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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4851
Written by Jenny Lewis, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 14/11/05 BBC One: 07/02/06

Episode Title: Letter the Devil You Know

• Stuart teases Ned about his tunic, unaware that it is a costume for the play
• Bree lies to Alex that Rachel is at the library, when Zeke cracks and reveals that she is on a date with a Year 10 boy
• Rachel overhears Jake making a threatening phone call (to Susan)
• Paul and Izzy realise that the letter they received contained a poisonous substance

No. 22: Izzy frets that she and Paul are in serious danger and he attempts to clam her, calling an ambulance as she struggles for breath. Erinsborough Hospital - Karl is speaking on the phone in reception, hanging up to tend to Izzy as she is wheeled in on a stretcher, wearing a ventilating mask. Paul explains about the letter and Karl orders the staff to wear protective clothing as Izzy is brought to isolation. Karl questions Paul if he has any symptoms and leads him through to isolation also.


No. 30: Stuart continues to pester Ned on his new hobby, asking if the gaudy suit is a Lyn Scully creation. Elle telling him to stop, saying he is jealous. Stuart jokingly tells Ned that he will go far until Ned warns him not to say anything to anyone in Oakey, rushing to stop Ned he starts to dial the phone. Stuart orders Ned to dance in order to buy his silence.

No. 28: Alex orders Zeke, as his son, to tell him where Rachel is. With Bree pressing down on his foot, Zeke protests that he cannot do that, and he does not know the boy she is with. Susan asks Alex to calm down, explaining that Rachel can overcome mistakes herself. He protests that with the plane crash and Susan’s phone calls this is no time for risk-taking. Zeke finally confesses that the boy is Jake Rinter, a known troublemaker. Bree claims that he is just misunderstood when Susan realises that Jake was the one who called her, obviously as payback for her giving him detention. Alex overreacts, saying that with an attitude like that he could be the bomb culprit; as he continues to pressure Zeke into confessing more, Bree warns Zeke that no one likes a tell-tale, Alex telling her to stay out of it and ordering Zeke to tell.

Lassiter’s: Jake and Rachel are walking, Jake bragging about how he has all the power at home and in school, particularly with Miss. Smith. Rachel protests that it was unfair of him to make Susan scared with the call, getting up to leave when he calls Susan a cow. Jake immediately gets up and grabs her, warning her not to tell, chasing her as she runs away.

No. 30: Elle explains to Ned that Stuart has left for work, shocked when Ned tries to defend Stuart’s actions. She can see how Ned is scared of Stuart’s influence, having endured it for so long. She switches off the television when he tries to escape the conversation, realising that Stuart is the reason why Ned has difficulty talking about feelings. She tells him to stand up for himself or he will just have to carry it on forever, telling him how her brother Cameron overcame their brother Robert’s bullying. She encourages Ned to do the same with Stuart, remaining unconvinced as he breezily assures her.

Lassiter’s: Alex scolds Zeke for not telling him sooner as they search the complex for Rachel. Susan explains that someone from the General Store saw Jake chasing Rachel. They continue walking when Rachel appears from behind a wall, Jake stopping her from shouting out. Rachel pleads him to let her go, Jake refusing until she promises not to give him away…he explains that because of Susan’s detention he is not allowed to go to Europe for Christmas. Rachel persists that she did not deserve to be intimidated by a phone call so soon after the plane crash that killed her friends. He apologises for scaring her but not for what he did to Susan when Alex arrives with Susan and Zeke, shouting at Jake to let Rachel go. Alex grabs Jake, telling him to apologise not to Susan but to the police, subtly accusing him of the plane crash and pulling him away.


Erinsborough Hospital: Paul and Izzy are now in separate isolation booths, Karl explaining that they cannot yet identify what substance was used. While Paul appears alright, Izzy is not doing so well, Karl planning to seek an antidote once she clears up, which scares Paul that there is no definite cure. Stuart arrives on duty, Paul gathering that the culprit will want to seek out those closest to him, meaning Elle, and asks Stuart to find her. Izzy starts to react, thrashing in her bed, and Paul weeps at Karl not to let her die.

No. 28: Alex demands that Rachel tell him why she felt she had to see Jake in secret, Bree supposing that Rachel thought he would say no and Rachel telling him to calm down. He is furious that she had to do this with a resident menace of all people with everything that has been going on. Rachel claims that he is sorry, directing this at Susan. Alex orders Rachel not to see him again and she refuses to accept this, calling her naïve and that while she can continue seeing boys, he or Susan must be chaperoning. Zeke tells Rachel to stop complaining, and Alex ends the subject by telling Rachel it is up to him how she associates with.


Ramsay Street: Ned is instructing Elle how to play cricket, and she complains that there is so much to bear in mind, complimenting his teaching skills. Taking advantage of the close contact she asks him to show her again, as Alex and Susan leave number 28, Alex complaining about Rachel’s behaviour and Susan praising her for learning the importance of self-control in a critical situation. Alex frets about the children struggling to adapt to such a brutal society until Susan reassures him that despite a minor obstacle like the plane crash they have nothing to worry about in such a secure community. A police car, driven by Stuart, pulls up and he asks Ned and Elle to come with him as he may be in danger.

