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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6967

Written by Michael Offen, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 09/09/14, Five: 23/09/14

Kyle asking Karl if there was any reason that Georgia's throat wound opened up after her surgery
Josh asking Brad for help in getting on top of work in the gym
Terese confronting Lauren over her kiss with Brad
Paul working to get his old job back as mayor; Sue Parker advising Paul to be careful so that he doesn't have a relapse
Sonya and Toadie discovering that the nursery has been vandalised

Number 32: Lauren comes into the kitchen and asks Matt if he is off to work already. He confirms that he is, despite Lauren having organised a later start at work so they could be together, and tells Lauren that the nursery was broken into. Lauren urges Matt to tell Sonya she is there if Sonya needs her, and Matt heads off, telling Lauren he might be late and not to worry about dinner.

Number 22: Josh sits down, telling Terese that he has so much to do. Terese advises Josh to just work through it one day at a time. Brad gets up and asks if everyone slept alright. Josh replies that he did and Terese comments that Brad was late the previous night. Brad explains that there was a lot to do at school: Terese sarcastically wonders what Susan's policy on that would be. Brad suggests that the lesson plans that he still has to do could be brought home and Terese says that would be nice as it would be good to spend some family time together.

Sonya's Nursery: Sonya is picking up things from the floor, complaining that she doesn't really know where to start. Paul comments how outrageous it is, wondering to Toadie how it will affect his press launch. Matt heads over and asks Sonya if she has worked out what is missing. Sonya replies that none of the expensive plants have been taken and that there was no money on the premises overnight. Toadie interrupts that the juicers have gone and points out how odd it is. Matt suggests they were taken when whoever broke in realised there was no cash. Toadie replies they could just have been vandals and Paul adds they could just be people trying to sabotage his press launch. Matt explains it was probably just kids doing it for kicks and, when Sonya begins to fret, Toadie reassures her that there is nothing too much to worry about as the insurance is up to date. Paul is still furious that the press launch will have to be postponed and tells Matt he would really like to know who was responsible.

Erinsborough Hospital: Georgia and Kyle sit down as Kyle tries to reassure Georgia that it is just a routine check-up and that she will be sent home. He is carrying a box and Karl heads over, joking that Kyle shouldn't have. Georgia explains it is for a birthday, and Karl points out how thoughtful Georgia is. Karl rushes off as his pager beeps, and he assures Georgia that she will be fine. Kyle tells Georgia not to worry about things, as even the expert agrees.

Number 30: Georgia is frustrated that, despite having a check-up, she still has to wait for scan results. Kyle points out that Dr Girdwood said it was just routine and that it is done with all the patients. He urges Georgia to drink her honey and lemon, but just then there is a knock on the door as Sheila arrives, clutching Georgia's wedding dress. Kyle heads off as Sheila wants a sneak preview, but when the zipper of the dress bag is opened, Georgia realises that it is not her dress inside. Sheila thinks it is a simple mistake and says that it can be sorted. Georgia sits down in a chair and comments that she shouldn't be surprised as nothing else has gone well that day.

Lassiter's Complex: Arriving at Harold's, Lauren sees Matt and asks if he is coming in for a coffee. Matt admits he wanted to see Lauren, to ask her to let him know if she hears anything about the break-in at the nursery. Lauren agrees as Brad and Terese head over. Matt asks Terese the same as Lauren and Lauren heads into Harold's to work. Brad apologises to Matt, telling him that he feels terrible about what happened but when Matt doesn't respond he heads off. Terese turns to Matt and tells him that Brad was home late from work the previous night and wonders if Lauren had arrived home on time. Matt asks what Terese is suggesting. Terese admits it is hard to trust Brad at the moment. She goes on to say that they should share information on Lauren and Brad to keep track of things and when Matt isn't sure, Terese urges him to think about it, leaving Matt looking thoughtful.

