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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6932

Written by Brooke Wilson, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 22/07/14, Five: 05/08/14

Kathy Carpenter arriving for a visit and then being introduced to Paige
Paige telling Ethan that Kathy has to pay for what she did
Josh working out that Daniel and Amber have grown closer and then discovering them kissing in the dark room.

Lassiter's Complex: Josh storms out of Lassiter's Hotel, in shock at what he has just discovered.

Harold's Store: Matt, Lauren and Kathy are sitting down at a table, Matt commenting how nice it was for Kathy to take the children to the movies. Lauren can't believe that Kathy sat through a sci-if movie, but Kathy replies how much she loves her grandchildren. Kathy gets up to head back to the hotel, telling Lauren she will bring some work back with her. Kathy heads off and Lauren admits to Matt that she is trying to get used to having Kathy around again. Matt points out that it shows Kathy wants to make up with Lauren, who replies that they will play it by ear, although she admits that Kathy reconnecting with her grandchildren is a good thing. Matt urges Lauren to try and talk to Kathy properly, as on her last visit, a lot of things were said in anger. Lauren changes subjects and asks Matt if he has heard from Amber: he informs her that Amber has gone to the dark room to work on her photos.

Lassiter's Complex: Amber is frantically searching for Josh, eventually finding him exercising energetically. Amber announces that she has been looking everywhere for him and hurriedly apologises for Josh having found out about her and Daniel in that way. Josh continues exercising and doesn't reply. Amber says that she never meant Josh to find out the way he did and that he must hate her right now. Josh asks how long Amber and Daniel have been seeing each other: Amber replies it has been going on for a while and that she tried so many times to tell Josh. Amber lets slip that she has been going behind Josh's back for weeks leading Josh to ask if Amber loves Daniel. Amber replies maybe, and Josh continues to exercise.

Harold's Store: Paige and Brennan come in, Paige telling Lauren she was hoping that Kathy might be there. Lauren replies that she was, and Brennan tells Lauren that Paige wanted to show off her research. Paige brushes it off, but asks Lauren if she was right to become involved with Kathy's business. Lauren reassures her, telling her that just because she has issues with Kathy, it doesn't mean that Paige should. Lauren goes into the kitchen, and Paige tells Brennan she didn't want to make a big thing of it because she is loyal to Lauren. As Brennan leaves, Kathy walks up to the counter, surprising Paige. Paige asks if Kathy got the papers she left at the hotel reception: Kathy confirms she did and thanks Paige. She points out to Lauren, who has returned from the kitchen, how enthusiastic Paige is. Kathy is about to go and sit down out of Lauren's way when Lauren explains that she has come to realise that they do need to spend time together. Kathy says that she would love to and they head off together.

Darkroom: In the dark room, Daniel looks up from developing photos as Amber comes in. He asks if Amber found Josh and Amber laments how badly things turned out as she has hurt Josh and that things couldn't have ended up any worse. Amber realises she should have told Josh weeks ago: Daniel replies that Josh will get through it. Daniel tries to reassure Amber that Josh is better off knowing and that at least they can now be out in the open together. Daniel tries to kiss Amber, but she rejects it, saying how it wouldn't feel right.

No 32: Lauren brings A cup of tea to Kathy at the table and asks how Lassiter's is. Kathy says that it is comfortable and that Terese runs a very tight ship. Lauren goes to put sugar in Kathy's tea, but Kathy stops her, saying that she gave up sugar weeks ago. Lauren realises she didn't know, but asks Kathy not to pretend things are ok when they aren't. Kathy says she knows and Lauren asks whether she does. Lauren goes on to ask how hard Kathy thinks having her in town is for her and Kathy urges Lauren to open up to her. Lauren begins by informing Kathy about the lead she and Brad had in Adelaide but that it turned out to be a dead end. Kathy apologises and Lauren admits she has resigned herself to never finding her daughter. Kathy says she must be out there somewhere; Lauren replies that 'somewhere' is a big place. Lauren adds she is not going to put herself through another search as it is too much and not good for her. Kathy asks if Lauren still thinks of her: Lauren replies that of course she does, for example what she looks like or whether they have anything in common. Kathy explains that it is still possible to find her, but Lauren retorts that it is too hard - losing the teddy bear that reminded her of her daughter nearly killed her. Lauren admits to Kathy that it probably sounds silly, but Kathy rejects this, saying that she made sure her daughter got the bear and points out it is possible she still has it. Kathy says she will be with Lauren every step of the way and comments how beautiful, strong and brave she is. They both admit they are glad Kathy is in Erinsborough.

