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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6887

Written by Peter Mattessi, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 20/05/14, Five: 03/06/14

Daniel modelling for Amber's photoshoot at The Waterhole
Brennan and Sienna kissing, then Sienna manipulating Brennan so she can stay at Number 24
Bailey returning home drunk after avoiding a fight with Jayden by offering him bottles of Lou's homemade alcohol

No 32 - Back Garden: Amber heads over to Josh, who is in the pool, to comment that she can't believe Bailey is still asleep. Josh isn't listening and Amber says what an exciting conversation they are having. Josh apologises and Amber asks what is so important to Josh, who explains that the person who took his place in the swimming team following his injury, is not swimming as well as he did when he was in the team. Josh wonders how that can be fair and questions his future: Amber tells him to stop stressing, as a career path will find him like photography did for her.

No 30: Sonya says good morning to Callum and asks if he has any plans for the day. Callum reluctantly replies he will probably be seeing Josie. Sonya continues to probe for more information and Callum sarcastically retorts that they are spending the day in the city and then have booked a grotty hotel for afterwards with cockroaches on the floor as that's all they could afford. Sonya looks shocked, but Callum reassures her that actually he will be taking Josie to a PG rated movie at the cinema. Sonya is relieved when Callum admits he and Josie have slowed things down. Just then, Toadie returns from having emptied Brennan's bin, as the council still are not emptying it.

No 24: Sonya invites Brennan to go with her for a walk and, although he is not keen, she is persuasive enough to cajole him along. Before she leaves, Brennan makes her promise not to ask him any questions. she agrees and then orders him to get dressed and meet her downstairs in ten minutes.

No 32: Bailey, who has his head in his hands, is sitting at the kitchen table when Lauren arrives, greeting him with a cheery good morning. Bailey doesn't reply, so she asks him again and then wonders how his date with Josie went the previous night. Bailey tries to remember what he told Lauren and lies that it went well. Lauren becomes concerned as Bailey still seems very distant and urges him to tell her if there are any problems and points out he can talk to her if he needs. Bailey replies that he knows, but at this moment just wants to sit and relax. Lauren walks over to him and asks why he wants to stay in on a beautiful day: Bailey snaps that Lauren can stop her nagging as he will go for a walk and he jumps up and heads out.

Ramsay Street: Amber and Josh are dealing with the bins, discussing which fruit they would be if they had the chance. Just then, Daniel skateboards up the street, stopping alongside Amber and giving her a copy of the leaflets created after their photoshoot at The Waterhole. Amber comments on how good they are and Josh asks Daniel what the skateboard trick he performed coming up the street was. Daniel explains and Amber suggests Josh use the skateboard Imogen bought and get some tips from Daniel later in the day. Josh isn't sure, but after persuasion from Amber agrees to meet up with Daniel later on for skateboarding.

Lassiter's Lake: Sonya and Brennan are strolling across the bridge, Brennan wondering when Sonya is going to ask a question. Sonya replies that she made a promise, but Brennan gives her two minutes before she won't be able to resist. Sonya tries her hardest, commenting on the trees, weather and Toadie's shoes, but is caught out by Brennan when she asks him if he has just smiled.

Harold's Store: Bailey is still in some discomfort, sitting quietly at a table when Callum marches over, demanding to know why Bailey did not follow their agreed plan of how boys can and can't talk to girls, pointing out that Josie is furious with Bailey. Callum is surprised when Bailey admits he doesn't remember what he said and Bailey suggests that Callum ask Josie to find out what happened. Callum snaps back, wondering whether that should be his job and explains he doesn't want to get involved in a domestic. Bailey replies he wouldn't ask if he wasn't desperate and Callum agrees, but points out that it will cost him. As Callum goes, Bailey looks at his phone, discovering a series of short calls he made to Josie the previous night.

Ramsay Street: Daniel and Amber are sitting on the side of the street waiting for Josh to return. Amber says that Josh shouldn't be too much longer, but Daniel replies that it is ok as it is giving him time to think about things. Amber asks if it is about his start at Lassiter's the next day and Daniel tells her not to remind him as it is his day off and he doesn't have to think about it until tomorrow. Josh returns, apologising for the wait as he got stuck with Brad, who tried to convince him that surfing was superior to skating. Josh jokingly tells Daniel that if he has a spare three hours, he should ask Brad about the time his surfboard was bitten by a shark. Daniel stands up and explains to Josh how to stand on the skateboard, but Josh has already propelled himself off around Ramsay Street. Going past in the other direction, Josh stumbles from the board onto the grass verge: Amber races over to see if he is alright and Josh laughs that he is, pointing out it is only a few grazes on his hand. He grabs the board and asks Daniel if they can go again.