Sonya's Nursery: Paul is telling a reporter on his phone that the event is postponed rather than cancelled. He says that he will call back when there are new arrangements. Hanging up, Paul worries to Sonya that people will think that he is unwell again. Sonya apologises for Paul's launch, but Paul says not to be silly as she is the real victim in it all. He says that he is sorry he is not much good on the physical aspect of the cleanup, but Sonya isn't worried as Nate is due a little later, as will Toadie, who is meeting up with Matt first on a personal matter. Just then, Sonya and Paul spot the juicers from the nursery in a pile on the floor: there is a button on one of them that Paul takes, despite Sonya suggesting that it is not a good idea and should be left for the police.

Number 32: Matt is confiding in Toadie that he always feared something would happen with the history that exists between Brad and Lauren. Toadie points out that their relationship was years ago, but Matt reminds him of the fact that Paige is now living on the street. Toadie reassures Matt that he is handling things a lot better than many people would, himself included. Matt says it is because he loves Lauren and knows he was lucky to get her. Toadie asks if it is what Matt really thinks and Matt goes on to say that he turned up at the right time for Lauren, and that it could be how relationships work, with one person investing more that the other. Toadie replies that he hopes Matt is wrong with that. He explains that he and Sonya had trust issues and that he had to be brave enough to trust again. Toadie says it won't work if Matt is always looking over his shoulder, and urges Matt to take a leap of faith.

Dingoes Den Gym: Brad arrives and asks Josh if there is anything he can do to help. Josh asks if Brad should be at school: Brad replies he has lesson plans to organise, but if Josh needs him he can spare a while. Josh asks if Brad is a qualified plumber who can fix the showers, but Brad says Josh is out of luck with that. Josh worries that he will get into trouble and Brad reminds him that the tornado was not his fault. Josh says that getting in over his head was his fault but Brad reassures him that he can do it, and suggests coming up with initiatives to boost membership numbers. Josh admits he has been distracted by what has been going on at home: Brad wants Josh to tell him how he feels. Josh says that he can't blame Terese for having a hard time with what has gone on and confirms that Brad knows what he did was a low act. When Brad replies that he does, Josh tells him to fix it and that there is nothing more for him to say. Brad heads off, confirming that he will sort it out.

Number 30: Georgia is testing out her voice as Kyle prepares food in the kitchen. Kyle reminds Georgia that the doctors did say it would take a while to get back to normal. Georgia replies that her voice is getting worse and that she knows, despite what the doctors say, that something is not right.

Ramsay Street: Terese goes over to her car as Matt heads over, saying that he has given a lot of thought to what Terese has said and cannot do it. Terese explains that if they did they would both have peace of mind. Matt says he realises Terese doesn't want to be a victim but that he loves Lauren and wants to repair their marriage rather than waiting for her to slip up. Terese points out that Matt could be making a mistake, but Matt replies that he has to trust Lauren, or at least try to. Terese asks if Lauren talked about Brad a lot when they first got together. Matt confirms that she didn't, until the Willis family moved in across the street. Brad arrives as Matt leaves and tells Terese that their conversation looked intense. Terese replies that it was nothing and that Brad is home early. Brad explains that he dropped in on Josh and that he is finding things difficult, particularly since the tornado caused extensive damage. Brad doesn't understand why Josh is not being supported and worries that Josh will end up losing his job. He asks if Terese is going inside, but Terese declines saying that she has to go. Brad goes to kiss her, but Terese turns away, climbing into her car.

Number 32: Matt is looking at his wedding renewal photo, remembering the vows that he and Lauren took. As Lauren comes home, he admits that he can't pretend things will be as they were but that the wedding renewal was one of the best days of his life. Lauren replies that she feels exactly the same way. Matt reminds Lauren she kissed Brad the night before she made the vows and Matt wonders if Lauren was thinking of Brad when she made the vows, or on the other days they have been together. Lauren says that they were all about Matt but Matt admits he can't believe her. Matt confesses to Lauren what Terese wanted him to do earlier on and explains he said no, when Lauren asks what his response was. Matt explains that he couldn't live like that and Lauren replies she will do whatever she can to earn Matt's trust back: whatever it takes. Sadly, Matt admits he doesn't know how Lauren is going to be able to do that.

