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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5627
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 17/02/09 Five: 21/04/09

• Karl kicking Ringo out
• Ringo staying the night at Sass’s and informing Susan on the phone that he’s staying at a mates
• Donna horrified to learn Ringo stayed the night at Sass’s
• Paul, sat with Sass telling Donna that he’s kicking her out so she can go and live with her mother
• Elle telling Lucas that she’s sure the shirt is Zeke’s
• Karl and Susan emotionally accepting that Zeke is gone

No 28: Karl’s preparing himself for his first day back at work and places a photo of Zeke into his briefcase. Susan leaves a message on Ringo’s phone wanting to know if he’s safe as she’s phoned all his footie mates and none of them have said he’s staying with them. As Karl heads off to work, Susan gives her husband a kiss and wishes him good luck.

Harold’s Store: Harold slowly sits himself down at one of the tables, struggling with the hard work at the store. Elle and Lucas arrive and Elle instantly questions why Harold’s working on his own. He tells her that Lou is spending some time with Mickey and that he can cope fine here on his own anyway. As Harold departs, Elle and Lucas sit down to discuss their next move following their discovery. They both agree they need to talk to Susan in private and when Susan enters the store moments later they sense their opportunity and ask to speak with her at home.

No 28: Elle and Lucas present Susan with their evidence. Susan’s shocked by their findings, but manages to hold it all together. Lucas admits they’re not 100% sure that Phil has Zeke, but suggests that it all adds up. Susan thanks the pair and urges them not to tell Karl as another dead end would completely destroy the family. She informs them that she’ll handle it from here and call the police. As Elle and Lucas depart, Susan grabs her phone and decides against calling Karl. She then phones the police.

Harold’s Store: Tegan tries to cheer up Donna, but she’s having none of it. Donna tells her sister that she had a perfect life until she came along and ruined everything. Tegan storms off, whilst Simon smirks and tells his older sister he’s got a great idea. He grabs her arm and they leave the store.

No 22: Donna arrives back at No 22 with her suitcase. Elle is unhappy with Paul for letting Donna move out. Donna hugs Simon and thanks him for telling Elle the full story. He then takes Donna’s case upstairs as Elle hugs Donna, telling her it’s good to have her back. She asks about inviting Ringo over for dinner, but Donna informs her that they’re not talking at the moment. Elle tells Donna that he needs a big wake up call as Simon looks on from the stairs, listening in.

The Allotment: Ringo’s on the phone presumably to Karl telling him that he’s staying at a mates place and that it’s awesome. He ends the phonecall by saying he’s got to grab a shower. Ringo then strips naked and begins showering in public using a container strapped to a wooden stand. A mysterious figure then sneaks up and grabs Ringo’s bag and removes his contacts from his mobile phone. When Ringo’s finishes washing, he’s horrified to find his clothes have been stolen. He shouts out for the joke to end, as Simon looks on laughing through the bushes.

Harold’s Store: Simon and Donna sit down at Harold’s Store as Paul suggests Simon’s looking pretty pleased with himself. Donna then points out that Harold doesn’t look too well. Just then Ringo sneaks in to the kitchen of the store, still naked. Harold’s quite taken aback, causing others in the store to notice an embarrassed Ringo. Ringo’s then forced to admit he was taking a shower at the allotment. Donna offers him some clothes, but he angrily refuses suggesting that she planned the whole thing, including deleting his address book in the hope that he’d call her. Donna’s outraged by Ringo’s accusations and storms off. Eventually, Lucas offers Ringo his shirt to cover his modesty.

Phil Andrews’s friends’ property: Susan arrives with the police at a property that belongs to a friend of Phil Andrews. His Ute is there so the police are hopeful he might be inside. Susan’s frustrated and instantly wants to go inside to find Phil, but the police warn her that they must go in first to see if Phil will cooperate. As the police head inside, it doesn’t take long for Susan to follow after them.

Susan watches Phil from afar as the police chat with him. He eventually catches the eye of Susan and asks the officer if that’s the missing boys mother. Sergeant Lawson heads over to Susan and she asks if she can speak to Phil. He agrees, and Susan soon asks why Phil left his old property so quickly. Phil explains that he had people snooping around and that someone had broken in and disturbed Trent’s room. He goes on to explain that he kept his room untouched as a memory to his dead son. Sergeant Lawson takes Susan to one side and says that there’s nothing to tie Phil Andrews with Zeke’s disappearance. He asks her to wait outside.

Sergeant Lawson informs an angered Susan that they don’t have anything on Phil at all to make an arrest. He offers her a lift back to the station, but Susan says she’s already booked a taxi. With the police gone, Susan then sets about trying to get back into the property. She runs round the house and comes across Phil sitting solemnly on a tree. Susan tells him that the shirt is Zeke’s as it smells like him, but Phil responds and says that he knows what she’s going through as he also lost a son. He tells her to let go and move on. Susan breaks down and walks off to cry. Moments later, her taxi does indeed arrive and as Susan gets in, Phil reappears. He makes a phonecall and tells ‘Trent’ that he can come home now…

Charlie’s Bar: Lucas has a good old laugh at Ringo in his borrowed clothes that Harold got for him from the Salvation Army. Lucas tells Ringo to try and meet Karl halfway so he can move back in, but a stubborn Ringo refuses.

No 22: Paul goads Simon about Donna, leading him to realise that it was Simon who stole Ringo’s clothes and not Donna. Paul doesn’t say anything though and their conversation is interrupted by a phonecall. Paul takes the call and Simon is disgusted to learn that it’s Cassandra that he’s flirting with down the phone. As Paul ends the call, he informs Simon that he’s got to go.

Charlie’s Bar: Lucas offers Ringo the option to crash round his, but Ringo informs him he’s already got somewhere else to stay. Lucas then tells Ringo to man-up over his troubles with Donna. Ringo laughs and has two words for Lucas – Elle Robinson.

No 22: Paul can’t seem to unlock the front door to get out. He soon realises that Simon has super-glued it and confronts him about it. Simon jokes and says that atleast now he won’t be able to crack onto his mother.

Harold’s Store: Tegan enters the store and asks Elle after Donna. Elle tells her that she’s busy somewhere and doesn’t want to be interrupted. Tegan sighs and exits.

Harold’s Store – Kitchen: Harold puts the finishing touches on an ice-cream Sunday as Donna thanks him for cheering her up. He then rather unsubtly tries to get Donna to talk to Ringo again. The pair joke about it anyway and Harold suggests he swaps his matchmaking skills for tuba lessons. Donna isn’t impressed and wants something cooler, leading an excitable Harold to remember the days of Afro Harold! Donna laughs and says that she must see this to believe it. With an introduction from Donna, Harold begins rapping, but moments later collapses in pain. Donna shouts for an ambulance.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Donna looks on as Harold fights for his life. Susan arrives and comforts Donna telling her that it’s nonsense that she thinks it was all her fault. Karl comes out to see them and says that it’s looking bad.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Dr. Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Paul Robinson, Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Chelsea Jones as Tegan Freedman, Mauricio Merino JR as Simon Freedman, Liam Pedersen as Sergeant Rick Lawson, Robert Mammone as Phil Andrews, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith

Trivia Notes
• Donna says that Ringo can memorise her mobile phone number
• Ringo informs Lucas that ‘Adz’ from footie is putting him up

Summary by Edd