Harold's Store: Callum runs over to Bailey and explains that he found out Bailey made some calls and said things that were major tactical errors as far as relationships go. Callum adds that Josie said Bailey seemed "off his face" and had said that their relationship was moving in different directions. Bailey says that he meant to sound romantic, although Callum quickly points out that it didn't sound romantic at all. Bailey asks Callum to speak to Josie for him, although Callum tells Bailey to suck it up and call Josie himself, adding that if he grovels enough, he might be able to sort the situation out himself.

Lassiter's Lake: Sonya and Brennan are sitting on a bench by the lake, avoiding discussing difficult issues. Sonya leaves Brennan for a moment, to pick up a plastic bottle dropped by a jogger, and when she returns comments on how natural Brennan is with children, as she has spotted how well he looked after Nell in the moments she was away. Brennan brings the subject of conversation onto Kate, telling Sonya that Kate would have made a great mother as she loved children and pointing out that he now has to get used to a very different life without her as that is just the way things are.

Ramsay Street: Daniel and Josh are working on their skateboarding skills, Daniel explaining how long it took to perfect the tricks that he is showing Josh. Amber suggests going for lunch: Josh urges Daniel and Amber to go, explaining that he won't be long and heading off to continue what he has learnt on the skateboard. Amber sarcastically thanks Daniel, as Josh is now busy skateboarding and explains that lunch will be at hers as they can make some sandwiches then go for a swim.

No 32 - Back Garden: By the pool, Amber is looking at a camera Daniel has, saying how great it is. She takes a couple of shots, then suggests trying out the timer on it, running over to sit next to Daniel so that they can have a photo together. Once the photo has been taken, the two look at each other and Amber, sensing the atmosphere between them, makes her exit, telling Daniel that she should be getting on with making the lunch. Daniel watches Amber head into the house.

No 32: Bailey is eating his lunch, trying to get through to Josie on the phone to apologise for his behaviour. Lauren arrives and notices how messy the kitchen is, demanding to know how Bailey could make such a mess when preparing some bacon and eggs. Bailey shouts that Lauren should quit nagging as he will clean it up, but Lauren icily suggests that Bailey needs to rethink what he said. Bailey apologises and Lauren wonders why Bailey has suddenly turned into a moody, sullen grump. Bailey explains that he didn't sleep well, but Lauren says she doesn't care as he shouldn't be taking it out on her. Going to leave, Lauren adds that when she gets back, she wants to see a smile and an immaculate kitchen. As she heads off, she points an arriving Josh out back. Alone in the kitchen, Bailey receives a message from Josie, ordering him to stop calling her as their relationship is over.

No 32 - Back Garden: Out by the pool, Josh heads over, noting that time went very quickly as Amber points out that it is way after lunch. Daniel is swimming in the pool and watches as Amber kisses Josh, telling him that she has missed him. Josh explains to Amber that she was right: skateboarding did just find him, and he calls across to Daniel asking if he wants to go to the skatepark at Anson's Corner to learn some more tricks. Daniel suggests that they go now and Josh heads off to get ready. As he does, Daniel looks seriously at Amber across the other side of the pool.

No 24: Brennan thanks Sonya for the walk, explaining that he is feeling much better. Sonya notices a shopping list on the side, with items such as apricot face wash and waxing strips and wonders whether Brennan waxes his legs. Brennan explains that it is Sienna's and Sonya breaks her "no questions" promise by asking Brennan where Sienna is and whether her staying at Number 24 is a long term arrangement. Brennan explains it is complicated as he is just helping out a friend, although Sonya wonders why this should be complicated. Brennan confesses to Sonya that he kissed Sienna and feels like he cheated on Kate: Sonya replies that grief makes us want to reach out to people although ahe points out that doing it in a different way would be a good idea to avoid a misunderstanding with Sienna. Meanwhile, Nell has found the box of Kate's belongings and has begun to rummage through it. Seeing this, Brennan snaps at Nell; Sonya apologises, saying that Nell didn't mean to and, despite Brennan apologising, Sonya takes Nell back home.

No 32: Bailey is lying on the sofa when he receives a message from Jayden asking what he is going to be doing later that evening. Bailey replies back that he needs a quiet one at home. Jayden sends a message back that he and the boys are having a quiet evening and, tempted, Bailey replies that he will be with them soon.

No 24: Brennan is packing away Kate's box of belongings when he finds a note containing the sentence "You are going to pay" written over and over again. Realising he has seen the writing before, he runs over to the bin and retrieves Sienna's shopping list. Comparing the handwriting, Brennan realises that the notes have been written by the same person.

Featured Regular Characters: Amber Turner, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner, Josh Willis, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Ashleigh Brewer as Kate Ramsay, Ben Masters as Skateboarding Double

Trivia Notes
Past character Kate Ramsay is mentioned, and Ashleigh Brewer is credited for the episode, as the character is also shown in a photograph

Summary by Alex

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