Dingoes Den Gym: Terese comes in telling Josh she wanted to see how he was going. in return, Josh asks how she is: Terese says he doesn't need to worry as he has his hands full at the gym. Terese goes on to ask whether it's true that Josh is being given a hard time at the gym, and Josh replies that his boss, Ricky, isn't prepared to spend money on the repairs. Terese knows it doesn't come cheap, as she has just been given quotes to upgrade the gym at the hotel. Josh tells Terese that he will sort it out and adds that she and Brad will do the same also. Terese says that it will be a case of one hurdle at a time, and being able to control the things that she can control.

Lassiter's Complex: Georgia is telling the person she is calling on her phone that she doesn't want to cancel. Hanging up, she informs Kyle who has just appeared from Harold's that the wedding gifts she organised for her guests, some frames, are only available in silver now not gold. Kyle says the guests won't care but Georgia points out that it feels as if everything is going wrong. Kyle tells Georgia they will sort the gifts and the dress and asks Georgia what is really the matter: Georgia is worried she won't be able to sing at the wedding. Kyle reassures Georgia her voice will come back and that everything will be perfect. Meanwhile, Paul walks past talking to Terese on his phone. He comments what a great idea it is. Spotting Toadie and Sonya at a table, he walks over and sits down with them, Toadie sarcastically inviting him to take a seat. Paul asks if they heard about Sue Parker's media conference. He explains that it was very well attended and wonders how the media knew his own conference was going to be postponed. Paul is convinced the break-in was targeted vandalism set up to ruin the launch he had organised. Sonya points out whoever did it must have assumed Paul was a serious threat leaving Paul to surmise that it can only mean one person: Sue Parker. Toadie urges Paul not to throw accusations around without more proof: Paul vows to find it.

Ramsay Street: Lauren bumps into Brad and tells him she is off to see Paige. Brad explains he was off to see Paige to invite her to Number 22 as Terese doesn't want him hanging out with her at Number 24. Lauren realises that it is in case she is over there too. Brad asks how things are and laments how things are for him too. Lauren tells Brad what Matt said about not being able to trust her, and admits she doesn't know how they are going to get through it. Brad reassures Lauren and touches her lightly on the arm, but let's go when he realises that they shouldn't be seen together. Brad suggests Lauren go and spend time with Paige by herself, an invitation she is very happy to accept.

Dingoes Den Gym: Josh is surprised to see Terese as she arrives for the second time that day. Terese tells Josh she has had an interesting conversation with Ricky, who has admitted he doesn't want to put any money into the gym. Terese can't understand why as it seems to be a great business. Josh asks why Terese was talking to him and Terese explains that the Lassiter's gym needs an upgrade and that she has spoken to Paul and they have decided to acquire the gym, investing in a much needed upgrade and rebranding it under the Lassiter's brand. Josh asks if Terese is serious: Terese says it will be a win all round and points out that she will be Josh's boss. Terese says that it will be great!

Number 30: Kyle lets in Karl and shows him to Georgia, who is sitting on the sofa. Karl says that he has bad news. He explains that he has seen the results of Georgia's scans and that the operation wasn't as successful as they had hoped. Georgia asks in what way the operation wasn't successful. Karl replies that Georgia has severe scarring on her vocal chords and this means that Georgia's throat is unlikely to ever heal properly. Georgia asks if her current condition is permanent and Karl admits it is, adding it is highly unlikely she will ever be able to sing again.

Featured Regular Characters: Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Josh Willis, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Georgia Brooks, Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Guest Cast: None

Summary by Alex

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