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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6820

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 14/02/14, Five: 28/02/14

Callum tries to talk Paul into putting padlocks on the bridge for Valentine's Day
Toadie tells Sonya that he's starting to doubt their marriage
Josh continues to struggle with his shoulder injury
Kate can't cope with seeing Brennan around all the time
Georgia decides to move back to Birregurra

No 30: Sonya hands over some chocolates to Georgia, unsure if they're mentioning what day it is. Georgia says that she's tried to forget, but she can't stop thinking about Kyle, as this was the day they were meant to be getting married. Sonya asks if she's changed her mind about moving away, but Georgia confirms that she's still going - she just doesn't want to have to tell Kyle. Toadie then comes out of the bedroom to find his tie being chewed up by Loki the dog - Sonya and Callum try to defend the puppy, but Toadie is furious and goes off to find another tie. Josie then arrives, so Callum hands Loki over to Sonya, and he and Josie exchange Valentine's gifts - she gives him a heart-shaped photo frame, with a picture of them as their Dragon Prophecies avatars, and he quickly grabs the box of chocolates from the table, unable to reveal his real Valentine's gift until it's ready. Josie is a little underwhelmed.

Charlie's: Kyle walks in, finds the bar decorated for Valentine's Day and fears that the universe is trying to punish him. Sheila, blowing up red balloons, apologises and explains that, for some reason, Paul has decided to go all out with the Valentine's theme this year. Kyle helps her to blow up the balloons, but his one bursts and he declares that this is going to be the longest day in history.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Paul gives Kate some chocolates - she appreciates the gesture, but he realises that it must seem a bit pathetic to be getting chocolates from your uncle on Valentine's Day. Kate just slumps on the couch and wonders how much longer before the day is over.

Harold's Store: Callum and Lou are selling engraved padlocks to people for the Lovers' Lake. He's explaining the concept to Karl and Susan - Susan thinks it's a lovely idea, but Karl thinks it's just another gimmick to get people to part with their cash. He kisses her and says that's a better token of his love, before quickly leaving. Susan then says that she'll get one engraved, even though Karl doesn't deserve it, and Imogen walks over and admits that she'd love it if her boyfriend bought her a lock. She quickly notices them all staring at her and says that she means that she would love it... if she had a boyfriend... which she doesn't. Callum says that the world must be really screwed up if a girl like Imogen can't get a date on Valentine's Day.

No 32 - Kitchen: Mason is wrapping a gift for Imogen, and quickly hides it as Josh walks in, looking for Amber. Mason says that she's in her room, getting changed, so Josh leaves her card and a rose on the table, and goes to wait outside. Mason then starts to write Imogen's card but finds that the pen doesn't work, so he goes to get another one.

No 32 - Back Garden: Amber gives Josh his card, which includes a voucher for a glamorous weekend away - she suggests that they could use her winnings from the photography competition, and find a guesthouse somewhere. Josh apologises for not getting her anything except the card, and he tells her that it's inside.

No 32 - Kitchen: She finds it on the table, but also finds Mason's gift for Imogen - a bracelet - and she excitedly opens it and rushes back outside. Mason then returns to the kitchen, confused to find that his gift has been opened.

No 32 - Back Garden: Amber says that it's the best present anyone has ever gotten her, and Josh is confused but goes along with it. Mason then appears and spots the bracelet on Amber's wrist, but can't say anything.

Lassiter's Hotel: Kate leaves the penthouse and gets into the lift. On the way down, she's joined by Brennan - they're both on their phones, and don't immediately spot each other, but then he says that he honestly isn't stalking her. She says that he's having no effect on her at all, but then she starts slamming on the buttons, trying to get the lift to hurry up - then it stops completely and the lights go out. Brennan observes that it must be stuck, and Kate starts to panic.

Lassiter's Hotel: Kate is on the phone, trying to get someone to come and rescue them. Brennan asks if she's claustrophobic, as she seems very upset, but she says that she just really didn't need for this to happen today. She then tells him to be quiet, as there isn't much oxygen and he's already used his fair share.

Harold's Store: Karl is buying an engraved padlock from Callum, admitting that, although he still thinks that it's rampant commercialism, it's also easier to keep Susan happy. Lou is impressed that Callum didn't mention that Susan had already bought one. Kyle then walks in and Callum is about to put the hard sell on him, before realising that it would be a mistake. Kyle wants to know what's going on, and Callum explains about the love locks, to which Kyle replies that, as far as he's concerned, Valentine's Day doesn't exist. Georgia walks in and Kyle stops her and asks if they could have a meal together to talk about the baby - Georgia says that she's in a rush, as she's got to get home to babysit Nell. Kyle pushes her about it, and she agrees to meet up at Charlie's in a couple of hours, once she's done with the babysitting.

