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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4861
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 28/11/05 BBC One: 21/02/06

Episode Title: Dream A Little Drew

• Max encourages Karl to accept Susan’s new life and move on
• At Warrinor prison, the officer threateningly welcomes Stingray and Dylan as he closes their cell door

No 32 - Living room: Steph is fixing up her motorcycle, pleased at how it is all coming along. She asks an unseen person to pass her a spark plug and socket, telling him to stop standing there grinning at her. Drew Kirk then comes into focus, dropping the tool as she reaches out for it. The noise it makes against the worktop causes Steph, sleeping on the sofa, to jerk awake as Lyn sets a tray of tea on the coffee table. Lyn apologises for dropping a spoon, saying she did not mean to scare Steph. Steph says that she had a strange dream, but not a nightmare - Drew was there. Lyn says it is only natural as the pair of them were close, and Steph tells her that since marrying Max she has not had dreams of any other men. She wonders what it could mean, before asking how Joe and Toby are doing and Lyn mentions that things are good, and she will be fine with Joe gone. Steph distractedly asks if Lyn brought the paintbrushes and rollers and gets up to fetch them, Lyn watching her worriedly.

The General Store: Max and Karl are eating when Susan enters, saying it looks like they both need it. Max greets her, exhausted from the night before and gets up to pay, allowing her to sit down. Susan apologises for the previous week, dragging Karl into her argument with Alex. She thanks him for his comfort, saying that they worked things out, and how strange it is when a couple are so unused to fighting. She asks how thing are going with Jenny and he explains that they split up, sharing a look with Max as he explains how they were in two different places and it could not have worked. He asks to meet up with her later and she tells him that she will message him. As she leaves Karl asks “What?” when Max looks over at him again.

Warrinor Prison - Dylan and Stingray's cell: Stingray laughs at the idea of him and Dylan making their own beds, while Dylan warns him not to get cocky around the other prisoners. The bell rings and Dylan starts to leave, stopping when Stingray does not follow. Stingray begins to fluster and parade around, unsettled and saying he cannot go because of something he ate. Dylan tells him to get it out of his system and he will watch for potential harassers, stopping when he decides that Stingray looks too stupid dancing around. Stingray suggests they turn on the television and watch aerobics and Dylan does, finally getting reception and sneers at how stupid Stingray looks.

The General Store: Max brings two glasses of water to the table saying, as Karl’s friend, that trying to be friends with Susan and not moving on is a bad idea. He asks that if they are such good friends then why not tell Susan the real reason why Jenny broke up with him?

Abandoned house: Outside Colac, Paul is waiting with a briefcase when Roo enters, running when he sees Paul and getting cornered by his men. Paul explains that he has the place surrounded and nods at the men to give them some privacy. He explains that the police are on their way so Roo should be ready to talk.

Warrinor Prison - Dylan and Stingray's cell: Stingray is tuning in the television, announcing that he fixed it when Dylan returns. He says he appreciates Dylan looking after him, saying he will do anything Dylan asks, and asks him not to ditch him. They agree to stick together, Stingray having found his edge.

Abandoned house: Roo asks Paul what he wants and Paul suggests they talk about Dylan. Roo asks if he is enjoying Warrinor; with friends there, he knows what is going on. Paul congratulates him but says that he set up the wrong man - it was Paul and not Dylan who set the police on Roo. He offers him the contents of the briefcase and Roo says that it will not be enough unless Paul is dead. Paul threatens to set the men on him before showing him the $ 25 000 inside, with more if Roo pleads Dylan and Stingray’s innocence. Paul explains that though Roo is going to prison either way, here he will get sympathy for owning up, $50 000 and a clear conscience. Roo clearly struggles to keep a level head and Paul patiently tells him to hurry.

No 32 - Living room: Steph hurries in with a plate of biscuits, offering Lyn and Susan, who is telling about Alex and Katya. While Lyn is amazed that Susan still wants to marry him and may still be unaware had Rachel not said anything, Susan is sure that they will get through it, with the agreement to track Katya down. As they talk about the other wedding plans, Lyn says that Janelle is thrilled to organising the hen party. Susan insists that will be low-key, with no strippers, saying that it is amazing to have time to get married with so much going on. As they talk about the honeymoon, Lyn gets flustered and teary, saying that she finds it hard to be happy with Joe gone, possibly for good.

