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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6972

Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 16/09/14, Five: 30/09/14

Karl informing Toadie following his accident that he had fractured his coccyx
Georgia seeing Karl and Dr Girdwood together and telling her that she will not let her cover up the mistake she made during Georgia's throat surgery
Lauren checking with Terese that she had emailed Paul about the cooling system in Harold's
Terese admitting to Susan that she doesn't trust Lauren
Terese furiously telling Lauren in The Waterhole that she couldn't wait to get Brad alone in the hotel room because she still loves him

Number 22: Brad walks outside into the back garden followed by Terese, who tells him they could have spoken in the car as Josh and Imogen have already heard everything. Brad wonders if Terese meant what she said: Terese apologises for saying it in public, but is not sorry for what she said. Brad can't believe that Terese is serious, but Terese points out that Lauren had Brad's baby. Brad thinks Terese is reading too much into things, but Terese retorts that she is only just realising how naive she has been. Brad says that he gets why Terese is annoyed about Adelaide, but can't understand why Terese thinks Lauren is plotting and scheming. Terese shouts back that she is simply calling things as they are, and adds that if Brad has any respect for her or their relationship, he will stay away from Lauren. Brad accepts, s aying he will stay away, if that is what Terese needs, but on condition that she apologise to Lauren first things the following day. He walks off, saying that what Terese did was way out of line.

Number 32: Lauren walks in, complaining to Matt about what Terese said. She asks Matt if he knows that what Terese said is untrue. He isn't sure, and Lauren reiterates that Adelaide was a mistake and not the result of months of plotting. Matt walks off, saying he needs to get a couple of hours sleep before the late shift.

Number 30: Nell is playing on the carpet in the lounge as Toadie and Sonya kiss in the kitchen. Toadie bumps into the counter and winces in pain. Sonya says they shouldn't do anything until Toadie is properly ready and recovered from the accident. She adds that she doesn't want to do Toadie any more damage. Toadie asks if Sonya knows how long it has been since they have had time together. Sonya replies exactly: four weeks, three days, ten hours and twenty-four minutes. Toadie urges them to break the drought, but Sonya is reluctant, worrying that she will cause another injury. Reluctantly, Toadie agrees until he is given the all-clear, and rushes off to find Karl, Sonya grabbing her phone to let Karl know Toadie is on his way.

Erinsborough Hospital: Karl and Toadie come out of the consultation room, Karl saying that everything seems to be healing nicely. Toadie thanks Karl and asks how long it will be until he and Sonya can become intimate, using a variety of euphemisms to get the point across. Karl replies Toadie will be ready to go, as soon as he is able to ride a bicycle from home to Fitzgerald Motors. Toadie heads off happily: Karl calls out to let him know how he gets on. Toadie says he won't, and Karl goes over to where Georgia is working. He asks to borrow a pen and Georgia wonders where the other ones are that she has already lent him, pointing out that the pens come out of the nurses' stationery budget and that they can't give them to doctors only to get nothing in return. Karl explains that he knows Georgia is still upset, but has reviewed the notes from the surgery and is positive everything went by the book. Georgia sarcastically replies that she is sure Karl is. Karl urges Georgia to see that what he is saying is not personal and asks again to borrow a pen: Georgia gives it to him, telling him not to lose it.

Harold's Store: Paige can't believe what Lauren has told her about what Terese said the previous evening and tells her that Matt will realise Terese was just blowing off steam. Lauren says she hopes so and Paige reassures her that she is great with Matt. just then, Terese walks in and heads over. She gives a curt good morning and Lauren asks what she can get Terese. Terese replies she doesn't want anything, offering an apology for what she said instead. Lauren asks if she feels differently now, but Terese doesn't and says that instead she shouldn't have aired her grievances in public. she also apologises for the email mixup and offers to apologise to Lou herself. She heads off, and Paige wonders what kind of an apology that was. Lauren retorts that Terese clearly wasn't sorry at all. Terese is explaining to Susan that the moment she turned her back, Brad was talking to Lauren again, and that she snapped as it was the third time that day. Susan asks how Brad is: Lauren replies that he is annoyed, but has agreed to stay away from Lauren, conditional on the apology that she just gave. Susan asks Terese if she is sure that's how she wants to play things, but Terese says that although she hates the person she is becoming, it is for the sake of her marriage. Susan wonders if Terese is actually putting it under more pressure. Susan urges Terese to stop being so suspicious as she will eventually drive herself nuts: Lauren and Brad could just be talking about Paige. Terese says that, with Brad avoiding Lauren from now on, she will just have to see how things go.