Lassiter's Hotel: Still trapped in the lift, Kate has now opened the chocolates that Paul gave her, and Brennan asks if she's going to share. She reminds him that he shouldn't be talking, but he gets her sympathy when he says that he didn't have time for lunch. She says that being stuck in a lift on Valentine's Day, with her ex-boyfriend and a box of the chocolates that her uncle gave her, may mean that she's now reached rock bottom. Kate asks him why he broke up with Sienna, implying that she was a bit too stupid for him. Brennan says that Sienna was very smart, gorgeous and loved spending time camping and hiking, plus she volunteered with the elderly. Kate wonders why he ever broke up with her, but Brennan asks her why she broke up with Kyle. She says that Kyle was always in love with Georgia - they were due to get married today - and now she's been left without her two best friends. Brennan says that he's there for her, if she needs a friend, but she tells him that she isn't quite that desperate yet. He asks why she's so hell bent on pushing him away, when she was the one who rejected him. He wonders why they can't just move forward and be friends, but before she can answer, the lift starts up again. Kate quickly bursts out of the doors, having a go at the workmen as she goes.

Harold's Store: Sonya tells Toadie that Lucas and Vanessa have agreed to take the puppy, and he's pleased to hear it, and then suggests that they should buy one of Callum's locks, if only to help out his business enterprise. After Toadie's paid for it, Sonya suggests that they go and put it by the lake now, but he says that he has work to do, so maybe they could do it later in the week. As Toadie leaves, Josie walks in, and Callum covers over his padlock selling station and runs over to say hi to her, pretending that he's been having lunch with his mum. Josie wonders why he didn't return her phone calls, and asks if he'd like to hang out now, but he says that he's quite busy with his mum right now. Josie looks very hurt and rushes out of the store.

Charlie's: Sheila takes a drink over to Lou and they both lament the fact that they're alone on Valentine's Day. Lou says that he'd love to share it with someone special, and Sheila admits that she'd be happy with someone not-so-special for just a few minutes, before patting Lou on the arm. They both look very awkward, and she rushes back to work. At another table, Kyle is telling Georgia about some of the classes he's been reading about, and how he'd like to spend time with the baby and will even start work late a couple of days a week. Georgia then has to break the news to Kyle that she won't be around, as she's decided to move back to Birregurra. She reminds him that it's only two hours away, so they still see plenty of each other, but Kyle just asks her how she can take his child away from him like this.

Harold's Store: Callum has almost sold all of the padlocks, as Sonya joins him and says that Josie didn't seem very happy when she was in there earlier. Callum admits that the excuse about spending time with his mum did seem a bit weird, but he had to throw Josie off the scent somehow. Sonya reminds her son that communication is the most important part of a relationship, but Callum then jumps up as Brennan walks in, and tries to sell him a padlock. Brennan says that he doesn't want one this year, but maybe next year - he then makes a call to the agent handling number 24 and says that he's interested in leasing the house.

Lassiter's Lake: Imogen joins Mason, standing by the lake, and he gives her one of the padlocks, engraved with 'Forever yours'. He explains that he got her another gift, but there was a bit of a mix-up. She says that this is perfect, and she locks it on the bridge and throws the key into the lake. They're about to kiss when Karl runs up to them, asking if they've seen Susan - who then appears behind him. He goes over to her, and they realise that they've both bought a padlock - he jokes that he had his engraved, so he can't return it now. Susan joins the two padlocks together and thanks Karl for indulging her this once, and he says that he'd happily be conned by Callum any day of the week, if it was for her. He puts the padlocks on the bridge and they throw the keys into the water, before sharing a kiss. From the other side of the lake, Sonya watches them, sadly.

Erinsborough Community Centre/Paul's Penthouse/Harold's Store/No 30: Sonya is talking to her support group, and as she talks about the bad decisions she's made recently, we see Kate, sitting alone in the penthouse eating chocolates. She talks about finding the strength to fight for her marriage, and we see Karl and Susan sharing a slice of cake in Harold's. Sonya says that she is determined to work things out, and we see Toadie at home with Loki.

Lassiter's Lake: Callum is walking a blindfolded Josie towards Lassiter's Lake, and she says that she's glad he found some time for her today. He says that he's just been making excuses all day, and then he removes the blindfold and shows her the lake, covered in padlocks. He shows her the final padlock, engraved with 'CR + JL' and she says that she loves it. She quickly puts the lock on the bridge, throws the key in the water, and kisses Callum. Georgia is passing, and she smiles as she sees the young couple, but then she spots Kyle also watching. He gives her a filthy look and walks away, and Georgia is very upset.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis, Mason Turner, Amber Turner

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Madison Daniel as Josie Lamb

Trivia Notes
Past characters Vanessa Villante and Lucas Fitzgerald are mentioned
This episode takes place on Valentine's Day

Summary by Steve

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