Abandoned house: Roo asks how it will work if he agrees, and Paul says that he will give the money to an accomplice whom Roo trusts. Roo does not believe him, but does not have much choice. He demands to know why Paul is doing this and Paul says that he does not like him for what he did to Stingray and Dylan. With sirens heard outside, Paul tells him he has ten seconds and needs to decide, Roo looking at the briefcase.

No 32 - Living room: An emotional Lyn tells Susan and Steph that with friends, a job and a son, she has all that she needs. She cheers up, and they toast to new beginnings.

Scarlet Bar: Karl and Susan are sitting together as Max and Steph bicker over painting the whole house just for the baby’s arrival. She suggests they sleep in the lounge until finished, Max noticing that she has pink tips in her hair from the paint. She assures him that it is non-toxic, and it is not being used for their room. Susan and Karl are talking about the wedding happening on New Year’s, she saying that it symbolises changes in a new year, and fretting over contact numbers for invites. At this, Karl finally confesses that he will not be able to come, and that they cannot speak anymore…Karl says that it has to be this way, and even though he cares deeply for her, he cannot go on intruding in her life every day while not moving anywhere himself. He apologises, saying that Jenny dumped him because of his residual feelings for Susan, and gets up to pay. They say goodbye to each other and Susan is left in shock.

No 26 - Kitchen: Susan and Lyn are talking about Karl as Lyn cooks, Susan explaining what Jenny said and how things seemed to be getting better between them. Lyn says that maybe the relationship with Alex is bringing Karl down as he has been alone for longer. Susan says that it was hardly easy to be civil towards Izzy and their relationship, especially with the baby; she is certain that Karl is just putting his needs first and putting himself above her. Talking scathingly, she looks down at Oscar looking up at her and realises the bad example she is leading.

No 32 - Living room: Steph and Max are sleeping with a quilt and mattress, laughing at the scenario. They settle down, Steph falling asleep quickly.

Warrinor Prison - Dylan and Stingray's cell: Dylan is writing a letter to Sky when Stingray enters, kicking off his shoes and removing one of many chocolate bars from his trouser lining. He throws them at Dylan, explaining that he traded for them after fixing up peoples’ equipment. He offers them all to Dylan who gladly accepts.

No 32 - Living room: In her dream, Steph finishes polishing the motorcycle, and Drew - holding out a helmet - suggests they take it for a ride, Steph saying that he is on the back. He calls her Boss Lady and she laughs and pets him, and they praise each other’s work before kissing. Steph again jerks awake, assuring Max that she is alright and lying that she was falling in the dream. He strokes her hair and kisses her, saying he will always be there as she stares ahead anxiously with her back to him.

Warrinor Prison - Courtyard: Next morning, Dylan and Stingray play basketball, Stingray asking for the ball as Dylan scores with his back to the hoop. They continue to tease each other as various others walk to greet someone, Roo appearing through the crowd to greet the boys dauntingly.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Susan Smith, Dylan Timmins, Stingray Timmins, Max Hoyland, Stephanie Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully.

Guest Cast: Richard Cawthorne as Reuben 'Roo' Hausman, Dan Paris as Drew Kirk

Trivia Notes
• Lyn mentions having nightmares during her pregnancies
• Lyn tells Steph that Joe has called since leaving, and that the farm is doing well
• Stingray fixes the television with wire from a mattress
• Dylan says that everyone in prison is known for something like strength or humour; Stingray references Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. He jokes that his nickname could be Repairoman
• Janelle will be in charge of Susan’s hen party. After the wedding on New Year’s, Susan plans the honeymoon to be on the Trans-Siberian Railway, for all the family to go
• Susan mentions that Alex’s family are from Belarus
• Lyn plans to ask Gino for a pay rise
• Max and Steph’s bedroom will be painted with Bohemian Banana
• Dylan scores 6-0 against Stingray in basketball

Summary by Brendan

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