Erinsborough Hospital: Karl explains to Paul that Izzy is sedated and will be fine, hesitating before admitting that they still cannot identify the cause. He explains that they must be careful not to give her a wrong antidote and they will know shortly. Elle arrives, explaining to Paul that she is okay, scared that someone is fater them when she sees Izzy. Paul corrects her, saying that he is the only one they want; Karl turns around, overhearing, as Izzy regains consciousness…Karl returns after seeing Izzy’s test results, confirming that Izzy is fine for now when Stuart arrives for Paul’s statement. In the hallway outside, Karl tells Ned that Izzy will be fine and he is relieved. Elle, slightly hurt, leaves to get coffee and Ned waits until she has left before uncovering a pamphlet advertising a florist. Paul, meanwhile, is adamant that Tony Corbett is after him, given their history. Stuart explains that he is already identified as a suspect but cannot be traced, with no hard incriminating evidence. Izzy listens as Stuart explains that she is the next suspected victim.


Ramsay Street: Rachel sits alone on the pavement, separated from Alex, Susan, Bree and Zeke as they play cricket. Susan and Bree playfully insult Alex’s poor playing. Alex then shouts down the street to Jake as he approaches Rachel, Jake explaining that he wants to talk to Susan. Susan is willing to listen to his apology and accepts, giving him a week’s suspension as school policy. He explains that the police let him off with a warning, having been cleared of the bombing. As Alex bluntly orders him to leave, Jake explains to Rachel that he likes her and is sorry about everything. Both Zeke and Alex refuse to let him continue seeing her and Susan brings her inside. Alex threatens Jake that he will be sorry if he goes near Rachel again and also leaves, Bree hitting Zeke and calling him a stuck-up for defending her pleas to Alex, chasing him indoors.

Erinsborough Hospital: Karl is talking on the phone to his Internet date, Jenny; Paul stands at Izzy’s bedside, listening as Karl is forced to postpone their date, saying he will make it up. Izzy jokes about herself again coming between Karl and a woman as Karl, not amused, warns her to rest for the next few days. Paul thanks Karl as he leaves, leaving a slight tension between Paul and Izzy. In the hallway, Karl tells Stuart and Ned that Izzy will be fine, allowing Ned to see her. Stuart jokes about cheering her up with a song and dance when Elle returns with a bouquet, scolding Stuart when Paul comes out to tell them all to keep it down. He asks Elle where the flowers came from and she explains that they were left at reception with no note. Paul immediately suspects danger, ordering her to wash her hands and calling for Karl. Later that night, after it has emerged that Ned sent the flowers, Elle explains that he did not know what to write and meant no harm. Karl enters and Stuart prepares to leave to go through more suspects, Paul remaining certain of Corbett’s involvement. Izzy stops Stuart, telling him that she is the victim, going against her statement of having no enemies capable of a bombing the notes being sent to her. Paul comforts her, and Karl warns Izzy not to let Paul off the hook, him being responsible for so much suffering. He leaves, telling Paul to do at least one decent thing in his life and get out of Erinsborough.

No. 28: Bree and Zeke enter, Bree telling Zeke to stop moaning about her hitting him, threatening to dump him if he goes on any longer. Rachel and Alex enter from another room, Rachel shouting that Alex cannot shut her in her room forever. Susan does not wish to involve herself, warning Alex that the children will just rebel further the more he tries to crack down. She and Rachel both tell Alex that he should at least be fairer, Alex maintaining that he will not let his children fall off the rails again. Rachel and Zeke both share a look as Alex says that by “again” he meant Rachel’s performance today. Susan comforts him that he is getting ahead of himself to say something so extreme, Rachel and Zeke glancing cautiously at each other again.

Erinsborough Hospital: Paul is preparing to leave, Elle arguing that he has not been discharged yet, and tells Izzy to rest up and get better. She says that they need him there, convinced that neither of them is safe with him around. He tells Izzy that having done for worse than her in his life, there is no doubt that he is the victim. Izzy says that by him leaving, all he is doing is making them more vulnerable, which Paul then realises is true.


Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Susan Smith, Bree Timmins, Stuart Parker, Karl Kennedy, Isabelle Hoyland

Guest Cast: Daniel O’Connor as Ned Parker, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Andrew Clarke as Alex Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkweister as Zeke Kinski, Chris Toohey as Jake Rinter

Trivia Notes
• Paul’s symptoms contracted by the poison include blurred vision, nausea and breath shortage
• Teasing Ned, Stuart refers to the Hula, the Bunny Boy, and the Coochie-Coochie dance moves as well as the Tap Dogs and the Village People. He also mentions the Oakey football club as a hangout
• Jake made the phone call to Susan as punishment for a detention he received from her. Because of this, he is forbidden from going to Europe for Christmas
• Elle mentions her brother Robert’s constant bullying of their brother Cameron, a greatly significant plotline in 2006
• Chris Toohey returned in 2007 and 2008 as school bully Justin Hunter
• Susan calls Alex Ricky during the cricket game, referring to batsman Ricky Pointing
• Erinsborough High’s school policy includes a week’s suspension for harassment of staff

Summary by Brendan

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