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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6850

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 28/03/14, Five: 11/04/14

ē Josh tells Amber heís scared of losing her but she says it will never happen
ē Georgia kisses Kyle to put off the guy thatís interested in him at the yard
ē Patricia canít go home as things didnít go well when she told her husband about her gambling

No 26 - Living Room: Patricia stayed over at Chrisís house but didnít sleep very well as she was worrying about what her husband thinks of her, but Chris assures her that heís just in shock. Chris has past experience of how his dad reacts so he knows he will come round. Kyle wishes Patricia good luck in court and then leaves. Patricia goes to get some breakfast and as she walks off Chris tells her not to worry about his dad as he will have a word with him and make him see sense.

Harold's Store: Chris walks in to find his dad sitting having a coffee. Chris thanks him for agreeing to meet so early but Georgeís body clock is all over the place as he has jet lag. Chris tries to make George see that Patricia has a gambling addiction and itís not just a ďstupid thingĒ that she has done. George thinks she is over reacting but Chris tells him what a big thing it is for his mum to admit she has a problem to herself as well as everyone else. Chris thinks his dad is in denial and he canít face what is happening. George points out that this is the same as Chris hiding the fact Hudson was in jail from them. Chris says this is completely different as he was trying to protect them. Chris tries to make George see how serious the situation is and that Patricia really needs him there in court. George thinks Chris is over reacting now and leaves saying he is tired after all so he is going home.

No 22 - Living Room: Terese asks Josh what he has planned as he is laying on the sofa in just his boxer shorts. She asks him if he wants to help out at the hotel today, sheíll pay him. Josh doesnít want to as Amber is coming over in her free period from school. Terese asks if Josh has thought about going back to school but he doesnít want to go back into year 11. Imogen notes that he left school close to the end of the year so Susan may let him back into year 12. Josh thinks going back will be embarrassing but Terese thinks having something to focus on will make him feel better.

Harold's Store: Terese bumps into Susan at the store and tries to scope out whether Josh can go back into year 12. Susan thinks it could be done but he would have to be able to manage the workload and work really hard to catch up. Terese mentions he is feeling insecure about going back and asks if Susan would have a word with him. Susan agrees to talk to him and see what she can do.

Lassiter's Complex: Georgia sees Kyle and asks if pretending to be his girlfriend yesterday has thrown off the guy that was flirting with him. He says it worked and now he is a lot easier to work for, he owes Georgia for helping him out. Kyle asks Georgia out to lunch to make up for not eating together yesterday and it is Georgiaís favourite day at Charlieís Ė Parma day! How could she refuse?! She agrees to meet Kyle at 1pm. As she walks off, Kyle looks after her smiling.

No 22 - Living Room: Amber comes to see Josh but canít stay as she has got a huge assignment to do. Josh wants her to do it later but she canít. Josh tells Amber his mum was talking about him going back to school but he is reluctant as he left school to be a champion but going back means that itís all real to him that he didnít make it. Amber reassures him he is still the guy that puts in 100% so why not do it at school. He tells her sheís amazing and they kiss but Amber has to pull away as she needs to study. Josh tells her theyíll do it together and tries to get her to stay. She agrees to stay for 5 minutes.

No 30 - Living Room: Chris has come to see Sonya to ask if she is still coming to court. He mentions his dad is in denial after Patricia told him everything. Sonya tells Chris not to be too harsh on his dad as it is a big shock and he didnít react that well when he found out either. Chris is worried that Patricia will start gambling again, he tried to explain this to his dad but itís like talking to a brick wall. Sonya thinks they need to discuss the issue as a family.

Charlie's: Chris and Patricia are waiting for George to turn up, but Patricia doesnít think he will come. George turns up and Chris tries to get them to talk to each other. He starts by saying he didnít tell them about Hudson because he was scared of what they would think and Patricia agrees that it is hard to be open sometimes. George thinks he is being blamed but Chris quickly tells him thatís not the case and they just need to be honest with each other going forwards. George tells them he is trying to hold his head up high but itís Chris and Patricia that are not being honest and doing shameful things. Chris canít believe Georgeís attitude but tells him itís not too late to change. Chris mentions the support meetings and suggests they go together but George is dismissive. Patricia pleads with George to come to court to support her as she doesnít think she can do it without him. He apologises and walks away but Chris stops him to challenge his decision and tells him heís not the father he knows. With that, George leaves the pub and Chris looks at Patricia in disbelief.