The Waterhole: Terese is working at a table when she notices Josh walk in. She comments that she has heard Josh has had an eventful day, but he doesn't respond, causing Terese to get up and head over to where he is stood at the bar. Terese asks what the matter is: Josh replies he doesn't want to talk about it and walks away. Terese thinks it is about the detention Josh received at school but when he says it isn't, urges Josh to tell her what's wrong because she might be able to help. Josh explains Amber doesn't love him anymore.

Ramsay Street: Imogen spots Amber walking up the street and calls her, apologising for missing her call earlier. Seeing the look on Amber's face, Imogen asks what has happened. Amber reveals that she and Josh have broken up. Imogen replies that it sucks, but that Amber and Josh will manage to sort it out. Amber says that they won't this time and asks Imogen not to hate her. Imogen urges Amber to tell her: Amber goes on to reveal that she has fallen for Daniel and is together with him. Imogen laughs, thinking Amber is joking, but realising that Amber is serious, she asks how Amber could do it to Josh as he has tried so hard and is so in love with Amber. Amber replies that she tried to fight it, but that she couldn't. Imogen realises that this means Amber and Daniel have been together for a while and wonders if Amber trying to set her and Daniel up was just a cover up. Amber replies that it wasn't - at first. Imogen furiously says how sick it is: Amber quickly tries to apologise, but Imogen walks away, telling Amber that what she did was disgusting and orders her to stay away from both her and Josh.

Harold's Store: Lauren returns to work and is greeted by Paige. Paige asks how it went: Lauren replies she had a good talk with Kathy, explaining that she put everything on the table. Paige wonders if Lauren got some answers, and quickly explains that it seemed like Lauren wanted to find something out. Lauren replies that she didn't and that Paige seems very curious. Paige replies she feels as though she overstepped the mark by offering to help Kathy. Lauren reassures Paige that she didn't and that Kathy is chuffed that Paige is interested. Lauren comments that Paige is very keen to help Kathy: Paige replies that Kathy is a smart businesswoman and that she wants to learn a few things from her. She adds that she wants to find out how Kathy deals with people. Lauren sarcastically replies that Kathy is the master of that. Paige admits she has noticed and quickly says that she does still want to work at Harold's. She goes on to ask if Lauren is alright with Kathy opening up a shop locally: Lauren admits she is fine, providing that Kathy does not move down permanently to run it. Lauren laughs, telling Paige she is imagining Kathy getting her hands dirty - she confesses it won't happen though, as Kathy is too high up on her perch.

The Waterhole: Kathy comes in and, spotting Brad, calls him over. Brad says he heard that Kathy was back. Kathy admits she was going to come over and see him, but didn't know if it was appropriate. Brad replies that there is not much to say, although when asked, says the process of finding his and Lauren's daughter was too hard on them both and that as they can't do away with the process, they may as well leave things alone. Just then, Terese comes in, but can't bear to look at Kathy. Kathy, sensing the frostiness, walks off to find a table. Brad tells Terese that Kathy was trying to smooth things over. Terese replies that she doesn't want to know about it and, sitting down, asks Brad if he listened to her message. Brad says that he did, and doesn't think Josh would do anything stupid, although Terese reinforces just how devastated Josh was and adds that Amber completely betrayed Josh by being so disloyal and dishonest. Brad says that things are never as black and white as that: Terese says that, yes, they are as Amber cheated. Brad replies that he guesses so, but unconvinced by this, Terese wonders if Brad is defending Amber. Brad replies no, but that they don't know what was going on in Amber's head. Terese says that she doesn't want to, but that Amber not coming clean from the start was inexcusable.

