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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4863
Written by David Hannam, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 30/11/05 BBC One: 23/02/06

Episode Title: A Place In The Son

• Elle is thrilled when Paul allows her to invite Cameron for a visit, while Izzy is wary
• Harold invites Connor to do some charity work and Connor considers it

No 30 - Backyard: Elle joins Lou, Ned and Toadie outside to set up for a barbeque as they discuss why Connor is not there yet, Lou annoying the others by being pessimistic and saying he is unlikely to come. Boyd and Janae join them, worried about how Stingray is doing in prison. Gino then arrives, uninvited, to announce that the play is off. He explains that the government pulled their funding, claiming that the production was “insensitive and artistically unrealistic,” Boyd not understanding his upset. Elle is outraged while Lou expresses sympathy and Ned suggests getting funding elsewhere. Elle then suggests they write their own production, volunteering Ned’s services. Gino is unenthusiastic until Toadie suggests the musical be about Ned’s transformation into a flamboyant actor, immediately enticing Gino and making Ned reluctant.

No 24 - Kitchen: Connor is practising with a trombone mouthpiece when he is caught in the act by Sky, hurrying him to get ready for the barbeque. He claims playing is not as easy as it looks, saying it will be a while before he joins the Army band. Sky thinks it is good that he has found a hobby and is looking after Harold, and he brushes it off before she asks for a favour.

The General Store: Izzy pays for coffee when Paul enters, apologising for being kept back by Janelle. He leads her away, saying that his deal with Roo may have failed. She suggests bribing the judge at the appeal, before he mentions Cameron coming. She looks slightly reluctant before asking if it will be a long-term visit, confessing that she does not feel up to mothering an entire family of Paul’s children. He tells her to relax and that she will be fine, before sarcastically asking if he is supposed to just turn away his own son; at this, Izzy looks almost hopeful.

No 24 - Living room: Sky explains to Connor that she wants him to make Harold see that he is using his charity duties to escape and avoid, hoping he will listen to Connor more than her. Connor does not see where she is coming from, as Harold’s moving on by helping others is admirable and suggests she do the same. He quotes from the Bible, surprising her, when Harold enters from another room. He calls for Connor to leave for the soup kitchen together when Sky tells him about Toadie’s barbeque. They both briefly explain that they are short-staffed and leave swiftly.

No 30 - Kitchen: Lou, Elle, Ned and Gino sit around the table as Toadie works in the kitchen, Gino excitedly describing the new production as Oklahoma meets Cabaret; they all laugh and make jokes as Ned remains cold. Elle and Toadie then propose storylines while playfully insulting each other, and Gino insists on a romance. Ned refuses to have anything to with the play and Gino asks for a private word, shooing away the others as they follow. Outside in the hall, Gino asks Ned to swear that he will not repeat the following - his real name is Ray Murphy, from Bunberry, Western Australia. Like Ned, he has had to work for his dreams to come true, telling him to either pack up and go home or give it his best shot. Ned is clearly unwilling and Gino heads to leave, a guilty Ned saying that he will do it on the two conditions that there will be no more frilly costumes and more rock and roll music; Gino is thrilled to have him on board and they shake as a truce, although Ned is still clearly hesitant.

The General Store: Boyd and Janae sit together, Janae admiring the beach in a travel magazine when she suggests the two of them go there in the camper van. Boyd, remembering Kim and Janelle’s canoodling in the van, refuses and she pleads to him. He says that they cannot go with her end-of-Year-10 party and she rejects the idea in favour of spending time with him. Karl enters and Boyd excuses himself to talk about the vacancy for a part-time surgery receptionist. Janae listens, anxious, as Boyd suggests he take it on as a summer job. Janae continues to look on in shock as Boyd says that he will leave his CV with Karl, and she waits until Boyd comes back before asking asks if he is serious, saying she will never be able to visit him at work there after her infamous therapy sessions with Karl. Boyd looks up at Karl, who has obviously overheard.

No 30 - Kitchen: As Toadie, Ned and Elle get things ready, Gino continues raving about production, leaving to start up when Sky enters to explain where Connor is. Toadie suddenly gets an idea and quickly hurries out, leaving Sky with Elle and Ned. Elle is pleased to see Sky, who says that she will not be staying but only came to pass on the message. Ned and Elle express their sympathies for the plane crash, having not spoken to Sky since. Sky says that Harold appreciated Elle’s card, though Elle is awkward as she did not know how to approach the situation, and Sky thanks her again. Elle is hopeful that they can still hang out and suggests that Sky join the production crew as costume design. Sky finally says that Elle is a nice person but the pair of them cannot be friends after what Paul has done; Elle looks hurt.

Soup kitchen: Toadie tracks down Harold and Connor, hiding in the Salvation Army bus, where Harold then sends Connor for more cups. Connor does so and is ambushed by Toadie who jumps out of the van and begins jumping on him and pretending to wrestle, yelling comments about the Lawman and Shamrock. Connor tells Toadie to back off, and Toadie tells him to calm down before enquiring about his unorthodox outfit. Connor tells Toadie that he does not want the House of Trouser lifestyle anymore and that this is not just about the crash; he has no career or any direction and is good for nothing except joking and drinking. As Harold and his fellow Army worker watch, Connor explains that this is the first time he has done something useful with his life and is actually needed here. Toadie tells him that the boys need him at home; he is more their family than a friend. Harold calls Connor to fetch more bread and he does, ignoring Toadie and walking away.