Number 32: Toadie follows Matt in, desperate to borrow a bicycle. Matt heads to the drawers to find a key for the garage. As he searches for it, Toadie asks how things are going and realises that Matt is still trying to avoid spending time with Lauren. Matt asks Toadie about Naomi, and says that he heard Naomi had been manipulating the situation with him for ages. Toadie acknowledges that he didn't realise what Naomi was up to until she made her move and asks if someone is trying to crack into Matt. Matt replies that there isn't, but that Terese has a theory that Lauren has been making a play for Brad ever since they moved onto the street. Toadie replies that Terese is crazy to think that because Lauren isn't Naomi and says that he and Sonya got through the situation because Sonya always gave him the benefit of the doubt. Toadie informs Matt that, unless he is faced with proof, he should do the same with Lauren. Matt continues to search for the keys, telling Toadie he will meet him out the front.

Harold's Store:Karl is spouting off to Susan about Georgia making a fuss about the pen and thinking that all the doctors are banding together against the nurses. Susan asks Karl if he can hear himself and wonders if perhaps Georgia has a point and the behaviour Georgia has pointed out is so ingrained that Karl doesn't even know he's doing it. As Karl scoffs at the idea, Brad walks in and walks over to where Paige is cleaning tables. Brad informs Paige that he can't come over that afternoon as Lauren will be there and he promised Terese that he would keep his distance from Lauren. Paige wonders if that still stands after what Terese said, and tells him that Terese didn't apologise. Brad replies that Terese said she apologised and, coming over, Lauren says that Terese did apologise for some things. Paige interrupts, saying that the apology was both half-hearted and insincere, and that Brad and Lauren hadn't done anything wrong, meaning the whole situation is unfair. She adds that Brennan will be there that afternoon too and that Brad shouldn't have to miss out on it. Paige urges Brad to go along again.

Ramsay Street: Sonya is telling Toadie that he has to get to the garage without stopping and that, if the goal isn't reached, it's not a big issue. Toadie says that he will do it and Sonya replies that it would be good as she has been and bought some lingerie and doesn't want to keep it in the cupboard. Toadie puts his helmet on, shouting out that he is raring to go. Matt walks past smiling, saying that he understands that to be the case. Sonya is surprised that Toadie told Matt; Matt brings the bike over, reassuring Sonya that what Toadie said will go no further. Toadie gets on the bike, but gets off in agony, wondering when bike seats got so hard. He adds that there has to be another way, much to the amusement of Kyle, who has also just arrived on the street. Toadie runs across the road to Kyle, who he asks for help, claiming that his loins depend upon it. Sonya notices that Lauren, who is walking up the street, heard what Toadie said and wonders whether he should just tell the whole neighbourhood. Lauren asks what is going on. Matt says that Toadie is itching for a ride and Toadie shouts back that it has been four weeks. Lauren is glad that Matt is smiling again and says that if Matt needs more rest she will be out at Paige's. Matt asks if Brad will be there, but Lauren says she doesn't know, although Brad was invited. She asks if that is ok with Matt and invites him along too. Matt urges Lauren to go and have fun, and says he doesn't want to doubt her as that would be poisonous.

Erinsborough Hospital: Georgia is told by Dr Curtis, who she has paged, not to bother him unless it's a real emergency: Georgia had been worried by a dementia patient who was showing signs of distress. Karl sees it and asks if Georgia is always spoken to like that. Georgia admits she isn't and that usually Dr Curtis is ten times ruder. Karl is surprised, but Georgia points out the doctors think that they are ten times better than the nurses and earn much more money and that, although she doesn't usually care, it would sometimes be nice to be treated with a little respect and to have her opinions and voice heard.

