl: So you're all alone?
Susan: Oh that's fine. I've got Audrey and, as you know, Dahl's a brilliant conversationalalist.
Karl: Yeah well I could stay.
Susan: Oh yeah, what would you tell Jenny? You're going to stay with your ex wife cos her sheep's dying?
Karl: No, because our sheep's dying.

(long pause)
: So... should I stay?
Susan: It'd be good.

Episode 4990
Paul: If I hear one more chorus of "That Gooey Chewey Sticky Stuff", I'm going to chop off my other leg and beat myself to death with it.

Episode 4995
Susan (To Karl whilst they're trying to move the lamb away from a snake): You distract that and I'll grab the lamb.
Karl: How do you suggest I distract it? Sing it a song?
Susan: Well...that's one way to kill it I suppose.

Episode 4997
Mishka: May diarrhoea strike you down!

Episode 5003
Lyn: Errm, I just wanted you to know, y'know, that I'll take care of everything to do with work until you're back on your feet.
Paul: Foot.

Episode 5013
I have been shot before you know.

Episode 5015
Stingray: I brought you some magazines - bodybuilding, wrestling and cross-stitch.
Sky: Oh they're bizarre, thank you!

Episode 5032
Izzy: So, how about Lyn & Paul?
Steph: Why don't you just let it go?
Izzy: What? In denial? How innocent?
Max: Can we just talk about this at home?
Steph: Well let's not talk about it at all, considering it's insane.
Izzy: They've both admitted it to me.
Steph: That's a load of bull, Izzy, my mum would never lower herself to be with him. You'd have to be a two-faced spiderwoman to go there.
Max: Hey, maybe you should talk to her yourself, we should all get our facts straight before we say anything.
Steph: This is just great, just great! Y'know, I've only been home a minute and already you're sticking up for your nutcase sister.
Izzy: Erm, I prefer unhinged.

Episode 5035
Izzy: I lied. I did spend the night with Karl. In his bed.

Episode 5038
Susan: Oh yes, youíre both a couple of saints. You tripped on your halos and accidentally fell into bed together.

Episode 5048
Paul: I made a promise to a living son, not a dead one.

Episode 5051
Janelle: There's a name for that where I come from
Harold: Yes... adultery!
Janelle: What! No! A scrag!

Episode 5058
Loris (to Janelle): You may prefer the delights of gutters and flophouses but can you think of your children?

Episode 5079
Mishka: My Lou-bear - I back to take him to my bosom!
Janelle: You nearly killed him you dumb Russian moll! (Throws a drink at her) Take your bosom and rack off!

Episode 5084
Mishka: I take my Loubear to dinner.
Janelle: Loubie is already booked in at Chez Timmins.
Mishka: Oh not try to speaking French. And also, Lou when he see me will cancel that booking.
Janelle: Donít bank on it, sweetheart! He is a red-blooded Aussie bloke. You think heís going to want to spend the night over a bowl of pickled cabbage when he could be enjoying a private fashion show with me?
Mishka: What you know of fashion? You dress like zookeeper!
Janelle: Beats looking like Tootsie!
Mishka: Who?

Episode 5117
Toadie (attempting to avoid playing Father Christmas): No way, man. Iíve lost weight! I donít even have a full beard! The words Ďho, ho, hoí donít even make me think of Christmas!

Episode 5135
Max: Have I gone mad again or is Janelle kissing a copper?

Episode 5138
Janae: I had to hitch-hike Toadie. HITCH HIKE! Do you know what happens to girls as pretty as me when we do that?

Episode 5155
Zeke (on Karl's beard): I think itís cool.
Susan: Oh, Zeke, please. It looks like something with mange has died on his face.

Episode 5158
Oliver: (about Pepper and Rosie) Do you think they'll start sharing a room now they're together?
Carmella: I hope so, I'm sick of sleeping in that broom cupboard. If Rosie's coming out of the closet, then so am I!

Episode 5160
Rachel: Oh Susan, we were just so depressed about you abandoning us that we just had to distract ourselves from our sorrows.
Susan: That was good. You got pity and guilt in the one sentence.
Rachel: Yeah, I know; Iíve been working on it.

Episode 5173
Pepper: She's got great dresses though, Elle. She seems to have a new one like every week. I wonder where she gets them from? Some place evil, I suppose...

Episode 5175
Stingray: Cop ya.

Episode 5189
Susan: Tom, things have changed in the last 3 years. I've been widowed. I'm now a stepmother to his two teenage kids and just a few weeks ago, I married again.

Episode 5239
Paul: Gail, you were the love of my life, why, why did I let you go?

Episode 5255
Janelle: I just wanna finish by saying that this is just a bunch of houses, side by side but itís more than that. Itís really special and itís you guys that make it special. And gosh Ė Iím gonna miss it. Better than a caravan park!

Episode 5261
Oliver: (to newlyweds Rosie and Frazer) May your love endure beyond the last sunset.

Episode 5270
Sky: Growing up on the farm with dad, I was on my own planet. But here I learnt how to be part of the human race. And it was hard, it was really hard, being the odd one out. But you all showed me that it's a great thing and it's nothing to be ashamed of. So I guess all I can say is thank you because I wouldn't be the person I am today without any of you. And me Boyd and Kerry are gonna miss you so much.

Episode 5292
Susan: Thatís the thing with men. Theyíre like lava lamps Ė theyíre fun to look at, but theyíre not very bright.

Episode 5306
Valda: (to Lou) You disappeared this morning faster than an oyster down a Frenchman's gob!

Episode 5330
Janae: Men and women are like... what's in your sandwich?
Mickey: Cheese and Vegemite
Janae: Cheese and Vegemite!
Ned: Where are you going with this?
Janae: Just work with me. Men are like Vegemite and women are like cheese, and they're fine on their own, they're perfectly fine...
Ned: But, when you mix them together...
Janae: You get something very special.
Ned: And sometimes when cheese and Vegemite love each other, they need to spend time together, so that maybe one day they can have a sandwich of their own.

Episode 5342
Libby: Teenage boys... did we really ever find them attractive?
Steph: You did...

Episode 5355
(After discovering that Zeke has been to a dance party) Libby: Did you take anything?
Zeke: My phone, my wallet...
Libby: That's not what I meant.
Zeke: What? ....No!

Episode 5528
Donna (to someone famous): You look so much hotter on TV... why is that?