No 30 - Kitchen: Ned sits at the table comforting Elle, who says that Sky is free to reject her after what happened to her family. Ned assures her that it will be alright and they hug, Elle looking into his eyes as they separate. They have a moment and she leans in to kiss him before he backs away and takes a drink. Awkward, she asks if there is something between them and he says it is friendship, so she gives up.

The General Store: Boyd tells Janae that she has to deal with what is going on, she saying that being discreet and avoiding Karl has worked so far. At his look she gives in and agrees to do something but starts stalling by “finishing” her milkshake. As Karl re-enters with dry-cleaning, Boyd prompts her to get up. At the counter, Lou asks Karl to talk to Harold for comfort; Karl says he will give it a try. Boyd orders Janae to talk to Karl and she asks if it is so serious then why he has not come to talk to her first. She says she will not be pushed like a kid, taking a strop and ignoring him when he gives her another look.

Scarlet Bar - Office: Paul and Izzy are going through files, Paul explaining that there is no GST stored, and she frets before he explains that the computer software will programme it for her. She thanks him for helping her and kisses him, though he suspects her of lying just to be in his good books. She claims that she meant it and he asks if she loves him. Caught unaware, she does not answer immediately and he gets unsettled, before she explains that she wants to be certain when she says it back to him. She asks if that is not good enough when Elle bursts in, interrupting, and Izzy excuses herself. Elle shouts at Paul that he has ruined her life…she explains about Sky holding the plane crash against their family and he attempts to be rational. She tells him that she is lonely and unhappy here and will go back to Tasmania if Cameron does not show up soon.

General Store: Janae finally breaks the silence between her and Boyd, saying that boys are all the same by thinking they can push girls around, hitting him again as he continues teasing. As Karl gives Lou his mail to be posted, Boyd again tells Janae to clear the air. She finally does, sidetracking Karl as he heads to leave and greeting him shyly. She tells him that she has wanted to apologise for her false testimony and says that she has been avoiding him since. He tells her that he does not hate her and will not hold it against Boyd getting a job. He enquires about Stingray, Dylan and Kim before starting to leave, when she asks if Boyd can have the job now that things are well. Karl tells Boyd that he can start next week and they shake hands before Karl leaves. Janae congratulates Boyd, who is angry that she put Karl on the spot; she says that you will get nothing if you do not ask and he finally gives in when she says he owes her this road trip; she is immediately delighted.

Scarlet Bar - Office: Paul tells Elle that he will take care of her ticket home, but he has also enjoyed having her here. Remaining moody, she talks about Ned’s constant rejection of her and calls herself a loser. He tells her that real love is not forced and that if she truly loves Ned then she will do it with grace. At the bar Karl orders from Izzy who asks how work is going. He tells her not to embarrass herself by being civil to him and walks off. She re-enters the office where Paul is working at the computer, and he tells her that he has updated the programming software. He shows her a demonstration and she says that he is good to her no matter what she throws at him. She then tells him that she wants Cameron to stay as long as he wishes, and he thanks her, nothing more, before she leaves unfulfilled.

No 30 - Kitchen: Toadie fetches beer for himself and Ned, talking about what Connor said. Unwilling to say anymore about it he then declares Ned the new third member of the House of Trouser, telling him to share his feelings as a fully-fledged member. Ned changes the subject when Toadie asks about Elle, banging the table for answers and stopping when Elle enters. He excuses himself to give them privacy and Elle says that she got Ned’s message. She admits that she came on strong while he was only being genuine, Ned about to say something when Gino hurries in a monologue for Ned to read. Both Elle and Gino insist he read, but he decides to wait until rehearsal, ushering Gino out. Elle asks to know why he was adamant not to read, and she jokes that he cannot read at all, before he gives her a look, confirming it.

No 24 - Kitchen: Harold and Connor are making food for an Army meeting when Sky enters, Connor telling her not to pick at the food. Sky asks Connor how Stuart is doing and he answers briefly before asking Harold another food question. Sky heads out, and Harold asks Connor to pass him the pepper, calling him David. They both look up, Harold brushing it over by asking for the pepper again, though there is clearly tension between them.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Isabelle Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Janae Timmins, Connor O’Neill, Toadfish Rebecchi, Boyd Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Shane McNamara as Gino Esposito

Trivia Notes
• Elle mentions fake lava onstage as a feature of Gino’s musical production of Krakatoa
• Paul describes Cameron as the “easygoing one” of the two twins
• Connor quotes from the book of Jeremiah 31
• Gino reveals to Ned his real name of Ray Murphy, saying he is from Bunberry in Western Australia
• Karl orders a tall black coffee and a ham and cheese sandwich with crusts, and later risotto. Janae drinks chocolate milkshake
• Elle sent Sky and Harold a sympathy card for the plane crash
• Karl gives Lou a birthday present for Mal to be posted

Summary by Brendan

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