Lassiter's Complex: Susan and Georgia see each other and Georgia is in a good mood as she is going to the pub with Kyle. Susan asks if theyíre going on a date but Georgia insists itís not a date. Georgia explains why theyíre having lunch and Susan thinks they are very elaborate excuses to spend time together! Georgia still says her and Kyle are still just friends. Susan says as long as Kyle and Georgia are both on the same page thinking itís not a date then it will be ok. Susan makes a tongue in cheek comment about Kyle then walks off leaving Georgia shaking her head.

Harold's Store: Susan is meeting with Josh, and Amber is there for support. They have a conversation about Joshís performance in year 11 being less than satisfactory but Josh claims it was because of his training. Susan tells him there is a chance he can catch up year 12 but it will be very difficult. Susan wants him to sit a test similar to the English test he missed before Ė he can do it under exam conditions at Susanís house later in the day. Josh wants more time to prepare but Susan insists there is no time to waste. She gives him some notes to revise and tells him to come over later. Josh says that is fine and Susan leaves.

Dial-a-Kyle: Georgia brings burgers for her and Kyle to have for lunch. Georgia makes an excuse that she doesnít have time for a sit down meal, which is why she has brought take out. Kyle says Georgia knows him so well as she got his burger order right. They sit on the back of the truck to eat them and Kyle suggests eating them at the lake but Georgia makes and excuse to stay where they are. When Kyle offers to pay for them, Georgia says that itís nothing between friends leaving Kyle looking wistful.

No 22 - Kitchen: Josh is revising for his test but is concerned it is English and it is hard. Imogen and Amber are there and they agree. They try to help him study by doing an example with him but end up confusing him. Josh gets frustrated and thinks heís too dumb to do year 12. He walks off as he thinks he shouldnít even try as heíll stuff it up. Imogen and Amber look at each other and are upset.

No 22: Later Josh comes back down. Amber has gone to finish her assignment but Imogen is still there and wants to know why Josh doubts himself so much. He isnít sure he can do it as Imogen always used to do his homework for him. Imogen tries to compare it to swimming and reaching his goals. He has never proved himself at school and he canít handle failing again. Imogen gives Josh a pep talk when he says the Josh she knew doesnít exist anymore. He does want to go back to school so Imogen says she will help him try and he starts looking at the papers

Dial-a-Kyle: Kyle points out that Georgia has some sauce on her face but she canít find it so he wipes it off with his thumb. They share a moment but Georgia makes an excuse and leaves quickly before Kyle kisses her.

No 22 - Living Room: Terese is on the phone to Susan telling her how much she appreciates this and she will send Josh over now. Terese tells Josh it shows strength of character to do what he is doing and she is proud of him. Imogen answers the door to Amber who has come to wish Josh good luck. Amber says sheíll come back and wait for the results with him but Josh says not to worry about it. She insists, and then Josh leaves to sit the test with everyone wishing him luck.

No 26 - Living Room: Chris is telling Sonya what happened with his dad. Patricia enters and is very nervous. Chris tries to calm her down but she rushes off to change her lipstick.

Ramsay Street: As they leave the house Patricia is worrying about being late. They bump into George, he has changed his mind and will be taking them to court and supporting Patricia. She hugs him and thanks him; Chris is happy.

No 22 - Living Room: Josh, Imogen and Amber are waiting for his results. Imogen is worrying about it and keeps asking him how he went in the exam. When Susan arrives she asks if Terese is home but Josh asks her to tell him straight. Susan says he can go back to school but not into year 12. Josh is upset but Susan thinks it isnít good enough and he has too much ground to make up. If he wants to go back to school he has to repeat year 11.

Featured Regular Characters: Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy, Georgia Brooks, Amber Turner, Sonya Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Katerina Kotsonis as Patricia Pappas, Lliam Amor as George Pappas

Trivia Notes
ē Lliam Amor returns, eighteen months after his last appearance, for one episode as Chris's father, George

Summary by Nicola

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