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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6912

Written by James Walker, Directed by Declan Eames, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 24/06/14, Five: 08/07/14

Ben and Jayden fighting at the school
Susan asking Libby if there is another reason Ben was fighting at school
Matt and Lauren confronting Bailey over his drinking
Daniel asking Terese to help Paul, and Paul urging Terese to stay with him as he doesn't want to be alone

Ramsay Street: Paige is working out in the driveway of Number 24 when Brennan arrives home having been for a jog. She asks if he feels better, but he admits that he doesn't. Paige wonders if Brennan has the energy to race her upstairs, but he declines, offering her the use of the shower first. Paige says she will make sure she hangs up the towels correctly and he thanks her, although is rather distant towards her.

No 22: Brad sits down to breakfast on the patio, although Terese says she won't be staying as she is having breakfast with Paul. Terese apologises for staying late with Paul the previous night, until 2.30am, and says that Paul is in a bad way and needs support. Brad asks if Daniel could help instead, but Terese replies that he was overwhelmed by the whole situation. Brad asks Terese if Paul is really that bad. She responds that he is and that his work is starting to suffer. Brad points out Terese has her own family: she heads off, saying that she can handle it.

Ramsay Street: Susan is tending to the flowers in the front garden of Number 28 when Ben comes out to inform her that Karl called and asked to meet Susan in Harold's in half an hour. Susan thanks him, and as he goes to head back indoors, Susan calls Ben over, asking him to join her in the garden. He declines, explaining that he has work to do inside.

No 32: Matt heads off to work. Before he goes, Lauren asks him what time he finishes, explaining that they need to sit down with Bailey to discuss recent issues. She adds that she wants to take a hands-on approach with Bailey and has already encouraged him to spend time with Sonya, away from school. Matt isn't sure a hands-on approach is best with Bailey, but Lauren is insistent that lines of communication need to remain open. Matt replies he has already spoken to Bailey and Lauren probes how Bailey reacted to the chat. Matt fends off Lauren's questions, urging her to leave things to Sonya as she knows more about addictions than they do. Matt suggest they reassess the situation if things don't work out with Sonya.

Harold's Store: Susan and Karl are asking Sonya's advice on Ben: Sonya replies that Ben didn't seem engaged at the nursery when he was there. Sonya admits that she is facing a similar problem and that the best way to deal with it is on the person's level, working forwards from there. She grabs a cheese toastie saying that food will also help. As she goes, Karl turns to Susan and offers to talk to Ben and spend some time with him to get him to open up. Susan agrees. Meanwhile, at a table nearby, Terese is helping Paul answer some letters. He is surprised that Terese is willing to help, but Terese assures Paul that she can deal with things. Just then, Brennan comes in and spots Paul smiling with relief at Terese. He heads back towards the door and phones Matt, asking him if he has yet started work for the day.

No 24: Brennan shows Matt into the house and explains he wants to make a formal complaint over the Gus Cleary case. Matt tries to explain it is closed, but Brennan merely replies that it is unresolved and that there is a big difference. Matt asks what Brennan wants him to do: Brennan replies he wants the case reopened because he doesn't believe the brain tumour that Paul had caused him to invent his confession. Matt points out the case won't be reopened without new evidence and have bigger fish to fry. Brennan retorts that Paul is mayor, and he wants justice. He adds that, as a police officer, Matt should want that too. Matt agrees to speak to his superiors to see if Paul can be questioned again, but before heading off, warns Brennan it doesn't mean that the case will be going anywhere. At that moment, Paige returns from the shower, explaining that she has hung up her towel and bath mat but didn't wipe down the shower. Brennan mumbles it is fine as Paige says she meant to ask if Brennan has the key to her bedroom. He explains he didn't get it when he moved in and that it is probably lost. Brennan goes on to say that she doesn't need to worry and lock her door as he doesn't go snooping: Paige sarcastically replies it would probably be too messy for him anyway.