Eclipse Apartments - Paul's Penthouse: Daniel is sitting on the sofa, when the lift opens and Josh walks in. Daniel comments that he didn't think Josh would come. Josh asks if Paul is in. Daniel replies that he is asleep in his room. Daniel explains that he knows things are tough, and urges Josh to get things off is chest and say whatever he wants. Josh admits he trusted Daniel, even with all the talk about a 'connection': Daniel says that is all it was back then causing Josh to ask whether he is really expected to believe that now. Daniel says that he never wanted to lie to Josh as he didn't expect things to turn out the way they did. Josh asks if it was fun, trying to make him look like an idiot. Daniel replies that it wasn't fun and that he and Amber tried to ignore their feelings but that eventually had to follow their hearts. Josh retorts that that kind of talk won't work on him, even if it did on Amber. Daniel apologises, saying that everything just happened. Josh furiously rounds on him, telling Daniel to stay away from him in the future.

Lassiter's Hotel: In the dark room, photos of Amber and Daniel are hanging up to dry. Josh, who has managed to get in, pulls them down and tears them up, dropping them to the floor. He takes a few swipes at some of the other equipment too, sending it to the floor. Daniel comes in and Josh storms out, banging into Daniel as he does. Daniel picks up the torn photo of him and Amber, looking thoughtfully at it and closing the door to the room behind Josh.

No 32: Matt and Bailey are sitting down to dinner. amber comes in and begins crying, so Matt gets up to give her a hug.

No 22: The Willis family are also sitting down to dinner when Josh returns. He storms past, not saying anything to Terese who tries to speak to him.

Harold's Store: Kathy comes in to find Paige, informing her that she has decided to go ahead with the plans for her store. Paige says that it is great and is happy when Kathy says she will need some help. Paige says she will do whatever Kathy wants. Kathy says she has high expectations of people who work for her and hands Paige a file to look through to familiarise herself with Kathy's other stores and strategies. Paige asks Kathy what convinced her to give her a go. Kathy replies that a store in Erinsborough will give her an excuse to visit the Turners more often. Paige wonders why she needs an excuse: Kathy replies that it is complicated, but that a chat with Lauren gave her hope. Paige asks if that means the 'complication' is now fixed. Kathy replies hat it isn't, but hopefully one day will be. Kathy goes on to say she expects the opportunity she is giving Paige is exactly what she is looking for and asks Paige if she is with her. Paige replies that she is: all the way. the two shake hands, Paige looking very pleased with the result.

Harold's Store: A little later, Brad and Lauren are chatting in the kitchen, Brad asking how Amber is holding up. Lauren replies that Amber feels awful: Brad says that Josh is taking it hard too. Lauren says she feels bad for Josh and Brad replies that things like this happen, not that every situation is the same. Lauren confesses she feels like a hypocrite, because she told Amber to come clean about the situation, although didn't know what it was about at the time. Brad says he won't judge, because of what happened between himself and Lauren. Lauren is not entirely convinced that their situation is all that different to that of Amber and Josh. Meanwhile in the store, Paige walks up to Kathy and asks how she sleeps at night, what with all the caffeine she drinks. Kathy admits it is a lot. Just then, Kathy's phone rings and she tells Paige she has to take it. once Paige has gone, Kathy greets the caller and tells them that she has a job. Kathy goes on to say she wants her granddaughter found and that she has a lead this time: Adelaide.

Featured Regular Characters: Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Olympia Valance as Paige Novak, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Tina Bursill as Kathy Carpenter

Summary by Alex

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