The Waterhole: Terese bumps into Susan, having bought Brad a peace offering for being so reasonable when she has been anything but. Just then, Sonya runs in to order a bottle of non alcoholic, sparkling wine. Terese wonders if Sonya is expecting a 'moment' and Sonya replies she sure is hoping for one. Susan asks Sonya if it has anything to do with Toadie's bike ride. Seeing the horrified expression on Sonya's face, Susan hastily explains that Karl might have let something slip. She offers to look after Nell: Sonya hands her over and says she will just need an hour or two. Terese wonders what is going on and Susan gives it away with a look.

Dial-a-Kyle: Toadie is riding his bike along the street outside Dial-a-Kyle being chased by Kyle, who is wielding sellotape and sponges. Sonya calls out from the finish line, encouraging Toadie along. Toadie makes it to the end, falling off the bike, but is immediately on his feet and kissing Sonya, leaving the two of them to race home and Kyle to leave the two of them to it.

Number 24: Lauren is admiring Paige's paintings when there is a knock at the door. Paige goes over to answer it and Brad comes in, Brennan calling out from the kitchen that the coffee is almost ready. Brad goes over to look at the paintings on the lounge table whilst Lauren jumps up from the sofa to go and put some music on. Paige comments that the two of them couldn't be any further away from each other. Paige says that it is all Terese's fault for going nuts and Brennan suggests they talk about the elephant in the room as it is the only way to get rid of the elephant.

Number 24: A little later, the four sit uncomfortably on the sofas. Lauren reaches over for a biscuit at the same time as Brad, who snatches his hand away and tells Lauren to go first. After more awkward silence, Paige urges them all to talk about things as it is not a fun afternoon. she says if they are not happy about being there, it would be better to call it quits now. Lauren says that what Terese says is untrue and that she was worried Brad would believe her. Brad admits he doesn't but is upset at what Terese said, along with the fact that she couldn't even apologise. Brad says that is the only reason that he is acting weird. Both Brad and Lauren realise that the afternoon should be about Paige and Lauren apologises to Brennan for the impression they are making. Brennan points out that his family have their moments too. With the awkwardness over, they are able to agree on their favourite painting of Paige's and they discuss the music that suddenly plays on the iPod.

Number 30: Sonya runs into the lounge in her new lingerie, apologising that getting ready took so long. Toadie, however, is asleep on the sofa.

Ramsay Street: Lauren, Brad, Paige and Brennan come out of Number 24 chatting happily about music and dance styles. As Brennan and Paige dance to Gangnam Style, Lauren asks ?Brad if he thinks Brennan is too old for Paige. Brad says they seem happy and could ask about it, but Lauren isn't sure it is their place to do so. Paige says that dancing is not a spectator sport and suggests they join in: as Brad and Lauren do so, Terese arrives home and spots them, dumping the food that she had bought in The Waterhole for Brad into the bin and stomping off inside, noticed only by Paige.

Number 22: Terese is nearly in tears in the back garden as Paige comes in, apologising that Terese saw them all together. Paige says she knows Terese and Brad are going through a difficult time. Terese snaps back that it is none of Paige's business. Paige says it is, because she is trying to build a relationship with her parents and that she won't let Terese get in the way of it. She adds that whilst she is there, Brad and Lauren are going to be spending time together - and Terese is going to have to suck it up. After Paige leaves, Terese grabs her phone and calls Tracy Wong, the private investigator, asking her to track down Mary Smith: Paige's mother.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Mark Brennan, Kyle Canning, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Terese Willis

Guest Cast: Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Brendan Parry Kaufmann as Dr Geoffrey Curtis

Trivia Notes
Brendan Parry Kaufmann has previously appeared in 2006 as Josh Nelson and in 2010 as Gordon Davis

Summary by Alex

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