No 32: Lauren is glad that Bailey has got up and asks him if he slept well. Bailey admits that he did and Lauren tries to ask again what is going on with him, such as when he heard from Matt about his grandfather's alcohol dependency. Bailey says he doesn't feel anything about what he heard, because it is a completely different situation to what he went through himself. Lauren seems taken aback, but just then Sonya lets herself in with breakfast for Bailey. He asks if they can go to Sonya's house instead and she agrees, Bailey making a quick escape out of the kitchen. Sonya walks over to Lauren and checks she is still ok about her involvement in Bailey's issues - Lauren wishes that she could be more involved in what is going on. Sonya urges Lauren to give it time, before she heads off to find Bailey.

No 28: Ben is practising his guitar when Karl arrives, wondering if Ben wants a jam session. He offers to teach Ben one of his songs, although points out Ben might find the bar chords tricky. Ben plays them with no problem, and Karl replies that Ben must have been practising. He asks Ben how his singing is, but offers to sing himself when Ben is very reluctant to do so. Karl starts to play a song that Libby likes - Wild Mountain Thyme. Ben looks thoughtful, but is unable to play and walks off.

Fitzgerald Motors: Outside the garage, Ben is playing basketball, shooting hoops as Karl appears. Karl grabs the ball, but misses the basket, explaining the miss by saying that he is better at slam dunks. Karl offers to play one on one, and he shoots again, this time the ball going into the basket.

No 30: Bailey is playing Callum's app as Sonya tidies away the breakfast. She comments how good he is and that he is putting her high score to shame. Sonya heads over and asks if Bailey was drinking just after Callum left. He admits he can't remember, although Sonya continues by asking him how the drinking started in the first place and how much he has drunk. Bailey replies that it was a lot and that he blacked out. Sonya tries to work out what the trigger was but Bailey doesn't know what it was, saying it doesn't matter. Sonya suggests they take a break, and goes to hang out the washing, suggesting to Bailey that he could help if he wanted. They both head out into the back garden.

Harold's Store: Lauren tells Paige she thinks that she is right when she said that Lauren was a bad mum. Paige admits she only said it because she was upset about the stolen money and that she didn't mean it. Lauren explains there is an element of truth, pointing out the current problems with Bailey. Paige wonders if Bailey would be more comfortable talking to Matt, although Lauren retorts that Matt is happier to palm the problem off onto Sonya. Paige asks if Sonya is a counsellor, but Lauren tells Paige that Sonya does have experience in theses matters. Paige says that Matt might be right, if Sonya knows what she is doing. Lauren asks if that means they should just hope someone else should solve their problems. Paige points out the fact Lauren wants to talk proves that she is a good mum and that she cares. Just then, Matt comes in to talk to Paul who is still sitting with Terese. He asks Paul to go to the station to answer some follow-up questions. Paul wonders if it is about the gun: Matt replies it is, as well as a few other things. Terese asks if it can wait a few days and Matt replies that it won't take long. Terese tells Matt she wants to come with them both and, after checking it's not illegal, tells Matt to go and get it over with.

Erinsborough Police Station: In an interview room, Terese and Paul are sat facing Matt, who is asking questions about Paul's movements following his release from prison in 2004. Paul doesn't remember and asks why Matt needs to know. He goes on to say he was confused and, when Matt asks about where Paul was on the night of the Lassiter's fire, says it should be on record. Matt replies he wants to hear it from Paul. Terese demands to know what the questioning is about and Matt replies he is following up on the murder of Gus Cleary as Paul confessed to the murder. Terese tells Matt he is asking about a very serious crime and asks Paul if he wants to leave, which he does.

Lassiter's Complex: Just outside the station, Brennan spots Paul and Terese heading off and asks Matt if he questioned Paul. Matt replies that he did, but that Paul refused to answer any questions without his lawyer. Overhearing this, Terese walks back and says that Paul is within his rights to do so. Terese tells Matt and Brennan they are both way out of line, and walks Paul upstairs, leaving Brennan to wonder why Terese is sticking up for Paul. Matt replies that Terese is right and tells Brennan that if he wants to keep pursuing the matter, he will need to do so on his own.

