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It all began when David Bishop started corresponding with Lee Thomas, the mayor of Erinstown, Idaho. From Lee, he got the idea for every local resident to make a video diary about their life. The videos would then be placed in a time capsule, not to be opened for one hundred years. Here, we catalogue the video diaries...

Lyn Scully - Episode 4625
ďHi. Iím Lyn Scully. How are you all out there in the future? Well, weíre all looking forward to ChristmasÖ Oh, I hope you still have Christmas, yíknow, with all your family and friends getting together. Anyway, this Christmas is gonna be a bit strange for me because itís gonna be my first ever Christmas with my real dad, because weíve only just gotten to know each other andÖ well, heís pretty sick. Heís dying. So, I suppose, um, it could be the last Christmas with him. My dream would be to have my whole family together for Christmas. My mum and Flick and Shelly. But things change, donít they? I mean, Iím not even a wife anymore, and I never thought thatíd happen. Not to me. So, thatís me. Iím a single mum and Iím a hairdresser and thatís all IÖ oh, this is silly. David? David, which one do IÖ Ē

Sky Mangel - Episode 4647
Sky used interpretative dance in her video diary.




Boyd Hoyland - Episode 4651
ďIím at a point where Iím trying to decide what to do with my life. Yíknow, Iím 17, I just finished school. I passed, but only just. Wonít be long until my girlfriend wakes up to me. My friendsíll all be going through uni, getting interesting careers and Iíll be the oldest guy still doing the Grease Monkeys dance.Ē



Stingray Timmins - Episode 4661
ďI just wanna take this opportunity to thank our leader, David Bishop. Davo, I just wanna say mate (pulls down pants) kiss this.Ē




Paul Robinson - Episode 4661
ďAnd finally to me, the last of the good residents of Erinsborough. But Iím going to tell you something different about this little sleepy backwater. You see, this town burnt me Ė and now itís payback. You see, Iíve got a plan. So if youíre watching this in the year 2105, youíll know it worked like a charm.Ē



Izzy Hoyland - Episode 4662
ďHi there. My nameís Isabelle Hoyland. Iím 27 years old, nothing really special to tell about me. Iím not an Erinsborough girl born and bred. I moved here not long ago to see my brother. I missed my niece and nephew. I guess you do when you donít have kids of your own. I almost did thoughÖ the mother thing. I was pregnant. Thatís when Karl and I decided to make a go of it. Heís a wonderful man Ė a doctor. He stuck by me, even when I lost the baby, so I guess he loves me. No, I know he loves me. And IÖ I care about him. Karl and I got together under false pretences. The baby wasnít his and I canít tell anybody I want toÖ I canít tell anybody and I want to scream sometimes to tell somebody andÖ I canít."