Harold's Store: Paige delivers a cup of tea to Lauren and asks if, as Matt is finding Bailey's issues tough, he found searching for Lauren's daughter also hard. Lauren replies that he was great about it, causing Paige to wonder why the search was such a bad experience. Lauren tells Paige about how they found Lisa, and how they thought she was their daughter. She adds that she over invested herself in Lisa, as she got very attached to her and only knew her for a day. Lauren goes on to say that she put Lisa ahead of her own family and she has no intention of doing that again and that it was probably best for Lily. Paige asks who Lily was and Lauren explains that Lily was the name she gave to her daughter all those years ago.

No 30: Bailey and Sonya are folding clothes. Sonya says how awesome Bailey is at folding and Bailey replies that Lauren trained him well. Sonya points out that he should have helped Callum pack! Sonya brings the conversation onto Josie and wonders if Bailey felt left out of everything by Callum. Bailey replies that it wasn't Callum's fault that he started drinking and that it was his own fault. Sonya says she knows Callum was the only one Bailey opened up to, and Bailey responds that Callum was his only friend. Sonya explains that she knows she can't replace that, but adds that she is there for Bailey and won't judge him. She urges Bailey to talk to her if he wants and he replies that he feels like a loser, as he was dating the hottest girl in school and felt like a nerd, pretending to be cool. Bailey admits that drinking allowed him to pretend to be someone else, not "Bailey Turner", although Sonya questions what is wrong with being Bailey Turner as he is a good person. Bailey replies that he always felt he had to be strong, with everything that happened with Mason, Robbo and Lauren's daughter. He adds that it was nice to not have to be strong to be someone else and Sonya reassures him that it all makes sense.

Grease Monkeys: Ben is with Karl, ordering a large lunch from the menu. Karl is buying, so orders himself a tap water and says that he will have some of Ben's food. Karl asks if Ben is considering giving up his ambitions and becoming a mechanic as he seems very interested in Fitzgerald Motors across the street. Ben thinks it is strange that his surname is on the sign and doesn't feel that, recently, it should belong to him. Karl wonders if it's because the surname belongs to Dan and Ben replies Dan isn't his father and is just someone who hurt himself and Libby. Karl points out Ben reacted strongly to the song he played on his guitar and confirms that Ben knows it was played at Libby and Drew's wedding. Ben admits he has seen the video a million times and thinks of Drew when he hears it and that, being in Erinsborough reminds him of how much about Drew he doesn't know. Ben explains that when he hears kids at school talking about their dads, he doesn't know what it is like as he doesn't have one. Karl wonders if Ben has spoken to Libby about it and worries how Libby would feel if she found out Ben didn't want to be in Erinsborough. He urges Krl not to tell Libby: Karl agrees.

Harold's Store: Lauren is trying to find out what Sonya has discovered from Bailey. Sonya explains Bailey's low self-esteem, needing to belong and wanting to escape. She reassures Lauren and Matt that Bailey knows he has a problem and that it needs to be sorted out. She adds that she gave Bailey a number for a teen counselling service. Lauren wonders if there is more they can do and wants to go and talk to Bailey, but Sonya stops her saying it might be best to go easy on Bailey and just to let him know that they are there for him when he is ready. Sonya agrees with Lauren that more communication is something they can work towards. Just then, Brennan's phone rings and he tells Lauren and Sonya that he has to go: it's Brennan.

No 24: Brennan is trying to change Matt's mind, but Matt hangs up. He heads over to the table and knocks over Paige's bag by mistake. Several items fall out, including a photo of Paige and Ethan. Paige walks in, demanding to know what Brennan is doing and asking if he is going through her things. Brennan tells Paige to calm down, explaining that it was an accident, and that he doesn't know what the big deal is. He asks who the person in the photo is, but Paige won't say. Brennan wonders what is going on as she wanted to lock her bedroom door and now she is accusing him of going through her things. Paige apologises and asks to forget it, but Brennan furiously says he has had enough of people trying to hide things and demands that she tells him immediately what it is that she is trying to hide.

Featured Regular Characters: Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Bailey Turner, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Sonya Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Kym Valentine as Paige Novak, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Felix Mallard as Ben Fitzgerald

Trivia Notes
Past characters Daniel Fitzgerald, Gus Cleary, Mason Turner, Callum Rebecchi and Robbo Slade are mentioned
Past character Drew Kirk is discussed at length by Karl and Ben

Summary by Alex

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